Matchday Live: Tranmere Rovers v Liverpool | Build-up to LFC's first pre-season friendly

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Published on Jul 11, 2019
Watch all the build-up as the Reds began their pre-season campaign, with a fixture against Tranmere Rovers. Join us on LFCTV and LFCTV GO this pre-season to see all seven games LIVE* as well as all the behind-the-scenes access as we travel with the team. Go to for more details. *Rights vary in USA, Portugal, Italy, Vatican City, San Marino, France, Monaco, Andorra and Mauritius. Check for rights in these territories.


Liverpool FC
Liverpool FC:
Want to watch the full match live? Visit and don't miss a kick of the Reds' pre-season.
Fan Site
Fan Site:
As expected, didn't show the game. 😔

Edit: Who's here after the game? Nice to see all those youngsters scoring... And Origi never seems to go home without scoring!!
Ruan Bezuidenhout
Ruan Bezuidenhout:
would really appreciate highlights YNWA
Ben Stone
Ben Stone:
Can u just stop being tight and show the game it’s only a pre season friendly ffs
Football EU
Football EU:
hope Liverpool winner Premier League 2019-20
Good luck 🍀from Celtic YNWA
Atlantic Film
Atlantic Film:
Starts at 8:03, guys
Mechcommander Online
Mechcommander Online:
damn media bigging Origi up now, dude was always a huge talent right before his
foot got stomped on by everton dickhead he was scoring some brilliant goals in europa league e.t.c. He had a few bad games coming back but remember that goal he scored from an impossible angle? World Class! Buffalo Origi, in da hearts of de liverpool. dreadlock Rasta Come all de way from Afrika ..Woe yoy yoy yo, yo yo woy yo, woe yoy yoy..
Twitter down, so came here to say, Milner played like CL final & Lallana played like he never played football
So proud of you Hendo!!!!!
Transport Enforcement Productions
Transport Enforcement Productions:
Tshiring Pemba
Tshiring Pemba:
Sandor Peci
Sandor Peci:
Good look
Kyle Muckian
Kyle Muckian:
Is there a stream i can watch the game. i don’t have any money for LFC TV SUBSCRIPTION
Tony DD
Tony DD:
6-0 20mins left
Akal Sehat
Akal Sehat:
Subtitel Indonesia Plsssss🙏
Ash. B
Ash. B:
Damn ! The match did not play in here :(
Haajar Khodary
Haajar Khodary:
wait were is the match?
Gestyn Mesen
Gestyn Mesen:
Ami mi gran equipo.. Arriba liverpool eterno campeón
I have watched this match
deny aura
deny aura:
Adama Sall
Adama Sall:
From Liverpool
I hope loverpool champions in premier league
Thái Minh Đặng
Thái Minh Đặng:
I want to see Wilson
RK Creation WhatsApp status videos
RK Creation WhatsApp status videos:
കളി എപ്പോഴാ...
Ismail Fermino2019
Ismail Fermino2019:
Caleel Thomas
Caleel Thomas:
Final score:Liverpool fc 6-Tranmere Rovers
Subramaniam K.mathvan
Subramaniam K.mathvan:
Yahya Ben Mahet
Yahya Ben Mahet:
Please the sound in beginning
Tony DD
Tony DD:
First half just finished Liverpool leading 3-0
Mala Dewi
Mala Dewi:
I like Origi now, he is humble and and his language is good
Diane Dyer
Diane Dyer:
Good start to the season love Liverpool 💞 all the best xxxx
Ahmed Mohammed
Ahmed Mohammed:
I love reds 4 ever
Wasis Budiarto
Wasis Budiarto:
Good luck YNWA
Nicola Hand
Nicola Hand:
Hahaha it went off
Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali:
Davi benoliel quadros doutor bercario OLEL
Davi benoliel quadros doutor bercario OLEL:
Sub On Randulle
Sub On Randulle:
Simon LFC #YNWA Serobian
Simon LFC #YNWA Serobian:
I'm was so happy for our young talents like hoever,Curtis,Duncan,glatzel. And the other +origi with the captain armband
Paul O
Paul O:
We don't need any striker or midfielder or reinforcement, 😄, just trust Klopp and give the youths a chance, Brewster, Wilson, Woodburn and the left back with dreads. YNWA
Po Can
Po Can:
Harry Wilson
gunk pirlo
gunk pirlo:
Jersey satu pak
Ridho Rihan
Ridho Rihan:
No mercy
damian Hayes
damian Hayes:
Good start guys. Iv got tickets to sundays game against bradford so same again lads. Ynwa
AA 13
AA 13:
who is the guy at 16:58
Unknown Gamer
Unknown Gamer:
Liverpool the 2nd team with most UEFA cups after madrid ❤❤ YNWA
Andre Bascoe
Andre Bascoe:
Rhian Brewster
Nhật Phan
Nhật Phan:
liverpool đã vô địch cúp c1
How Origi is being treated compared to Gareth Bale who did about the same thing in the last UCL? Poor Bale!