Manchester United 5-2 Tottenham Hotspur (08/09) | Premier League Classics | Manchester United

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Published on Feb 22, 2018
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The United Stand
The United Stand:
Rooney and Ronaldo, prime Carrick. We truly have been blessed as a club
Vervito United
Vervito United:
Wayne assist Ronaldo and Ronaldo assist Wayne
Banana Rice
Banana Rice:
Nobody, Nobody does it like Manchester United
Manfred Tuwahatu
Manfred Tuwahatu:
Really miss this 3 guys Wayne, Cristiano and Dimitar
"Lad's it's Tottenham"
P. C.
P. C.:
Rooney - Ronaldo - Tevez was unplayable at that time. Absolute delight to watch.
GiTTeNz GaMiNg
GiTTeNz GaMiNg:
Ronaldo looks so much better in red. He could've been our greatest ever player 😭😭
Raden Septiaji
Raden Septiaji:
Rooney, ronaldo, teves and berbatov playing together.. 4 forward players..
Kal Jolie
Kal Jolie:
As a long time United fan, I used to be hopeful even when we were 2-0 down because I knew we could always fight back. These days, when we're one goal down, I feel hopeless. What a shame. "Parking the bus" united makes me sad.
Jadeem Hall
Jadeem Hall:
Wayne Rooney underrated passer
Movement ID
Movement ID:
I saw my mate the other day,
He said to me he saw the white Pele,
So I asked, who is he?
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney,
Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney,
He goes by the name of Wayne Rooney...
Veljko Popovic
Veljko Popovic:
2-0 down and you knew that Fergie will do something... Look at that lineup in the 2 half, terrifying... Winning or losing we played attacking football, not this crap
Elias Masanyiwa
Elias Masanyiwa:
I miss those day's
Rooney creating/scoring all 5 goals (from left wing).

"Overrated" 🙄
Lindsey Green
Lindsey Green:
Medelhavs Korv
Medelhavs Korv:
To all u young fans screaming ”Martial masterclass” after every goal he scores. Rooneys performance here is the true definition of a ”masterclass”.
Jean Malilo
Jean Malilo:
Who is here after United become like Middlesbrough, in 10 games losing 6 tie 3 win 1 😄😄😄
S Naik
S Naik:
Berbatov's 1st touch when he recieves the pass from park in the lead up to utd's 2nd goal was pure class.
What an attacking force we had- waza, cr7, berba, tevez...... LETHAL !
The best Cristiano 🔥🔝
Andreas Noviandika
Andreas Noviandika:
oh damn good old times. rooney, ronaldo, tevez & berbatov the kind of beauty football
Saad Zaman
Saad Zaman:
One of the happiest days of my life. I screamed so loud I scared everyone on my floor.
Remember waking my sister up after watching this game and telling her what happened. I knew she has absolutely no idea about football or what I was saying but the game was brilliant and I just wanted to talk about it with someone. My friends and I didn’t have phones back then.
Miguel Urbina
Miguel Urbina:
We all gonna ignore Ronaldo’s amazing assist to Rooney? 😯
Reza Atabaki
Reza Atabaki:
Tevez, berba, rooney and Ronaldo... 🙃
Aamir Hafejee
Aamir Hafejee:
Attacking football. Doesn't matter how many the opponents score United will out score them
Cristiano RONALDO
Cristiano RONALDO:
CR7 is the G.OA.T
Classic United comeback 😭😭 we did this so many times under SAF
Fachrill Danu P.
Fachrill Danu P.:
I miss the old man utd players and our champions pls come back Old Trafford we love you❤️❤️❤️
imagine going against the old Manchester United 😳🤧
Mlungisi Mndebele
Mlungisi Mndebele:
Rooney-Ronaldo-Berbatov-Tevez at same time! should have been declared a cheat code.Forfeit game.
Imran Becks
Imran Becks:
I remember this like it was yesterday. Half time down 2-0... Won it in the 2nd half... Incredible!
I'm Uchiha
I'm Uchiha:
When GOAT was played with M united
Ash Boio
Ash Boio:
Paddy was clueless even then. “He got the ball” 😂
08-09 is now in classics.. i feel so so old :'(
Ahmad Fiqri
Ahmad Fiqri:
Still want to see the offensive football like this in mourinho's hand
Cristiano Arrogantaldo
Cristiano Arrogantaldo:
The thought of a Mourinho team trying to comeback from 2-0 done 😂😂😂
Joseph J.
Joseph J.:
Left wing: Rooney, Right wing: CR7, Forward: Berbatov & Tevez. What a legendary team.
Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY
Lord_Barbarozza NORWAY:
2019: United got more money, more overpaid players, less performance.
Barely two would make it into 2008 squad.

2008: United had less money, less overpaid players, more performance.
Most would make it into 2019 squad.
Inti Baja Mandiritama
Inti Baja Mandiritama:
This is SAF style, Classic comeback. Glory Manunited..
libby harris X
libby harris X:
once legands always legands, dont try with the reds
Bayern repeated history of a 7 goals for tott lol
Koorosh Sadri
Koorosh Sadri:
What an incredible forward lineup
Shouldn’t have taken this squad for granted 😢 how this club changed this dramatically just confuses me and when you see other previously big clubs like villa and Leeds get relegated and have huge tumbles makes me so scared thinking what if that happens to us?
T.tekue tes
T.tekue tes:
I miss those day's
"Lads,it's Tottenham'
PooP BooB
PooP BooB:
Living in the past move on united
Yusuf Yılmaz
Yusuf Yılmaz:
Once upon a time 😭😭
Alien Creature
Alien Creature:
What a comeback!
"It's a nightmare for United"
manu: no