Manchester City 5-3 AS Monaco: 21 February 2017 Champions League Classic

Published on Nov 16, 2018
Highlights from the Etihad Stadium of a thrilling Champions League game between Manchester City and Monaco. Pep Guardiola's side were just starting to come together as an attacking force, but Leonardo Jardim's Monaco were at the peak of their powers too. A young Kylian Mbappe announced himself, Radamel Falcao rolled back the years with two goals including a stunning chip. The result was not enough for Manchester City, though—in the return leg Monaco triumphed 3-1 and eliminated the Citizens on away goals.


City Fan
City Fan:
That Monaco team was legendary and they didn’t even know it
Toa Ninjis
Toa Ninjis:
Then Monaco sold their whole team
Proceeds to lose the second leg
Andrea Love
Andrea Love:
Sad to see Monaco at the bottom of ligue 1
Ian Agkpo
Ian Agkpo:
that entire starting midfield left monaco
A Simple Noob
A Simple Noob:
City went on to bottle it
Abraham Rosales
Abraham Rosales:
This monaco team was stacked!
Anthony Cedeno
Anthony Cedeno:
2 years later mbappe is a world champion
Nick Soccer
Nick Soccer:
not even 2 years ago. monaco is doing horrible now. good example of poor management at the top including the owner and the club president
Its always Caballero😂
16/17- Monaco make it to UCL Semi-final and win Ligue 1

18/19- Monaco at bottom of group stage in UCL (likely going to be knocked out) and are placed 19th in Ligue 1

WTF happened Henry?
The Capitalist Gamer
The Capitalist Gamer:
Emptyhad 😂😂😂
su zo
su zo:
Out 5em diamonds
xxAnthony745xx Amos
xxAnthony745xx Amos:
Too good 💪
Joshua Jackson
Joshua Jackson:
Who is the commentator?
Here after Monaco almost got relegated
Absorber a clown
Absorber a clown:
Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda:
11 Blue Bottlejobs
Bobby Shmurda
Bobby Shmurda:
Who wins
2017 Monaco or 2019 Ajax I say Ajax
Manchester is blue 🔵🔵
Jose Flores
Jose Flores:
Monaco had a fucking squad but God damn these English clubs cleaned them out