Notre Dame much more than just a cathedral

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
CNN's Chris Cuomo talks with Dominic Thomas and Clarissa Ward about the history and majesty of the Notre Dame cathedral and what it means to Paris and the world. #NotreDame #Paris #CNN #News


1LuckyGuy 40Ladies
1LuckyGuy 40Ladies:
I wish this was fake news. But it's not. ☹️
Tha DiZZo
Tha DiZZo:
April 15th:
1865 Lincoln dies
1912 Titanic sinks
1989 Hillsborough disaster
2013 Boston bombed
2019 Notre Dame Burns
Dan Maghanoy
Dan Maghanoy:
That Church is From Medieval times 😔😔😔
Save Mill Pond Park Vote NO 9/9/14
Save Mill Pond Park Vote NO 9/9/14:
Horrible to see this....
Especially during the Catholic Church’s most Holy Week🙏🏻
therese eva von zweydorf
therese eva von zweydorf:
The world is standing still and cries... it`s so sad.....but the whole world will help France rebuild Notre Dame.
B Babbich
B Babbich:
Fire has always been a problem for cities throughout history. But humans are resilient and we will rebuild.
Larry Turner
Larry Turner:
800 years of history gone
Temir Kroos
Temir Kroos:
Condolences to France.. from Kazakhstan
Cherie Cullum
Cherie Cullum:
So very sad. I lived in Orleans in the 1950s. I remember my parents taking us to Notre Dame every weekend. Such an gothic iconic beautiful structure sitting so magnificently on the Seine River. The stained glass can never be replaced. Notre Dame has incredible history. I hope this was an accident. Paris will never be the same. My heart goes out to the people of France.
Ris's Pieces
Ris's Pieces:
When my husband and I went to Paris, we saw the beautiful Notre Dame Cathedral, and to see it burning is so sad 😞
cameron williams
cameron williams:
The French government gave us the statue of liberty we should give them back Notre Dame.
Dan Maghanoy
Dan Maghanoy:
850 years old and Just Like That Gone in FIRE 😔😔😔
Josue Ordaz
Josue Ordaz:
Tragedy for world heritage site. Respect from México.
William Stalvey
William Stalvey:
Much love and prayers from USA to our friends in will be rebuilt stronger maybe not better, but Understand USA loves you.
Just A. Dude
Just A. Dude:
Just wondering if they got the artifact out from under there... I suppose I don't need to know though. Even through hell, all is well.
Flying over Paris on Thursday.
Maybe will see the tragedy...
sid r
sid r:
If they used firefighting aircraft like trump suggested, damage would have been minimal. Next time listen to our stable genius!
Toussaint Louverture
Toussaint Louverture:
And filled with stolen artifacts from around the globe.
I can literally see Chris Cuomo's soul re-entering his body.

God works in mysterious ways.
may this gothic masterpiece be a call to the french and the world to rebuild
Terri Jacobsen
Terri Jacobsen:
I think this was planned. Somebody started it a sicko.there's so much hate going around .or maybe it's a warning from God. Terri
Stephen Helmore
Stephen Helmore:
Surprised CNN aren't blaming trump
Chris Baker
Chris Baker:
The best news is that Quasimodo is SAFE!! he has suffered from a bad back lately and was at the Chiropractors when the fire broke out. He has been given a council flat until the belfry is restored!!!
Moises Santos
Moises Santos:
Tbh not everyone one knows how it looks I had no idea lol, now the Eiffel Tower is a different story lol
Terri Jacobsen
Terri Jacobsen:
So sad my heart goes out to all of france. Terri
Tom Bleier
Tom Bleier:
Notre Damme. It is great to have international cooperation on rectifying this tragedy. Why can’t we come together like this to save our planet?
W TF?:
I hope the hunchback made it out alive.
Sam Jones
Sam Jones:
Wish those 3 black churches that got burned down by a white nationalists got this much love.
Damned Yankee
Damned Yankee:
So sad.
Karen Bishop
Karen Bishop:
The photos in the fire looks like hells fire. But it survived the first and second world wars. It will survive this. It just makes it more appreciated.
King Deer
King Deer:
Today is 107 years since the titanic sunk
Matias D.Carpio
Matias D.Carpio:
dont let right wing turn notre dame into a mosque
Michael Newell
Michael Newell:
To survive so much history, yet to succumb to the 21st century!. This is a major blow to World historical sites.
M Slater
M Slater:
So sad! So hard to believe that the Notre Dame cathedral burned down.
d' Lourdes
d' Lourdes:
Builded by inspiration of the Holy Spirit. They won't mention God or the Virgin Mary...the church is not for tourist..most of the salvation of Souls
Michael Contreras
Michael Contreras:
It’s a Cathedral first and you can’t get better than that. Our Lady
Walter Bell
Walter Bell:
it should have been burned a long time ago
Adrian Darnaby
Adrian Darnaby:
It was arson...the church needed the insurance money to pay off all those little kids
Jack Wylde
Jack Wylde:
Willard Leap
Willard Leap:
CNN sucks....I wish that the church had not burned.
Mr. Flores
Mr. Flores:
SATAN has made His voice heard and the falls Prophets behind those stone walls were unworthy of our true King's greatness. May the doors open wide and bring forth our Morning Star. Hail Satan. Stand with Him and kneel to none.
Although a fascinating building, the terrible destructive force of religion that stole from and murdered innocents to build this, should never be forgotten as the builder.

Part of me is happy to see the fire burn the silly religious toys held within.
Vipul De Silva
Vipul De Silva:
This is very sad lost of culture & ancient history which can't evaluate in currency...from Sri Lanka.
Sop Ya
Sop Ya:
Condolences from California.
Brad Cozine
Brad Cozine:
Not sure if it's "too soon" to say this but... Current best guesses about the Vatican's wealth put it at $10 billion to $15 billion... people have ALREADY donated generously for it's repair. That being said, the Catholic Church most certainly has my "Thoughts and Prayers". In response to the fire, I've just made a donation to the people of Puerto Rico who are still suffering from an Act of God.
Justin Spitler
Justin Spitler:
Didn’t Disney already do this
Darlington Akagha
Darlington Akagha:
21st century breakdowns
Sony Story
Sony Story:
Jesus is Coming
The Church of the Devil is Collapsing
Alan Hartley
Alan Hartley:
The new tour....."see that smoke damaged wall....and that one....and that one?"
Jairon Durham
Jairon Durham:
How could something like this happen? People worked day and night to built Notre Dame cathedral, it's heartbreaking to see that perfect church in ashes