New Amsterdam episode 22 (finale) theories: Who died? Where's Dr. Sharpe? Season 2 hopes (1x22)

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Published on May 15, 2019
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Stephanie Young
Stephanie Young:
I think it's either Sharpe or Bloom who's going to die. Tbh I don't want any of them to die. They clicked well. Max need sharpe and bloom to help him run the hospital. The one being rushed down alley on stretcher is probably Bloom since that's the doctor and nurses who's taking care of her on the crash scene. Sharpe is MIA. Georgia seems fine from what we can see based on Dr Kapoor's reaction. The one under the sheet is wearing boots probably one of the paramedics,not Sharpe since she's wearing heels. Arghhh I can't wait for new season. I hate cliffhanger,I hate this waiting game. Whatever it is I don't want any of them to die. Why the writer need to kill them off? Why?? I loved the cast so freaking much. Going to be so upset when we find out later in season 2. I need to prepare myself😢
Marla Lowery
Marla Lowery:
I think bloom died but I hope it’s not true
S Womack
S Womack:
As long it is not Sharpe!
Tator 17
Tator 17:
I think that one of the paramedics is dead.
Alona Joshi
Alona Joshi:
I THINK Sarp is gone... bcs crazy lady in before told that HE would lose HER
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown:
Did anyone notice that when the nurse, Casey I believe is his name, is running to help he looks backward as though someone has called to him. Could that be Sharpe. Someone called dora for help. Could that have been Sharpe as well. It still doesn't explain why she's not at the scene tending to the goodwins and bloom.
Yt Maniak
Yt Maniak:
if Dr. Sharpe dies i will stop watch this show :(
McKenzie Musser
McKenzie Musser:
I think it is Bloom or Sharp, but the ambulance driver could also be the one that died. Keep in mind that the cast doesn’t know who died yet.
I think the writers used a lot of literary license that actually would never happen in real life. After the X-Ray verification the drug mule lawyer would have been placed under arrest and handcuffed to the bed and under guard, or even transferred to the Jail ward and under guard. The premise that he could have escaped, from the looks of it not even under guard I think is a little too far to be believable. As for who dies, I think Dr Bloom, definitely. I'm sure it was intentional by the writers to have her save Max's wife from internal bleeding only to end up having her die the same way. I don't think anyone else except maybe the paramedics will ultimately die, though they may inject a close call in the first season 2 episode.
Isaac Diaz
Isaac Diaz:
Bloom better not die she wifey lol
Sunset Vanilla
Sunset Vanilla:
Max is the main character so he must not diee.
L R:
I like all of the characters but I love Dr. Sharpe. She better be okay!
Tia Blue Burrell
Tia Blue Burrell:
I think the sheet was thrown over Dr. Helen. Then again she could still be in the ambulance. The sheet was thrown over someone wearing black shoes, i think i saw a shoe, That only leaves helen and two paramedics.
The guy that stole the truck was laying on top of the hood dead. The directors did say the guy we know is dead is not the only one and that one more main character dies. Question is now who was under the sheet? I keep watching the end closely seeing if i missed anything.
After another look, it may not be a body under that sheet.
How would Dr Helen have gotten to that postion with the ambo turned on its side and that illeged body at the top of the ambo?
Looking back on the final scene of 1x22, Max And Luna are ok. Georgia on the other hand, may not be so much. She was seen with a pluse, but since has lost lots of blood, she could die. Bloom dies because the girl on the ground that’s getting cpr and gets the cloth over her is wearing the same clothes that Dr bloom was wearing at Max’s house, so bloom is most likely dead. Sharpe is know we’re to be seen but conspiracy theory that she has a concussion because when the ambulance crashed into this ambulance, sharpe hit her head really hard on the roof, and couldn’t have called out for help because if the brain injury.
Cheri Biggs
Cheri Biggs:
I agree with all you said about the finale! I think the Producers are loving all the controversy...and it is pretty clever! Helen will not be leaving! They kept her off camera to create all this dialogue!
The person covered in sheet must be a paramedic. I think they will start season 2 trying to save Georgia but she'll be the one who dies.
Cherri Foster
Cherri Foster:
Maybe it was the ambulance driver or paramedic that got killed.
