Over 400,000 Facebook users pledge Area 51 raid 'Lets see them aliens'

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
Over 400,000 people have committed to a Facebook event pledging to “Storm Area 51” in September in an effort to “see them aliens.” As of Friday, 416,000 people were listed as “going” to the planned raid, which event organizers say will take place on Sept. 20 at 3 a.m. An additional 428,000 people were listed as “interested.” Attendees will supposedly meet at a nearby “tourist attraction” where they will “coordinate our entry.” ASTRONOMERS CREATED A ‘COSMIC CHEAT SHEET’ TO HELP LOOK FOR ALIENS –– ADVERTISEMENT –– “If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets,” the event description said referencing a Japanese comic character known for his speed. “Lets see them aliens.”


Emperor Of Mankind
Emperor Of Mankind:
Original poster: "it's a joke"
September 20th: *The battle for Middle Earth begins*
Matthew Westbrook
Matthew Westbrook:
Damn,........ that's a lot of dead bodys.
400 thousand? 1 tenth of the population? Homey don't think so!
App Le
App Le:
Even if they do have aleins what are gonna do like why have thousands die for a alein the only thing there gonna do is just post it every where
ardy texn
ardy texn:
you have to admit....plenty have witnessed, ....
we all agree on what they look like......all in so far.....
just need a good video of the aliens now
Iron Man
Iron Man:
Let's go see them aliens.
Da smart Potato
Da smart Potato:
Let's see them corpses
Ghos T
Ghos T:
Nice video man
I wonder if Spider-Man will be there
Red The Demon?
Red The Demon?:
Let’s See Them Aliens.
Hope they are ready to be shot in the face!