Nora Quoirin: Body found in search for missing teenager in Malaysia

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
The London teenager disappeared from the Malaysian jungle resort of Dusun on August 4. Original Article: Original Video: Daily Mail Facebook: Daily Mail IG: Daily Mail Snap: Daily Mail Twitter: Daily Mail Pinterest: Daily Mail Google+: Get the free Daily Mail mobile app:


Jay Iglesias
Jay Iglesias:
I die inside when I see things like this, just heartbreaking, poor little Nora.
Hawk Light
Hawk Light:
I can't imagine what the parents must be through right now. Nights only sleeping when exhaustion takes over and only eating when they can bare to swallow a bite. Just imagine planning your own daughters funeral when if none of this happened they would have been either relaxing or having fun in holiday or just enjoying home.
Reality is really, really heartbreaking.
rest in peace Nora.
barbara palmer
barbara palmer:
How heartbreaking! what her poor parents must be going through is unimaginable. My heart goes out to them.
Hmm.. something doesn't add up. Seems abit to fishy for me.
Mad Flak
Mad Flak:
Very sad to hear this news. Rest in Peace Nora
roisin mangan
roisin mangan:
Bless the family. May Nora Rest In Peace.
Andrew Jackson
Andrew Jackson:
Truly heart broken i have no words my heart goes out to the family truly heart broken for them all.
jonzo trikeman
jonzo trikeman:
Poor Child, as a father and a Grandfather , My heartbreaks ,but when they bring out the spokesman in the Madeleine McCann case , I detect a rich Peadophile ring , Sorry if this offends you .
Tahnn Ju
Tahnn Ju:
Surely there should be cctv around that expensive resort.....night
What? SO abrupt; had to look at comments to see what happened. Poor, poorNora and family. STRANGE PLACE TO GO FOR A HOLIDAY ......
April D'Angelo
April D'Angelo:
That poor family, heartbreaking, rest in peace angel.
mike o gorman
mike o gorman:
Evil Around every corner. People need to be more aware of travelling over seas and the risks involved
Susan Bowness
Susan Bowness:
Sorry for your loss love from derby
jane maniam
jane maniam:
Very sorry Nora that you have to leave this world in this ghastly manner. No words could describe how all the mothers feel for your mum. After all the pain you have gone. I console myself that you in a happier place in heaven. May you rest in peace Nora.
Maurice D
Maurice D:
Reading some of these comments confirms my belief that the World is a SAD place, have some compassion for their suffering.
Regie G
Regie G:
Couldnt imagine the pain her family is going through. RIP Nora❤
yessan 123
yessan 123:
We all know we are living in a cruel world .. R.i.p
Rest in peace Nora
Your name will never be forgotten
connie 10111
connie 10111:
I really had hope that she would be found 😭💕
VASTFLYER 232••••••••
VASTFLYER 232••••••••:
Why did the father leave the room if he knew his disabled daughter could not take care of herself
So heartbreaking and scary. May Nora be remembered and Rest In Peace
James Byrne
James Byrne:
A few things don't add up , if I was a detective I would be all over the parents until I could rule them out as being involved
Thomas Hogg
Thomas Hogg:
No one really expected her to live tbh. you don't "go missing" anywhere in Asia with Mental difficulties. Either the environment/wildlife gets you or someone else will, especially if you're a woman on your own. RIP kid, others will surely follow.
Dumbo 2000
Dumbo 2000:
This is heartbreaking. May Nora rest in peace.
Graham Crommer
Graham Crommer:
This is so upsetting bless her r.i.p princess my thoughts are with the family.
Paul Neale
Paul Neale:
My heart goes out to the family.
I honestly hope that the family do push for futher evidence in order to gain an accurate inquest. She was found completely unclothed and considering she had supposedly been alive for 7 days on her own she hadn't strayed that far away from a checkpoint that was regularly searched.

Rest in peace Nora.
YeEeEeEtUs DeLeTuS
YeEeEeEtUs DeLeTuS:
Although I didn’t know Nora or had no clue who she was I can not express how heart breaking this must be
Not just for her family and her friends. But to those around her who knew her.
I have never been so disgusted in this world that we live in. What filthy human would want to abduct a 15 year old girl? This is ridiculous our world deserves better than this! Let’s make it stop!
Nora Quoirin will be missed dearly by everyone affected.
May you rest in peace you kind gentle soul 💔🙏❤️
What concerns me is that they say the body was 'likely' to be Noras. The body would have had to have been pretty badly injured for them not to be able to immeadiately identify it as her body
Ryan Hazley
Ryan Hazley:
Malaysian police will cover it up to defuse the risk in tourism decreasing.
How can they be so certain that there was no " foul play ".
I prayed for Nora, this is beyond heartbreaking.
spider man web
spider man web:
They will cover this up, hope this poor girl and family get justice. Rip Nora.
let justice come down hard for those who have harmed her . R.I.P nora
That’s so sad that poor child may she RIP.
Bob Morton
Bob Morton:
Been keeping tabs daily hoping for a positive outcome, the longer it went on the less hopefully. :( So sad, my heart goes out to the family, if foul play was involved, i hope they suffer for what they've done.
john cordey
john cordey:
My deepest condolences to the family.....this may have only been due to Nora's own actions..
Nora may have sleep walked out of the apartment , and woke up lost and unable to retrace her footsteps.....
Someone local had spotted her arrival and entered the flat during the night, (highly unlikely because Nora would have called for help)
Or....There was a family member involved.
The abduction theory of Madeleine Mccann seems all too open window, during the night, during a preplanned the holiday using a hotel nearby to large open spaces, in a foreign country....
Rest in peace Nora....if there was any wrong doing...may it be put right quickly.
Tragic news. What the family must be going through is unimaginable.
Aboo TWALLY Sohomow
Aboo TWALLY Sohomow:
Saddening, parents return without beloved one !!!
Very wishes to her family...RIP Nora.
Ernest Londe
Ernest Londe:
Chill out going to these nuts places man, sup with y'all daughters wondering off
Same Way I
Same Way I:
Nora the explorer 🤣🤣🤣🤣
kpop Trash
kpop Trash:
Prayers go out to them and other people experiencing similar things to this <3 xo
Imran Khan
Imran Khan:
body found a day after cash was placed on the table....interesting.
Jy Jym
Jy Jym:
Just awful.
Why do the middle classes insist on visiting countries that under the gloss are uncivilised and corrupt...
cara bastow
cara bastow:
She was from Ireland not London
Richard Bool
Richard Bool:
Yes it is sad but you know if where you are going is a dangerous place to take an Holiday so why go there ( Stay at Home )
Rest in peace Nora, rest well in heaven
Galore Clan
Galore Clan:
I know this girl she came to my primary school
Theo Green
Theo Green:
Madeline mccan but with learning disabilities lmfao
patrick robinson
patrick robinson:
So sad just going on a holiday condolences to Nora and her family thanks to all the people that searched for her
True Spy Ninga
True Spy Ninga:
Poor Nora everyone in the comments a note for future ..look after your children and keep preying be safe
adrian welch
adrian welch:
i would charge the parents with child endangerment. they put a vulnerable child in that place