Moment elderly man is pushed from bus, leading to fatal injuries (DISTURBING)

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Published on May 15, 2019
Courtesy: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Footage from March 21 appears to show a young woman pushing an elderly man out of a bus and onto the ground as it stops at the station. According to LVMPD, 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop got into verbal argument with the victim. Several weeks after the incident the man died from his injuries, according to his family. RT LIVE Check out Subscribe to RT! Like us on Facebook Follow us on VK Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Google+ Follow us on Soundcloud #RT (Russia Today) is a global #news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


CNN told me black on white violence is OK
ironic fate
ironic fate:
Definitely not living up to the "angry black woman" stereotype.
Swap the race/gender and this is frontpage news around the world lol.
David Gordon
David Gordon:
Looking forward to hearing about this lowlife woman being arrested and charged.
patrick cowan
patrick cowan:
The most important aspect of this video is no one did anything.
They acted just like sheeple.
Blue B
Blue B:
These events are a result of a morally bankrupt society on the path of self-destruction.
YUME Collective
YUME Collective:
Scumbag in it's purest form.
Mark M.
Mark M.:
R.I.P. elderly man. I hope she gets many years imprison.
Here's my card
Here's my card:
Around blacks never relax
WelNat WelNat
WelNat WelNat:
She is a human garbage !
Thanks mainstream media for villainizing white men. This is your result.
Sherry Lambert
Sherry Lambert:
She murdered this poor man!! I hope she pays dearly for that!! She’s demonic !😱😡
clearly she is from "DINDU" Tribe !!!
Bay Of Bengal
Bay Of Bengal:
One cruel woman, I hope she faces same fate one day?
Oh, another black victim...
Death penalty should be applied here for such disrespect behavior against an elderly persons life.
Bob Saget
Bob Saget:
Big cities are demonic cesspools of moral decay.
Bradley Coates
Bradley Coates:
Bus driver should be fired and investigated!

People just standing there WTF???
F U:
I hope she goes to jail for life.
Dim Dim
Dim Dim:
Fight back white people. Now.
United we stand divided we fall
United we stand divided we fall:
Damn laquisha way to fight white oppression.
Jeff Ferris
Jeff Ferris:
She should be pushed out of a bus moving at highway speeds
Ratnesh Varma
Ratnesh Varma:
She has been arrested after one week but the sad thing is that poor old man passed away with related injuries. :(
Dear PMM
Dear PMM:
So disgusting!!! What a horrible woman. The people on the bus who didn't help, r no better.. Dispicable. Poor man!
Why am i not surprised. IQ is a critical thing in modern society and a predictor of criminality. I bet she has below 90 IQ. She should be pushed of a moving bus.
Why doesn’t the bus driver do something. Stop the bus call the cops. The driver isn’t doing his job properly.
Mr Happy Guy
Mr Happy Guy:
She’s black and fat. So she’s immune to prosecution.
This should be reported as a hatecrime. Imagine the absolute uproar this would have caused if the races, or gender were switched.
Fred Ragers VII
Fred Ragers VII:
She'll just say he was racist and all the libtards will say it was justified.
Black women are just angry. End of story.
Women are very capable of violence, happens all the time.
Disgusting indeed
Orange is the new black got fresh meat coming up
Big Guy
Big Guy:
Jaquiesha ain’t be playin and sheeit
Lloyd Dobbler
Lloyd Dobbler:
Outraged at this woman, but what about the bus driver and the others that watched???
Marcin Z
Marcin Z:
Did he make ''ok'' sign ?
Mr. G
Mr. G:
Las Vegas has so many cold and heartless people. No God in Vegas.
According to LVMPD, 25-year-old Cadesha Bishop got into a verbal argument with the victim. Several weeks after the incident the man died from his injuries, according to his family. Manslaughter and a Hate crime.
wahyu hidayat
wahyu hidayat:
Have no heart of human being
Badass Mother
Badass Mother:
So the bus driver just drove off leaving the guy laying there? Not one person got off the bus to check on him?
S¡lence !
S¡lence !:
Murica init
LOWE sonia
LOWE sonia:
What a Vile Woman how can anyone do such a thing ?Aggression in Public like this even if she was annoyed he was taking two seats . I hope she gets more than a fine.
And no one took action as soon as she did that? Just gonna let her in the back of the bus like it's nothing?
It's ok guys, she isn't white, no crime here.
If you reverse the race it would be branded as hate crime and every media outlet would be talking about it. Blacks commit disproportional amount of crime against whites, but it's just seen as regular crime.
Business Solutions
Business Solutions:
Negroid monsters.
A Gallagher
A Gallagher:
Detectives contacted her son's father, who said the two had separated because she had been "too violent," according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Bishop then reportedly failed to show up for an interview with police officers.

A warrant for Bishop's arrest was issued the same day she was booked, according to court records. Bishop had previously pleaded guilty to two domestic violence misdemeanors in 2012 and 2013.

Bishop remained detained as of May 8. Her bail was set at $100,000, according to jail records. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for May 21, according to Las Vegas Now.
Old Man Mackie
Old Man Mackie:
RT I want to hear more about the story please
WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.
WE WUZ VIKANGS!!! n shiet.:
But Rosa Parks or what ever the things name is asked for blacks to be on busses . Here is one of the results.
Jones Jones
Jones Jones:
Nothing new hir in this country, they walk on top of you, they don't care of elderly, pregnant women, they are even refusing to GIVEN the chair to handicapped, they has not RESPECT TO ANY BODY.