Over 450,000 Naruto Runners Plan to Storm Area 51

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
There is Joke Facebook event titled "Storm Area 51, They can't Stop All of Us" where 466k users plan on storming are 51. as they attempt to "see them aliens". No I'm not making this up. People are trying to break into area 51 and it's hilarious. 'Storm Area 51' Other Area 51 News: Celebrities that Will Join The Fight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lwf0o-BuEaQ&t=0s The Raid Reaches 1 Million: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWd_WkRgc18 Friday, September 20, 2019 at 3 AM – 6 AM at location Amargosa Valley, Nevada 20908 If you wish to become part of the meme: https://www.facebook.com/events/448435052621047/?active_tab=about


Ark Corps
Ark Corps:
10% of 500,000 people is 50,000 damn bro you said 300?!
Looks like there’s going to be an anniversary of 2 horrific events in September
Nasuke -
Nasuke -:
This is probably where they're keeping the copies of Minecraft 2
David Taylor
David Taylor:
We need a GoFundMe to get this guy a calculator.
They can’t stop all of us - The Founding Fathers
I’m going to Area 51 wearing a power ranger suit.
Albert Wesker
Albert Wesker:
If this Happens, There will be a Mass Burial, A Mass Arresting.
Are you going on this noble crusade?
Guys the reason why we are gonna raid Area 51 is because they have a secret copy of shrek 5
Mister Mario
Mister Mario:
Let's do it for minecraft 2!!!!
Pub Zero
Pub Zero:
Bro#1: Hey dude I’m like really high
Bro#2: dude you should like. Invent somethin
Bro#1: I got somethin bro
Bro#2: what is it?

Bro#1: let’s naruto run into Area 51.
Bro#2: bro.
romon pressley
romon pressley:
They gonna naruto run back to their car and dip

Also a turret would eat em up
Elijah Llorada
Elijah Llorada:
*If the military threw a firecracker they all will probably turn around*
Ur math is soooo wack... Its 50000 btw still got good numbers
Clearly you dont know that they cant stop all of us
If this video gets 50,000 views I’ll retake 6th grade math.
вαмм ツ
вαмм ツ:
50000 is actually a lot of people
their naruto running is gonna dodge the bullets and once they enter breaking the gates due to redbull overcharge they are gonna find that thanos was an alien of area 51 and an epic gamer moment is gonna be born. EPIC FIGHT
Matt McDonald
Matt McDonald:
If they do get in do you think the government would let them have alien tech next thing you know you hear tactical nuke incoming
Scott Hayes
Scott Hayes:
I showed my daughter you trying to do math as a warning of what happens when you don't study.
Default Froggy299
Default Froggy299:
‘Bout to see a madara vs shinobi alliance live action
Adam Pistoné
Adam Pistoné:
Dude said "Four hundred and sixty six hundred thousand"
Shoka - The Inkling boy
Shoka - The Inkling boy:
They should do a live on Facebook, so we can see what’s inside the area 51
Sweet Johnson SJ
Sweet Johnson SJ:
if you gather people from whole Florida and Raid area 51 (999999999999999) people storm area 51 with Miniguns

Government: The guy who caused this was probably.... PWEDIEPIE
Xenomaster Alien
Xenomaster Alien:
Fuck Yoside
Fuck Yoside:
Don’t worry it’s happening I’m the one leading the group if anything I’m getting shot first 🙃🙂
Im attenting it wish me luck
Makoto Tempest
Makoto Tempest:
Naruto run facts Naruto Runners move faster than landmines
Lui 204
Lui 204:
500,000 people: they cant stop us all
That one person: AC-130 up above
Actually, Area 51 is the only place in our country where Congress has actually passed security laws to allow any unauthorized personnel to be shot on sight. The camo guys who work there will stop you if your just curious kids, and willing to turn back. If you aggressively try to enter the base, armed or not, they will in fact shoot you en masse if necessary.

Btw, the first thing they will do, is blanket the area with electronic warfare so no cameras or cell phones will work. Good luck calling home to Mama when you're bleeding out.
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark:
They're getting shot. I'll sit on a nearby hill and watch
john is here
john is here:
Personally I think we need medics throwing gamer girl bath water to the fallen Kyle's
What if they have a super alien gun that sucks all 500k+ people into the air LMAO
This finna end the world
BY Kingjoe888-
BY Kingjoe888-:
They finna get murked by the military INCOMING F35'S AND A RETURNING A10
Hey Boss
Hey Boss:
Just saying Area 51 is the wrong place you gotta go to area 42
xxrecked xx
xxrecked xx:
Everybody world star me plz someone livestream this historic moment
off-road for life
off-road for life:
Pretty sure they have kinetic rail plasma energy guns ready for defences
It's time to out an end to government means of hiding truth to the American people. Time and time again, we've been swept aside and manipulated with lies yet we continue to support especially after the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. End this system of lies my brothers!!!
Shadow Sniper
Shadow Sniper:
Ha, I'm from Overlord instead of Naruto you noobs

*In the distance you hear someone say Greater teleportation and he ends up in the middle of the gun fire cause he does not even know the location he wanted to teleport to*
a thing
a thing:
Bros. We have to train our Chakra, Haki and Chi energies. We have the power of anime of god on our sides.
Tuna Lord
Tuna Lord:
We will make it in and rename it area 69
LOL You:
I’m going because they have a computer that can actually run CRYSIS!
Big O.G.
Big O.G.:
Lmafo they going ran like Naruto for Dodge bullet lol 😂 bruhh come on!!!
Dianna Mize
Dianna Mize:
not even joking this crap is REAL but honestly no arrest will happen because the army will shoot them down
Arceus Is Best
Arceus Is Best:
Please don't tell me im the only one who kept rewinding the beginning because I love the mix of the anime and music.
Sean Anonymous
Sean Anonymous:
Weapons? Oh you know they got laser beams and proton cannons and de particleizerrrssss or whatever 🤷‍♂️💯
General Goldy
General Goldy:
Mama always said don't do crack and these people never listened to their moms
Otaku For Life
Otaku For Life:
Naruto: They can't stop all of us.
Naruto: ShAdOw ClOnE jUtSu!!
Krysen_Nova LOL
Krysen_Nova LOL:
Listen up gamers anime watchers and the old enemies furries we gotta join forces and take them damn aliens down we will need fortnite kids we need karens and we need naruto runners