Noni Hazlehurst Reads Paul Keating's Redfern Speech

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Published on Aug 24, 2011
We've just published the video and podcast of our recent event, 'Unaccustomed as I am...', celebrating speech-writing. In front of a full house, seven guests recited one of their favourite speeches. Some were funny, others were stirring, a couple were heartbreaking. In this excerpt, Noni Hazlehurst recited Paul Keating's famous Redfern speech.


Ma Bru
Ma Bru:
Yes it is very sad as the year is now 2018 and very little has improved for the traditional owners of this great land we live in. Perhaps this speech should be heard in all schools today instead of the lies we were taught in our past. LISTEN and learn from our Aboriginal brothers and sisters; recognise, and respect their existence to begin with.