POWER OUTAGE: North Bay neighborhoods go dark as PG&E power outage begins

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
North Bay neighborhoods go dark as PG&E power outage begins


this sounds like something they prepared for and planned, so why the last minute notice!??
Mone Malekamu
Mone Malekamu:
“The lights won’t Fucc-tion” 💀💀💀
Michael Eli
Michael Eli:
Maybe Southern California Edison can make a move into Northern California while PG&E isn’t providing power to their customers.
jake liu
jake liu:
This is way to go, shut off the power stop the lawsuit :)
The Rothschild family owns the power grid, don’t forget that
P S:
Why hasn’t the weather been manipulated to make it rain in those areas🤔 only manipulated to keep it from raining. We’ve had the technology at least since Vietnam. Look up David Miles on Steering Sky Rivers, Weather Moderation, and Military Implications. We do not consent to weather manipulation!
Michael Eli
Michael Eli:
What steps are the State & PG&E taking to get the Overhead lines underground?
Sergio Mendoza
Sergio Mendoza:
Buy electric cars they say -_-
Jo Grey
Jo Grey:
Man that poor guy with the ventilator... that's so sad, he is probably freaking out and I don't blame him.
Maria Dowler
Maria Dowler:
I was just looking at the maps from agenda 21, the entire western area is to be cleared of human habitation in order to create ' wildlife corridors " this is all planned to make life as unbearable as possible so that people will move out.
Daniel Shropshire
Daniel Shropshire:
0:33 hahah burrrrrrp. Is that how you pronounce pg&e? I've been saying it wrong all this time lol
Charlene Morrison
Charlene Morrison:
Will Sawtell
Will Sawtell:
Why doesn't kpix report on who is making this decision?
Jonathan Fernow
Jonathan Fernow:
why is this the only place I have heard of turning off power to solve starting fires due to wind? Do other places in the US not have large winds?
alex carter
alex carter:
We're looking at something like Santa Ana winds, or the fahn, or whatever you want to call it.
Get used to that California, once you go full socialism/communism there will be plenty of “controlled” outages courtesy of the state
Days without power? Hope nobody in the affected areas depends solely on electric vehicle(s) for transportation.
Carlos Arellano
Carlos Arellano:
Bravo Six, going dark
NPC #52700000389
NPC #52700000389:
Purge time
Highly Medicated
Highly Medicated:
This state just keeps going down and down. Ridiculous
tony peña
tony peña:
Im wondering howmany people is going die because of the powder cut off they didn't even educate the public on how to use generators of to open garaged doors manually
FaZe Sway's Dad
FaZe Sway's Dad:
my powers not of lol
Robin Powell
Robin Powell:
What a mess of a grid
Explicit Tech
Explicit Tech:
Time to loot
Lyn Utermark
Lyn Utermark:
Is this a power game?
This is a CRIME ! and TOTAL CRAP
Ladybug Noname
Ladybug Noname:
This is criminals in charge! I can't believe they are doing this! I bet it's the Damn. Climate change people. They want to go back to the dark ages to save the planet.
Eli Jones
Eli Jones:
What does a breeze have to do with power substations? I dont get it. I knkw wind can fan flames that are already there...but electric lines?
Welcome to Third World California........Infrastructure is garbage so they make the populace suffer. This whole situation is ridiculous. California used to be such a great state.
Who's Who
Who's Who:
I'm so happy that PGE is saving our homes
4K 8K HDR:
Fucktion lmaoo
The fact that we’re still dependent on such archaic company is beyond me. Everyone in California should have solar panels and backup battery. We’re sunny all year round we have no excuse.
for you
for you:
For those who are so angry with PGE, I don't believe PGE can turn off the power without others of higher authority knowing and approving it. PGE can't by their own cognizance walk over and flip a switch. This was well known and approved by many, many people in the role of authority. I do wonder why they couldn't come up with a better solution, a much less dangerous and truly SAFE way to avoid problems.
f yourself
f yourself:
Deep Bass
Deep Bass:
One more reason why I left Commiefornia!
Big Bee
Big Bee:
My. What a well-governed State.
Luther Burbank
Luther Burbank:
Why is osama bin laden telling me about my power?!
Robert H
Robert H:
Cutting the power before the storm......makes sense.......
Michele Zhang
Michele Zhang:
Where's mommy now? LOL..... Halvah! Not ALLAH? What are the chances that you have another million long lost sons from somewhere under the rainbow?
Patty Angel
Patty Angel:
This doesn’t sound right. Something is up. How will they get calls if the cell towers are going down. How many have landlines? They’re killing everyone that needs some kind of life support. Way to get rid of all the seniors and disabled. 5 days no phone, alarms, cameras. This won’t end well. Hope you people have protection. NEVER give up your guns!
Fishing Men & Fish!
Fishing Men & Fish!:
Roachilds and their greed! Electricity should be free!
Jeff Hur
Jeff Hur:
Not 800k. Stop overinflating and causing unnecessary chaos. Yesterday PG&E and other news outlets reported that actually about 250k were affected.
John W
John W:
Our power grid has been allowed to be set up to self destruct creating 'job security' for power companies. Israeli power grid is far more stable than ours... I blame it on the gov't being part of the mega-corp conglomerate... AKA Deep State. We the Peons have little to say or do about it... My family owns generators for these situations. Our power grid in Oklahoma (OG&E) Totally Sux. We don't trust or believe the gov't. The gullible people who do are hardest hit by these 'Engineered Disasters'
Completely necessary but pg needs to invest in burying those lines and get them on more secure towers. Ridiculous it’s 2019 and we still have to cut power for fire risk.
Will Sawtell
Will Sawtell:
The ROTHSCHILDS should be led away in handcuffs & these reporters should be arrested for accessory for the crimes committed by pg&e. THE WINE COUNTRY FIRES WERE STARTED BY A DIRECT ENERGY WEAPON!!
Ogre Dad
Ogre Dad:
A muslim spokesperson in control of power 🤔🧐