Man Utd vs Tottenham Preview! Solskjaer, Lingard, Chong Player Cams! Manchester United Tour 2019

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Published on Jul 24, 2019
Man Utd vs Tottenham preview with Solskjaer, Lingard and Chong player cams and training footage. Get the latest Man Utd Transfer News on The United Stand. SUBSCRIBE here


Am i the only one who was smiling like an idiot when he was speaking with the team !!! 🤔😆💯👌
Christopher White
Christopher White:
Flex and the camera man giving us some top quality premium footage 👍 💪
These blogs are really good, I hope you guys continue them when the season starts.
Love the way all the players acknowledge flex and josh
Christopher White
Christopher White:
Competition with chong was gold 😂 😂 👍
x WolfOfTheWild x
x WolfOfTheWild x:
Genuinely thought this was amazing they all mostly interacted with you
Vasco Zunguze
Vasco Zunguze:
The quality of these videos are amazing, hands down.
flex killed this video especially the part he was interacting with the players ... Top Man
Maxinton Garfield
Maxinton Garfield:
This is THE BEST VIDEO by the United stand 😍😍 and I really felt like being close to the players and also got good insight.. Great work Flex, Josh and All the guys from the Channel 😃
Unofficial Josh
Unofficial Josh:
The reactions of the players like😂😂and even El Rapido😂🔥
Andrew Kogi
Andrew Kogi:
Love this type of Content. Hands down the best United fan channel in the world. Still waiting to know what was on the United plane
Omkar Sali
Omkar Sali:
I had a smile entire time when the players were walking by in the hotel and flex was saying good stuff about each one of them.

The club gives so many good vibes, now let’s sign Bruno and Maguire... Let's be legendary again.
Loved how Flex was interacting with the team. Last time felt a bit forced, but this time, it really seemed genuine, and players were very receptive.
Charles Junior
Charles Junior:
Flex I swear to G bro you're living my dream. I'm out here smiling like a kid with a box of candy... This is the best video so far. Having the lil chat with them lads is just golden
The passion of some of these fans is amazing. Lady was literally crying while talking about ole. We have it good being able to watch them play every week. For a lot of fans this one match is a dream. Much love. We are the biggest club in the world.
Justin Oliver
Justin Oliver:
when flex meets the players he starts talking about the weather
my G
my G:
I appreciate the upload give it to my brother flex we love❤❤❤
17 Dragons
17 Dragons:
Have to give respect to the reporter in this video aint easy making the trip and putting.this much effort into the content.
Keep up the work
Why does Mctominay look like Ivan Drago from Rocky 😂
Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully
Khabib cherrypicking Weight bully:
No Lingard next season start Chong Greenwood or even Angel all way better Lingard has had 3-4 years and he seems to get worse every season
Cool Hand Luke
Cool Hand Luke:
Flex and the cameraman really putting in the leg work on this tour, wow.
Evan 14
Evan 14:
Love the united stand, keep up the good work!
Bravo Mc
Bravo Mc:
The Vlogs should become a regular thing, it would be good for fans who live far away and don't get the chance to go to United games all the time. Being from Ireland I take it for granted being not to far away from Manchester.. but for fans from Australia and China it must be so tough!
Mr Tramaine Wright
Mr Tramaine Wright:
It’s actually cool seeing you build a relationship with the players
mANUtd herbert
mANUtd herbert:
united players just glad to hear someone sayin innit in china 😂
Gdhsjsj Hdhdjs
Gdhsjsj Hdhdjs:
The United stand have made it they’re speaking with players aswell 😂😂 well done though to the United stand hard work pays off!!
George Rockey
George Rockey:
No one:

Flex: it's hot out there, it's hot out there boys
I love how much the players have a friendship with u guys
Ryan Maxwell
Ryan Maxwell:
You have the Best job in the world Broo❤️💯🌍
Muneeb Adamo
Muneeb Adamo:
I love it when they can actually have a proper little conversation with the players and the staff. Eventhough I'm not talking to them it's so refreshing to see them actually talk to the fans.
Love the players joking with flex, flex is just a cool guy in general
Was J
Was J:
10:02 nice to see most of the deadwood, getting on well together ffs
Αγγελος Στμ
Αγγελος Στμ:
10:03 Deadwood FC won the training session! All in there, apart from Lindelof, need to go!
La Fläm
La Fläm:
10:52 Jersey being thrown to get signed. How do you know which one is yours😂
Sphe Malo
Sphe Malo:
Best part about this vlog is that lady got to talk to Ole in the beginning! So wholesome!
Larona Bogwasi
Larona Bogwasi:
Flex gat a great personality..made every1 in the team smile as they were passing by.. awesome stuff dude 😄😄
Luiza Coutinho
Luiza Coutinho:
Big up Chong for that. 🔴
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall:
Dude this guy is living every Utd fans dream watchin the reds home and away as a job!
Susan McKearney
Susan McKearney:
The most excellent blog yet, grinned like a Cheshire Cat when Flex was interacting with the players 😍
Elisha Frimpong
Elisha Frimpong:
United fans where are you? Like if you're
Saptarshi Banerjee
Saptarshi Banerjee:
Damn I know it's gonna sound cringy, but flex being there, makes me feel like I'm there. Great job guys, best thing after a long day at work. Big up to the United stand for this. Made my day.
Lars Øygarden Nordbø
Lars Øygarden Nordbø:
As a fellow Norwegian like Ole, and United fan, this is amazing to see! Loved the video and the interaction with the players, they clearly like and trust you👌 Going to the Arsenal game in September and I’m hoping to see both you guys and the players in top form!😊
Much love from Norway!
Great Banter
Great Banter:
You just need to look at this vlog to properly see how far this channel has come. From Goldbridge ranting about pink boots to Flex having banter with players. Its mad
Sampad Roy
Sampad Roy:
Die-hard fans like me are preparing for another depressing season ahead with the lack of reinforcements and no intention of clearing the deadwood. What a tough time to be fan of this club. :-(
Thabo Allen
Thabo Allen:
You’ve just got to love Flex’s banter man
Mctominay’s eyes moving like he’s a detective surrounded by 30 suspects 😂
MO Aadil
MO Aadil:
Is this repost i guess i have already seen it
Daniel Dagher
Daniel Dagher:
Love the content flex. Love from Sydney
Ows Jonez
Ows Jonez:
Nice one flex 👹❤️