Notre Dame cathedral in Paris on fire | ABC News Special Report live stream

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
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Cameron Hollis
Cameron Hollis:
So tragic seeing this breathtaking, icon destroyed. The sheer scale of the treasures lost is most heart wrenching. Before the fire is out it's easy to see many of the stone walls will need to be torn down and rebuilt because time has not been kind to the stone itself. The soft stone was saturated with moisture from the elements. The heat from the fire is causing the stone to explode as the moisture expands rapidly. Before the night is over walls may fall without the support if the roof keeping them from falling inward.

Luckily the fire crews have, at this point kept the fire from destroying the bell towers. There is fire and water damage to the towers. However they've been saved from total destruction. We may still hear some of the bells ring Easter Sunday. It will be a blessing if the bells toll Sunday.

Thankfully many priceless treasures were saved thanks to the help of hundreds of first responders, the faithful, tourists, and passersby running in and out of the building as fire raged above them.

As of now 11:30PM local time the fire is close to be contained. Fire crews are in the towers tending to hot spots and stopping flying embers from catching the timbers alight.

My heart goes out to all, like me, whom cherish Notre Dame not just as a religious icon, but as a stunning example of seemingly impossible architecture shrouded in the rich history of France and the world beyond. Let's us all do what we can to rebuild this iconic beacon of Paris for future generations to admire and learn the role Notre Dame has played in over 850 years of history. The mighty can fall. The people can help the mighty rise up once more.

Y Turner
Y Turner:
I am so sad to lose this breathtaking and historic church. My heart goes out to the French.
linda caldwell
linda caldwell:
My sympathies to the nation of France and the world.....
Shadow Gamer
Shadow Gamer:
survives two wars and a power drill kills it.
I speak french and I can say that she absolutely not translated what the speaker said
Nurazianie Abdullah
Nurazianie Abdullah:
Crazy flames. Sky is full of heavy smoke. Wish everyone well and keep off smoke. 🌷
Hiyori W.
Hiyori W.:
sorry not sorry
Arnold Gonzales
Arnold Gonzales:
@Mr.9. Tell me whose church is not immoral? Can you validate one?
Josh Brown
Josh Brown:
That just look extraordinary to see that famous church caught on fire yesterday!
its islam they been burning down churches this past week and so on... its not accidental do not fall for it
Paul Olone
Paul Olone:
So sad represents French liberation so many sad things going on in the world today some people would say it's the last days
Das tut wirklich weh...800 Jahre Geschichte sehe ich hier brennen😪🤧
SP Detectors
SP Detectors:
Coaccident ? Same date 94 years ago communist blew up one more church and kill 200 @ex0M
Jack Duffy
Jack Duffy:
The year is 2019, April 14th, The French Cathedral, Notre-dam in Paris. This Monday, Is being destroyed by fire, I believe this is a deliberate act of Terror. Hold fast the dogs of war. Pute aside anger and fear, And bring to justice those who instigated, And the handlers and sponsors of this madness, They are truly depraved.
Richard Ralph Roehl
Richard Ralph Roehl:
Might be an accident... but just before Easter? Something stinks, and it smells like...
PC_rules drazic
PC_rules drazic:
Macron did it lmao 😂😂😂😂
Avin Iran
Avin Iran:
This is so sad 😭
So sad this happened. I hope everyone is okay and I hope it can be fixed up.
Katie Williams
Katie Williams:
Thoughts and prayers to France
“The gates of hell WILL NOT prevail” - Jesus
Beverley Steele
Beverley Steele:
Sad such a beautiful building and so much history lost
Emma Wingate
Emma Wingate:
Wow...I’m full on crying.
Such a tragedy....
When you finally finish building a fireplace in your Minecraft house and place the actual fire down but forget that your house is made of wood.
jackie floyd
jackie floyd:
This is totally heartbreaking to see.
um... ah.... ummm.... aaah... uummm,..
jn M.
jn M.:
Rachel lundquest
Rachel lundquest:
What a tragedy! I've have never been to Paris, now I'll never have a chance to see this historic site😥
Rebecca Larson
Rebecca Larson:
So very sorry! It meant a lot to the World...So sad..
Mark Delaguaro
Mark Delaguaro:
How sad! All he times we've been to Paris this was our number one place to go. The history is just unbelievable. And the statues, altars, paintings hopefully these will be saved as much as possible.
Dev Shah
Dev Shah:
Prayers to Paris. I went to Paris just recently and it is sad to see a symbol of France burnt to dust. Notre Dame is a symbol of France's History. Prayers to France...
Avena Neumann
Avena Neumann:
Easter begun. Aurora!
Sue Curtis
Sue Curtis:
that so sad
Rita Creason
Rita Creason:
This is so sad !!! 😢
When ever i see this i think back to the Halloween tree and how they rebuilt the beautiful cathedral i will neve see it the same way anymore
Vive la France 🇫🇷
Carleen Concannon
Carleen Concannon:
DB Cooper
DB Cooper:
Mossad Job.
Will J
Will J:
So sad to see this
Rip 😭
in tears....terrible news.
Катя Снеговая
Катя Снеговая:
Капец... Просто капец... 😖
Abagail Velez
Abagail Velez:
So much history just lost! I'm sad! So Sorry, !!!!!
Craig Escaped Detroit
Craig Escaped Detroit:
Pull it !!!
(Larry Silevrsteen)
Autumn Hutton
Autumn Hutton:
This is so sad I'm just crying
The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1
The Blood Of Ogun #AlphaBlack #B1:
Poor Quasimodo 😭😭😭 #RiP
Arka Navarro
Arka Navarro:
Laura Stokes
Laura Stokes:
Notre Dame..............WTC
KiiNG1 C
KiiNG1 C:
Serapis house burning down.. wonderful👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽
Hank Terreros
Hank Terreros:
Paris Is Burning"