Post Match Press Conference England vs Australia | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019

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Published on Jun 25, 2019
Post Match Press Conference from England vs Australia | ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. The home of all the highlights from the ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup 2019. Subscribe here: #CWC19 This is the official channel of the ICC - the governing body of international cricket.


Aadish Joshi
Aadish Joshi:
to skip:
@6:50 Aus
@15:43 Eng
Dildar Ahmad
Dildar Ahmad:
30 ko Pakistani bhi dua krenge india ki jeet ke ly 😂😂😂😂😂😂
010M I
010M I:
Arrogant Morgan, soon gonna be screwed a lot by British media and what not.
Madhumangal Biswas
Madhumangal Biswas:
Morgan is visibly and audibly under huge huge pressure.
Haniyah Siddiqui
Haniyah Siddiqui:
With this attitude england cant win wc
Morgan: everything is within our control we have to win next 2 games
Virat and kane : am I a joke to you?
The NAK Fitness
The NAK Fitness:
Morgan clearly in denial mode here because he is still not accepting that his team made big mistakes today. He is continuing to trust his game plan which on these pitches is not going to work as these are not prepared by the ECB.
Shailendra Baghel
Shailendra Baghel:
overconfident England side.
Starc is back in form.
Australia finally removed their weaknesses.
David and Finch are one of the strongest openers like Rohit and Dhavan.
Carey is awesome keeper batsman.
Praveen Prasad
Praveen Prasad:
Bichara england 4 saal ki mehnat je bawajood esa fal mil raha he.
Bahut bura laga😢
Wania Waseem
Wania Waseem:
This is the angriest I've seen him, considering I've been watching him for 7 odd years. So today took a toll. Good.
Pasan Perera
Pasan Perera:
Thanks Ausies.. now India and NZ.. its your chance to send this surprise package in to the semi finals.. LOL
लंकापति रावण
लंकापति रावण:
with this overconfidence they deserve to lose
Tanzz zzz
Tanzz zzz:
Woooowww. The anger is real. You can sense it in his answers, his attitude. Hope they don't lose hopes n start going downwards im the wc because of humiliating 3 defeats
England has the best team than the older teams in england yet they losed against Pakistan, Srilanka and Australia. Clearly they don't have a plan. Morgan to blame.
Anoop B
Anoop B:
England beat Aus 5-0 in England in 2018 one day series. BUT Aus didn't have Starc & Beherendoff back then. Wildly swinging at Starc when Eng was 15/2 by Morgan showed his lack of thought and his false confidence or their false "mantra"! If they have played carefully and not lost wickets in the first 10 overs, they would have won. But they think they are invincible!