Creative Clouds
Creative Clouds:
I think helen sharp died. She was right standing up on the side the vehicle got hit and it didnt show her. I really hope she didnt though. I also researched and it said a main cast member died.
Jan Lynn
Jan Lynn:
I think his wife is going to die. Max and Helen have some sort of special bond between them that even they don't seem to understand at times. Helen's relationship with her boyfriend ended because of her dedication to Max. Helen wants to be a mom. With his wife gone that opens Helen and Max up to a potential romantic relationship with Helen possibly being a mom to Luna in some sort of fashion. If he becomes a single dad with his crazy job, I'm sure Helen will be helping him a lot with Luna because he has no idea what to do and juggle his job at the same time and she is very maternal.

On a side note, I think the psychic was telling Max he would either lose his baby or his wife, not Helen. That's how I took it. She was very vague.
Lizzie Allen
Lizzie Allen:
We never saw Sharpe after the ambulances crashed.
Lesle Joned
Lesle Joned:
As long as Sharpe survived
Who saw his wife !!!!! I just saw baby not the wife ?? Is she dead???
Sela Lael
Sela Lael:
After the accident, I also am not totally convinced Georgia is out of danger now. Sorry, but that story wrapped up too neat. Helen may have injuries, but she will survive as she is the cornerstone for Max and New Amsterdam. I believe the two deaths will be Georgia and Bloom.
Ricky Crazee
Ricky Crazee:
That seems like such a forced cliffhanger. They could have use the on going story arc to create a better cliffhanger rather than just pulling a cliffhanger out of no where like that just to keep people wondering... Kind of a cheap shot...
There was a previous episode where the patient predicted that Max would lose Helen. While Dr. Sharpe removed herself as his physician, this could actually tie to the "unknown" status of Dr. Sharpe. I romanticized the end where Georgia separated from this earth and Dr. Sharpe fill the void for Max and received the blessing of a new baby to nurture (remember the abandoned baby she was ready to adopt? The ending was completely unexpected. New Amsterdam is an awesome show.
Stephanie White
Stephanie White:
Georgia isn't the one under the sheet as she is seen being taken into the hospital. We know the lawyer that ingested the drug-filled balloon died as he's sprawled out on the hood of the ambulance that he stole. I'm not sure who is under the sheet, but that finale wrecked me.
Well, after the crash you can see the ambulance got closed doors and yet when medics arrives they are open, so it means someone had to get out and get or call for help, and the only one not present (or atleast not shown ) is Dr. Sharpe so my guess is that she is alive atleast for now.
I could be wrong of course ^^
At first thought it was Bloom that was being covered but the body was not where Bloom's body was laying when the EMT's got to her.
Annette French
Annette French:
I think bloom and Georgia dies: Sharpe and max get together and raise Luna. Sharpe wants to have a baby, max needs help with luna
Did bloom lose a foot?
Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown:
I didn't get the impression that the writers are keen on having max a single parent. As they said wives are the backbone to men like max. Plus saving georgia and luna was bloom's watershed moment, realizing that she still wanted to be a doctor. If Georgia died after all that what would that do to Bloom's recovery. Bloom would be too obvious a choice even though I wonder how she would fit back into the hospital. If she died her final moment would be saving Max's family and not her addiction. Sharpe is also too obvious a choice simply because she's not shown. But again while the show has loved playing up the chemistry between her and max, I don't get the impression that the writers are ready to go there. Or ever. Sharpe has been written into a corner when it comes to max. If the writers don't plan to go there then how do they write her back up independent of max. Plus after how panthaki treated her I wonder if he would have the guts to step up to take over Max's care if she died. That being said the body under the sheet was wearing boots. Sharpe was wearing heels when she first hopped into the ambulance and georgia was wearing socks. And the one doctor looked very relieved when checking for Georgia's pulse.
Brandy Haynes
Brandy Haynes:
At the very end Bloom is seen for season 2 so Bloom isnt dead...shes seen in the seen with Max, Renolds, (and the Male nurse can't remember his name!)
Kayla 536
Kayla 536:
Bloom is dead. You can see her light blue jeans and her white shoes when they pull the sheet over her