Prosecutors: Boss of Gambino mob gunned down

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
New York City police on Thursday were investigating the bold, fatal shooting of alleged Gambino crime boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali outside his Staten Island home. Officers responding to a 911 call Wednesday night found Cali, 53, who was shot multiple times, police said in a statement. Emergency medical team rushed him to Staten Island University Hospital North, where Cali was pronounced dead. "There are no arrests and the investigation is ongoing," police said in a terse statement. Federal prosecutors have described Cali as a top leader of New York’s notorious Gambino crime family. His murder marked the most notable killing of a Gambino boss since 1985, when Paul Castellano was shot dead in front of the Sparks Steak House in Manhattan. Cali lived less than a half-mile away from Castellano’s Staten Island mansion. Do you like what you see? Subscribe to our YouTube channel: Like USA TODAY on Facebook: Follow USA TODAY on Twitter:


How is this possible guns were banned in New York
Human Being
Human Being:
making room for one of the Gotti snots??
Mack Bolin
Mack Bolin:
Hey Frankie Boy! Told you you were going to get wacked!😈😠😂!
Grace Sarpong
Grace Sarpong:
"Franky boy"
Definitely a mobster
྄ ྄
྄ ྄:
Forget about it
Al DeS
Al DeS:
Some one must have disagreed with him or is making a move upwards. ,!!!
Hhheeyy I hope this is a sign of the return of the mafia, give us some entertainment please
Duke Raul
Duke Raul:
Hey.... yo...they frinkin’ whacked the guy, herd it was Joey meatballs makin his bones
Mr Nobody
Mr Nobody:
Oo someone was very angry
You dont just take out a man like that and get away with it . It better have been sanctioned or someones going to get sorted 😎
ll विनी शर्मा ll
ll विनी शर्मा ll:
Is there a storm going on?
Mr E
Mr E:
Looks like the government is consolidating power. Just an old school corporate takeover.
Conquerir Le Monde
Conquerir Le Monde:
it was j prince with his "mob ties" 🤷🏿‍♂️😂🤣
Joann P
Joann P:
Dam,Sopranos episode all over again😨
GREAT expectations
GREAT expectations:
Ohhhh my love is gone 😢😢😢 but it's ok, we have a bigger bladder boss in your place
Shilonious Monk
Shilonious Monk:
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi:
So 1980s
BC Bob
BC Bob:
Cool mob hits in 2019. Franky boi pissed somebody off and got capped 6 times in the chest with a revolver.
Estevo Thomasio
Estevo Thomasio:
Six times. Talk about gettin it done. Someone made bank.
bngr bngr
bngr bngr:
They usually shot you in the head. Just like in the Walking Dead.
Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel
Jesus Christ is coming! Repent & Believe the Gospel:
Prayers for the family and friends...

The Lord Jesus Christ is arriving soon.

Jesus loves you, friends.

My prayer is that this comment reaches one person that needs to read this.

The Lord is for us, not against us.
He is not angry at you, He truly loves you.

He took our punishment upon Himself on the cross, He died so that we may live! 3 days later He arose again, assuring us of our redemption. Hallelujah!

He promises He will never drive anyone away when they come to Him, so don’t let anyone or anything stop you from coming to Jesus today!

All you need is faith as a mustard seed and sincere words from your heart.

He will forgive you, make you new, deliver you from your sins and from the judgement headed to this earth.

For all those that call upon the Name of The Lord shall be saved! (Romans 10:13)
Vickie Ross
Vickie Ross:
The mob will never die. La Cosa Nostra lives.
Why do I feel like watching God father all of a sudden 🤔.
hustlehard co
hustlehard co:
Imma go get the Paypas get the paypas
Dee Thacker
Dee Thacker:
Somebody will pay.....i need a job
Clifford Kilkenny
Clifford Kilkenny:
Turd Ferguson rules🙋‍♂️☘️🙏
Cristian Seitz
Cristian Seitz:
Live by the sword, etc. etc.
Playing with a Fire someday the Fire will Burn you to Death. Life is so Short.
terry City of Liverpool.
terry City of Liverpool.:
Oh well life is tough fool...... ps.. You need a new picture it's very 70s looking ok. Not a good look.
slimbo denero
slimbo denero:
He was busted not too long ago. Must of been 👄
Mandoe Muñoz
Mandoe Muñoz:
And People say the Mobb doesn’t exists anymore .
mss y
mss y:
Ricky Fontaine
Ricky Fontaine:
And so shall it be said so shall it be done...
Don’t give up
The last crime boss to be gunned down in New York City was 1985? Well then I’d say them crime bosses are doing ok, I would have expected something much more recent.
Shon Won
Shon Won:
😗😮😯 All the cops are *'OoooOoAhhhaahha'*
knowslittle 2
knowslittle 2:
Why did they kill this poor man.I bet he has kids.
Had to be some lieutenants. Cant image the boss being caught out in the open like that for a rival to hit him. Either that or it's a faked death so he can retire.
Bo Rood
Bo Rood:
The mob? LMAO! They are about as scary as a poodle these days.
Bill Makar
Bill Makar:
Pelosi and Chuck closest adviser "FRANKY" What the Hell sure large amounts of poop will hit the fan
so what? people die everyday
David Holcomb
David Holcomb:
Sounds like a dnc hit job.. we all know they can't aim properly!
janice ginexi
janice ginexi:
Papaaaa !!!
Infinite Beauty
Infinite Beauty:
Gonna miss you Daddy 💋 I'm his kitty💋
Steve mazzone
Steve mazzone:
All i will say is this was sanctioned and shot 10xs news get it right now 12+ and you wanna know who did it ask his wife she knows thats all im gonna say
Chris Strong
Chris Strong:
Dario Espino
Dario Espino:
Say Hello to my little friend........
⚔️Live by the sword die by the sword⚔️
Hodari Foe Bigmike
Hodari Foe Bigmike:
Somebody go to jail👮😷👮🚓
MP warrior
MP warrior:
If they put this guy down ,this is proof that the cosa nostra is truly ruling the underworld still ...and had never gone completely .