Raiders vs. Packers Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

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Published on Oct 20, 2019
The Oakland Raiders take on the Green Bay Packers during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other channels: NFL Vault NFL Network NFL Films NFL Rush NFL Play Football NFL Podcasts #NFL #Raiders #Packers


Commander Bly
Commander Bly:
Aaron Rodgers went OFF in this game
Sometimes I swear Aaron just be like “Aight imma try now”
Haters: Rogers is nothing without adams

Undrafted Wrs: Hold our beers
shravan kannan
shravan kannan:
You just have to acknowledge that Josh Jacobs is a beast. Green Bay doesn’t have that great of a run defense, but he’s been really good this year.
Vintage AR 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I only wish the defense and offense could have a great day at the same time. Still in all #GoPackGo 6-1
Josue Tejada
Josue Tejada:
Imagine when Adams comes back how good our offense is gonna play
Jean Moleus
Jean Moleus:
When Aaron Rodgers is at his best, it's something special to watch
Luciano Silva
Luciano Silva:
Aaron Rodgers comes as advertised. Elite!
Jackson Goss
Jackson Goss:
We could be the best Potentially if everyone’s on their A game
aaron berhane
aaron berhane:
I can’t wait to hear Stephen A say “HES A BAAAAD MAAN”
aaron berhane
aaron berhane:
This just shows you Rodgers dosen’t need an elite receiver to ball out
If McCarthy was still the coach, the Packers would be 2-5
Wayne Hood
Wayne Hood:
So far 2019 proves Mike McCarthy was the problem in GB the last couple years. Go Pack Go!
Alexander Mail
Alexander Mail:
Too many mistakes on the red zone and defensive couldn’t stop anything
Ethan Uslabar
Ethan Uslabar:
Packers D: "We're gonna take the day off."
Packers O: "Aight, we got u."
Can this egg get 10,000 subs with no Videos
Can this egg get 10,000 subs with no Videos:
This is how many more years Aaron Rodger will play Edit thanks for so many likes👍

Uzumaki Clan 7798
Uzumaki Clan 7798:
Damn, Danica must have given him some last night😂😂
Mogul Joe
Mogul Joe:
Let's be real. That Discount Double Check was what made Rodgers go off.
Juscoastin Simple
Juscoastin Simple:
I’ve been telling ppl a rod ain’t fall off he just ain’t need to do everything this season
If Rodgers is protected and his receivers don't drop the ball, the Packers win. That's it.
That was vintage early 2010's Packers, even down to the Capers D impression.
big smoke
big smoke:
Aaron Rodgers wont last this season, I mean 5 pass tds, one rush td, 429 yards, and a perfect passer rating. Lafleur needs to get rid of him.
Chris Goree
Chris Goree:
I love hearing Tony's comments out of context
Milli Macro
Milli Macro:
Someone tell Derek Carr you have to hold the ball while crossing the goaline or it doesn’t count lmao
Omni Pepper
Omni Pepper:
Even tho I’m a Packers fan, Waller and Jacobs are great players. They balled out
Tom Stelzer
Tom Stelzer:
I'm undrafted. I'm still waiting for the Packers to call. It's been 50 years now.
will mounts
will mounts:
As a raiders fan I have to say Roger's is a great QB.
King of the North
King of the North:
Who else watched the game and saw them update Green bay record to 6-1 before the game was over. 🤣
shravan kannan
shravan kannan:
We’re coming for that first round bye!
Dominic Trinh
Dominic Trinh:
LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN
LeBronNotTop10 #3-6SZN #NoFootworkSZN:
This was a Top 3 Rodgers game ever. Without Davante Adams he had the perfect passer rating, threw to 8 different recievers, threw five touchdowns to five different recievers and had an 80% completion rating. This was a Rodgers statement game, he officially enters the MVP race as #1 with this masterpiece performance.
How does carr overthrow his receivers on that first drive so badly Jesus Christ
Gruden called a great game tbh.
But man Rodgers was on fire 🔥
Mateo Cardenas
Mateo Cardenas:
Who else thought the officiating in this game wasn’t the best
6-1!!!! Keep getting better! Let’s hit our full stride when we reach the playoffs!!! This Packer team is good! Go Pack Go!!!
Rolando Mota
Rolando Mota:
You know Rodgers lit us up for sending Mack to his rival da bears lol
"Get it baby!"
Jones: "Aight."
timothy williams
timothy williams:
Just imagine the offense when Devonte Adams gets back. 😬👀 It’s gonna be scary.
Fingering Things
Fingering Things:
News of Rodgers' demise has been greatly exaggerated.
big smoke
big smoke:
Maxx Crosby: *imitates discount doublecheck*
Aaron Rodgers: "I see you choose death"
DaJuan Lee
DaJuan Lee:
So we just gonna ignore the fact that Derrick Carr still thinks he’s a runner with that same fumble from the playoffs lmao🤣
Logan T.
Logan T.:
Rodgers saying “get it baby” mid-play to Aaron Jones at 0:50 is why I love my Packers this year.
Walter Diaz
Walter Diaz:
I can’t wait to hear Skip Bayless excuse on why they won without their #1 wideout with two others hurt. But Dak falls apart as soon as Cooper is out 😂& on how Aaron Rodgers been declining 😂😂
Why does it sound like someone farted every time there’s a touchdown
Skip "The Excuse" Bayless will still somehow find away to criticize AR...! Lol.
Ballin Too
Ballin Too:
Doubting Rodgers is like doubting lebron. He will make u look stupid then the first thing u go and say is "how many rings he got" lmao
Lourdens Joseph
Lourdens Joseph:
I started both Green Bay Aaron’s, rip my opponent 💀
aaron berhane
aaron berhane:
Our offense carried us, our defense could of been better
that nigga
that nigga:
“Roughing the passer” calls just makes it pointless the defense to hit the qb... it can be literally soon ass the ball is released from the qb hands and it’s still gonna get call... awful really
Cyrus Dabar
Cyrus Dabar:
I don't care that Kevin King got an interception, he sucks. King is the weak link in the Packers D.