POWER OUTAGE: Lights go out in downtown Sonoma

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Lights go out in downtown Sonoma


Johnny Bandit
Johnny Bandit:
It's all b.s... either a test run or something gonna happen
Who's Who
Who's Who:
This is just practice for when the big one hits
Jean Falco
Jean Falco:
rita moore
rita moore:
I live here and no wind WTF?
A major event is going to happen. False flag attack.
The reporter sounds like she's either really scared, or just ran a marathon.
Jason Roark
Jason Roark:
So everyone is lights candles, and using gas powered generators. You know, to prevent fires?
M- Nice
M- Nice:
The idea of five days is devastating? Wait until it's 5 month's. This is just a test
it's never too late it's never too late
it's never too late it's never too late:
shouldn't the power company place the power lines UNDERGROUND?
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas:
Where's that wind? This seems odd as the 911 event. What's really going on?
Kenneth Stauffer
Kenneth Stauffer:
we can no longer distribute electricity when it gets windy out.
Follow The Natsarim
Follow The Natsarim:
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ lets see if the liers shut down fb..google ..YT lol....
Seems like something could have been done proactively over the past year to prepare for such a situation. Must not be profitable.
Will Sawtell
Will Sawtell:
Shut down the entire bay area because of wind.
Pg&e CEO & board should be arrested.
Why isn't kpix naming names? Who made the call?
Why isn't the public utilities owned by the public?
Ogre Dad
Ogre Dad:
Such bulkshit

Opening wide open for crime to jump
Jenna Debono
Jenna Debono:
Ok.....gonna be alot more fires when people have to light bon fires and bbqs to cook food. This is idiotic.
BA Peach
BA Peach:
Bury the cable’s underground like everybody else does
Highly Medicated
Highly Medicated:
I hate living in a state of constant drought. Everybody loses their damn minds because they see a really pretty coastline
thor bradshaw
thor bradshaw:
I serioisly doubt the reason is the real reason, Jade helm 2.0 or invasion with all the global tensions!
ea villacorta
ea villacorta:
And no reporter is questioning why? That should raise a major red flag.
Diane Baker
Diane Baker:
If they turned off the power due to high winds....her hair isn't blowing around, suggesting the winds are mild??
Naturally the toll roads will definitely still charge you. Only thing they are 100% about.
ted viramontes
ted viramontes:
Smells like an EMP prep wake up get prepped 3 months at least just smelling
BlackNonBinaryDisabledLesbian InAWheelChair
BlackNonBinaryDisabledLesbian InAWheelChair:
🎢🎢🎢"the systems down, the systems down. But we made light in a... Blackout" 🎢🎢🎢
Danli Yang
Danli Yang:
Rip I only have a Tesla
Andrew smith
Andrew smith:
get your loot on people, the only way pg&e will care is if they are pressured by corporate america. Go rob the big corps.
John W
John W:
Our power grid has been allowed to be set up to self destruct creating 'job security' for power companies. Israeli power grid is far more stable than ours... I blame it on the gov't being part of the mega-corp conglomerate... AKA Deep State. We the Peons have little to say or do about it... My family owns generators for these situations. Our power grid in Oklahoma (OG&E) Totally Sux. We don't trust or believe the gov't. The gullible people who do are hardest hit by these 'Engineered Disasters'
Kitty Witty animations
Kitty Witty animations:
PSE&G are in the midsts of countless law suits for th last fires so of course they can’t take care of lines they are using funds to pay lawyers and the state is using $$$ for nonexistent highspeed rail.
Im going solar. The USA getting worse cause the CORPorations ruining everything
Haha move
V S:
Break up the monopoly! This is what you are paying your hard earned money for?!?
Zack P
Zack P:
This is what people get when dealing with a monopoly.
Who noticed the two bottles of vodka? 😎
Who's Who
Who's Who:
Get some good books and relax
The One
The One:
There coming for your πŸ”«.....shots being fired at PG&E Linesman....
At least you know the power will be turned back on...when the Big One strikes, it might be weeks or months before you get the juice back on
Doug Shaw
Doug Shaw:
So much for Silicon valley being smart! When you end up eating babies for food, I'll watch it on my computer, in my air conditioned house! Keep banging the rocks together until you discover how fire is made!
Cry Havoc
Cry Havoc:
Wow! Days without power!
Mena Majors
Mena Majors:
Lights out, fires begin. Wake up, this is war!
Misty Dawn
Misty Dawn:
What about hospitals, and those who need breathing machines?? THIS IS FOR MARTIAL LAW!! FALSE FLAG! BEWARE, this is a test! Light Out scenario they been planning for years!!
francisco carlos
francisco carlos:
People will be returning their generators to Costco and Home Depot next week.
clayton delanie
clayton delanie:
Is this "Wind Power"?
chris corona
chris corona:
Shut it off, I got a generator, ✌
Henrique Spaulonci
Henrique Spaulonci:
I'm from Brazil and I'd like to know what it's the cause of this energy crise. Thank you
Tp L
Tp L:
Why not replace those smart meters during the shut off,,just get rid of them.🀷
b t
b t:
If its that big of a problem bury the wires !
Margaret Rose
Margaret Rose:
Photos from space...can not tell difference from Cali and North Korea.
cool Bunny chavez
cool Bunny chavez:
Jxx Wxx
Jxx Wxx:
get off the grid ,3 days no power,all goes south,good luck ,
Ravage Gonza
Ravage Gonza:
Any looting by college bound underprivileged kids?