PG&E California Power Shutoff - LIVE COVERAGE

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
PG&E is about to begin shutting off power for nearly 800,000 customers in California to prevent wildfires. Get the latest details in our LIVE PG&E POWER SHUTOFF COVERAGE. The PG&E power blackout is being implemented due to a fire threat from high winds and low humidity Wednesday and Thursday. Power will start to be turned off sometime after midnight, and the shutoff may last several days in some areas. (The blackout will take place in parts of Central and Southern California.) It's estimated that 2 million people may be affected. In this interactive live stream, host Steve Lookner brings you the latest updates on the PG&E California electricity shutoffs, and he'll also read your comments and questions on the air! Follow us on Twitter! Follow us on Facebook! Follow us on Periscope! @AgendaFreeTV Your donations keep us on the air! Donate at Or get cool Agenda-Free TV rewards by supporting us on Patreon: #PGEShutoff #PGE


Camp Runamuck
Camp Runamuck:
I worry about elderly and disabled people who may not be able to access emergency services 😔
Ventura County Media House
Ventura County Media House:
It’s 62 degrees, overcast, little wind... this is not fire weather.
Tammy Brennan
Tammy Brennan:
Look up the weather channel & you’ll see it was sold to Rothschild. Trust the weather channel 🙄
Amy Hall
Amy Hall:
Maybe PG&E didn't appreciate being blamed for those laser beams that came out of the sky and scorched several places?
New Zealand Rigger
New Zealand Rigger:
I'm in alameda was supposed to go dark at 8, still good.
Indigo Child
Indigo Child:
The only things that will out stench the spoiled food are all the sweaty genitals. How is solar power going to help in this situation, it's not. They should pull insulated lines.
David C Witkin
David C Witkin:
I'm responsible for a 3-storey Bed-and-Breakfast Hostel with 50 nightly guests in the Upper Haight in San Francisco. Luckily, tonight the City isn't on the list. May be a good time to make sure i have flashlights and batteries for each floor and suite...
Beautiful WarGoddess
Beautiful WarGoddess:
Pg&e filed bankruptcy
On poweroutage dot us, It was 309K Cali customers out 15 mins ago, and now it is 361K out. They are cutting power quickly now.
Melissa Reece
Melissa Reece:
Healdsburg out
Santa Rosa/Windsor area still on 👍 parts of SR power is off...
narda barber
narda barber:
You never know if any broadcast on YT is “really live” or was “was live” and is just a re-broadcast.
Cliff Fraser
Cliff Fraser:
Power rationing.
Solar winds very strong
Thank you, Steve!
This is not an aware channel, he is just citing the official statement. Matrix channel. Moving on.