Power outage in California

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Power outage in California


Banned B!!!!
Banned B!!!!:
Agenda 21 my cell service just went out I have over 100 employees and they depend on us to feed their families!
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas:
This is what you get for trusting in the "system". Flip a switch and watch the ants run.
It didn’t even go out in my area and saw people rushing at store to get flashlights
Q Co
Q Co:
Kahuku crash 19 yo. American in . Pease escape from Alcatraz. Scott's sister.
Rodrigo Gonzalez
Rodrigo Gonzalez:
Wildfires kills 44 people in the last 2 years... tragic. How many people are going to die and shootings robberies and looting during a five-day full on power outage in Oakland alone? Let alone the entire Bay Area? Especially with all the homeless people that they have encouraged to be such a problem.
Alex Canine
Alex Canine:
ooooooohhhhhh daaaaaang climte change
Afro Bobo
Afro Bobo:
Lol climate change baby