Bilateral series is totally different from playing a WC. Every country brings in their best players for the WC!
Mr. Anonymous
Mr. Anonymous:
18:15 of course we did 😅😑
18:56 really, Excellent 😠😢
abhishek rudra
abhishek rudra:
Eoin reaction at 18:55 secs
Darren Hill
Darren Hill:
Bye bye England, their World Cup trophy case remains empty!
Arvind Rajput
Arvind Rajput:
Roy Is very important player for England.....
Vamsi Sanapathi
Vamsi Sanapathi:
Morgan, next 2 match India, New Zealand ke saath hai. Itna overconfident kis baat ki hai ?
Oliver Grumitt
Oliver Grumitt:
It looks almost certain now this will be yet another World Cup failure for England. It is far from certain now they will
Even get to the semi finals, let alone the final and let alone win it. I am sure too there will be, yet again, a
“What went wrong?” Inquest for England, something that for England at World Cups, whether in cricket or football,
Is all too familiar. At least England did win the Football World Cup once, albeit nearly 53 years ago now,
Since it started in 1975, England have never won, and on this performance against Australia today, never will.
Adnan Jehan
Adnan Jehan:
15:50 is when Morgan speaks
amari ebbin
amari ebbin:
kp petty saying morgan was running from starc XD
Arvind Patel
Arvind Patel:
Rajesh R
Rajesh R:
Why can't they just upload the interviews rather than having this 'Press Conference will begin Shortly' message and leaving it to viewers to figure out where each player's interview starts and stops? And the talk is about getting basics right which ICC have miserably failed right from planning the (washed out) matches, to poor choice of umpires, to the bails.... they seem to have everything wrong.
glad gladiator
glad gladiator:
Too much of talking good for nothing they say they score 500 but today not even scoring around 200 show your skills on batting rather than talking you England loosers
World Wide News
World Wide News:
Wow Australia ❤️❤️
M Salim Shahid
M Salim Shahid:
18:56 What a solid reply!!!
Ca Sera sera
Ca Sera sera:
What morgan is trying to say is "wait till we get roy back, you c$&ts"
6:52 Australia 15:50 England
Thomas Barnes
Thomas Barnes:
18:50 what did KP think after England won.
Sahil Kalia
Sahil Kalia:
Brave captain, Morgan👍👍
Connor United
Connor United:
eoin morgans deluded
Confidence is fickle, arrogance abound.
Shannon Patricia
Shannon Patricia:
Come on Morgs! You deserve to be in the semis with 80+ scores from the top 6 😎and some good bowling . It’s good to loose some matches as it could lead to some self improvement . Winning every match can become dangerous for New Zealand and India at the business end ✌️
Haseeb Mughal
Haseeb Mughal:
He is in confidence England will definitely qualify to Sami final ! Here huge need of Roy .
i 8-2 Much
i 8-2 Much:
England can’t bat second, why did they chose to bat second?
Danish Sk
Danish Sk:
England hot favorite hahahahaha
Pakistan' ko chance Dena manga na par Jaye duniya walo
Pakistan'zinda bad 🇵🇰 pakistan'cricket it's best one minute done next minute up
UnREAL - Sports and Comedy
UnREAL - Sports and Comedy:
Last year when Eng beat Aus 5-0 they were missing Smith, Warner, Starc, Cummins, Lyon, Bherendorf, Khawaja and Finch wasn’t captain. That’s almost a completely new team and bowling attack with the addition of a great competitor and tactian Ponting in the sheds. England should of realised they can’t play exactly the same way and expect to win against a team so much better then before. The way Morgan batted was a great example of this, just stepping away and wildly swinging against the pacers. The thing about Starc and Cummins is if you keep on all out attacking them they will get you out quickly after a few boundaries. India is the perfect example of how to play against this Australian bowling attack, the key is to not over attack until later in the innings. Another important thing to note is that the pitches are being prepared by the icc and aren’t all going to be batting paradises, so you have to be adaptable. The 3 most adaptable teams at the moment are 1 India, equal 2nd New Zealand and Australia. England looks like they are just hoping for a flat pitch.
daniel stephens
daniel stephens:
I predict England will play Australia in the semifinal and lose again 😂
Take Knowledge
Take Knowledge:
love match
Al Appas
Al Appas:
Don't worry India and new Zealand win you advance congratulations semi finals wc2019 go 💪💪💪💪
R J:
Surprised none of the journalists called out his blunder to bowl first. Eoin Morgan is resembling a deer caught in the headlights. They know to bat only in 1 gear & that's why I think they'll lose both their remaining matches Vs IND & NZ as well.
Sachin C
Sachin C:
Ben stokes played a fighting 89 and he got out to an unplayable swinging Yorker, does not mean that he didn't play well!
Come on Morgan! The Aussies bowled well to win the match! Your key players struggled to play those balls!
Arvind Patel
Arvind Patel:
See it here 6:45
The Gatsby
The Gatsby:
Attitude ka Result yehi hota hy
England aur Afghanistan k sath jo hua.
Shukar hy Bangladesh improved theirselves and now they are doing the best in this WC👌🏻
Harpreet Singh
Harpreet Singh:
That's the spirit no matter what win or lose send captain for conference good job England cricket 👏👏
Iffat Anjum
Iffat Anjum:
Nice replies form Eoin to behendorff and to that tweet as well . He seemed absolutely frustrated
The reason Australia lost their way after 2015 was they kept playing way too many meaningless series with 2nd string teams and neglected their one day cricket.. With their full strength team they are as good as any other team....