My Response #ReleaseTheContract

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Published on May 23, 2019
I want to make it very clear that I tried multiple times for multiple months to get out of this contract. This is what had to be done. #ReleaseTheContract


I want to make it very clear that I tried multiple times for multiple months to get out of this contract. No one was blindsided by this, NO ONE.
Tianyi Zhu
Tianyi Zhu:
Next Daequan will sue TSM for taking 80% of his hairline
1:26 me when marvel studios loses the rights to spider-man in the mcu
1:26 When your preschool teacher doesn't give you a star for being a good student
*When you make a **1:26** comment and it only gets 2 likes **1:26*
Sasuke Uchiha
Sasuke Uchiha:
1:26 when you forget your permission slip for the field trip
*That moment you skip the terms and agreements.*
K E R M I T:
When you’re first place in Mario Kart but a blue shell hits you 1:26
Charlose YT
Charlose YT:
1:26 me when people tell me to pause a online game.
Jofko 27
Jofko 27:
1:26 When epic games nerf turbo build
Charlose YT
Charlose YT:
1:26 when you get the 20% battery notification on ur phone.
The Cool Kar
The Cool Kar:
1:26 Me waking up for school everyday
1:26 When Your Phone Is At 10% And 5 Seconds Later It Dies.
Sir Ice
Sir Ice:
1:26 When your teacher gives you homework over the holidays
1:26 when you can't find an original comment NOT talking about 1:26
Kabir Playz
Kabir Playz:
when you forget to charge you’re phone overnight and it was 1% the night before 1:26
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Next Hamlinz will sue TSM for taking 80% of his height
BH Compliments
BH Compliments:
1:26 When you wake up with a sore throat and you can’t swallow

(i make vids that will make u smile☺️)
Its NightRain
Its NightRain:
When Epic doesn't vault the mech in tourneys: 1:26
Killer Bean
Killer Bean:
When your mining in Minecraft and you fall into lava

1:26 when you need to sneeze but it doesn’t come out
David Antonio
David Antonio:
Pewdiepie? Tseries.
James Charles? Tati.
FaZe Clan? Tfue.
Hotel? Trivago.

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When mech got added in season 10 1:26
I will Flip
I will Flip:
When your parents say good night to you and forget to close the door 1:26
Like if that happens to you
Sw1ft Knightz
Sw1ft Knightz:
1:26 : when you have a sick dream and then your mum wakes you up.
1:26 when your math teacher says that you are the only one in the class Who failed the exam😂
Abdullah Ahmed
Abdullah Ahmed:
Why is he complaining. TSM took 100% of Daequans Hairline
I will Flip
I will Flip:
When you ask McDonald’s for no pickles but they still give you pickles 1:26
When your playing minecraft and a creeper blows you up 1:26
When you wake up in the middle of the night and your dehydrated 1:26
Bro said 1:26 when every school in the state gets canceled for snow except urs
Ayden Lowery
Ayden Lowery:
When you miss an answer in kahoot, and go from 2nd place to 15th place
Ben Pagent
Ben Pagent:
when you see all the 1 26 memes in your comments 1:24
Bass Boosted Songs Extreme
Bass Boosted Songs Extreme:
1:20 this is what i say when trump builds the great wall of mexico
Zypher Gaming
Zypher Gaming:
When everybody makes a comment about 1:26
Dayton Wagner
Dayton Wagner:
Tfue rise up please it's so wrong what they are doing
Renato Espinoza
Renato Espinoza:
Who’s side you on?

Like: Tfue
Comment: Faze clan

Edit: Thanks for so many likes
Silly Doggos
Silly Doggos:
1:26 when you order cheeseburger but there is no cheese in it
Alex Banks
Alex Banks:
The whole thing is, you signed the contract. You knew what was in store, you knew the risk as well as the reward ALONG WITH the length of time you would be under the contract. For somebody to come out and say "this contract that I SIGNED AND AGREED TO is totally messed up and unfair" (wether it be or not) just to make themselves seem like they're in the right is fucking stupid. Come on now.... You know better...
Ian Fives
Ian Fives:
1:26 when you pour the cereal but then realize you’re out of milk
nicholas Allen
nicholas Allen:
1:23 is what u prbably came 4

also whenever u pause the vid tfue looks photoshopped
Sharky Mcstevens
Sharky Mcstevens:
Not reading your contract before signing.
Total default move.
when you find diamonds but they're actually lapis 1:26
savage j
savage j:
Hes reading off a script he lookin smwhere else lol
Cracker gaming
Cracker gaming:
When you are at school and you see a kid with a chocolate muffin and your mom packed you a peanut butter jelly sandwich 1:26
ugly chris
ugly chris:
Anybody else tryna find an original comment thats not about the 1:26 here???
MwB Gpickle
MwB Gpickle:
When you have 3 bars of WiFi but nothing is loading
FUNNYHINSON Dungeon quest player
FUNNYHINSON Dungeon quest player:
When you play fortnite but you get 2nd and he had 1 hp 1:26
Young JJ_Plays GTA
Young JJ_Plays GTA:
When you can’t come up with a good joke 1:26
Mert Suyabatmaz
Mert Suyabatmaz:
He protecc
He attacc
But must importantly, he don’t read contracc