Should England's Jason Roy be banned for the World Cup final? | Cricket World Cup

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Published on Jul 11, 2019
Despite putting in a scintillating performance for England vs. Australia at Edgbaston in the semi-final of the Cricket World Cup, Jason Roy may well be more remembered for his hostile reaction to his dismissal from a Pat Cummins delivery. Graeme Swann, Murali Kartik, Daniel Vettori and Ajit Agarkar discuss the possible repercussions for the England opener and whether banning him the final is something that may happen after a disciplinary hearing. (edited) #ESPNcricinfo Subscribe to ESPN UK: Follow ESPN UK across multiple platforms:


ash 101
ash 101:
If someone needs to be banned then it's Kumar Dharmasena. Jason Roy missed a deserving century.
Russell Murray
Russell Murray:
TV hosts should be banned for asking stupid questions.
Arsalan Ahmad
Arsalan Ahmad:
WTF! I'd ban Dharmasena. He gave him out unnecessarily. He said no, hesitated and then raised his finger. Ban him!
indian bharat
indian bharat:
Century missed. In World Cup Semi-final. Against Australia. Can anybody forgive?
Scott Burbridge
Scott Burbridge:
Why should he get banned it was a shocking dismissal and he was letting the umpire know nothing wrong with that
Pajesh Jp
Pajesh Jp:
Umpire should be banned! He was stupid and gave bad decision
The Gamehi gta
The Gamehi gta:
Jason Roy is a good player he missed his incredible century just because of wrong decision by the umpire.
Umpires should be in matches just for rest of the things except given out like Roy today
Tilson Tomas
Tilson Tomas:
When you are in full form and ready to make century & due to someone's mistake why should Jason be banned?
Indrajit Sharma
Indrajit Sharma:
Y not banned umpire..this is world cup not a local tournament..
neeraj sharma
neeraj sharma:
jesen roy was absolutely right it was clear wrong and bad desicon by umpire
Quentin Fernandez
Quentin Fernandez:
This is shocking and deplorable umpiring. Dharmasena should be sent back to club level to fine tune his skills. After making innumerable blunders he gets an opportunity to stand in the final. Disgraceful umpirung for a world cup final. Indicating a six with his fingers instead of raising his arms and at the same time totally ingorant of the laws. Messed up the game
Mathan Mohan
Mathan Mohan:
We should ban Kumar Dharmasena for two ODI matches for umpiring and also should be fined from umpiring fee
Ibrahim Wani
Ibrahim Wani:
Of course he’s angry, and I mean what else could you expect he was so close to his century . Moreover, There was a clear day and night difference between the bat and the ball. For me it was Very poor umpiring.
And I think Kumar dharmasena should clear his glasses , or just straight up Freaking RETIRE.
Abid.b Bhatti
Abid.b Bhatti:
This world cup only England
neeraj sharma
neeraj sharma:
if he will be banned it will be injustice to jesen roy
Roy the ban for Christ sake.umpire was wrong.century missed.take it out on New Zealand our Jason Roy.
omega marketing
omega marketing:
No.Jason Roy should not be banned because he was not out. This is world cup match that too semi final and the players give everything to win and reach the final. So in this scenario the umpiring has to be perfect with all the modern technologies they have got. It was a poor umpiring and the onfield umpires should have volunteerly reviewed with Tv umpires if it was so called gentleman game. But they simply did not do and instead sent out Jason Roy who was simply outstanding and denied well deserved 100 or more big score because of poor horrible umpiring. He protested rightfully out of frustration. His feelings should be respected. Moreover ICC have fined Jason Roy and given demerit points. It should have been other way, the umpire should have been fined and given match ban. Think about it, If the Australians came strongly after Roy was given out and If England lost the game because of this poor decision things could have been much more worst. This kind of bad rules/ act should be amended and justice should prevail.
parijat sandilya
parijat sandilya:
Plzz ban Dinesh kartik yaar....15 years of international debut and is still learning
Ganesh Mookala
Ganesh Mookala:
No umpires should be suspended for their third class umpiring
laxi Olivera
laxi Olivera:
Dharmasena should ask 2nd or 3rd umpire if u r not sure......failed umpire.
Yoga flexibility
Yoga flexibility:
Jason roy is best batsman now in the Jason from India support England
Cameron Wilson
Cameron Wilson:
The umpire should be banned for making a rubbish call.
Md.Nazim Ali
Md.Nazim Ali:
It cannot be denied that umpire decision after delivered Jeson Roy has mistaken his golden century.
ICC should be taken proper step against like this decision.
The question of ban does not come if have to be ban definitely umpire should be penalised!!!
Nujith Dimantha
Nujith Dimantha:
Ind vs eng match Roy edge the ball umpire gave not out he didn't leave the field that time he respect umpires decision😂
Abhishek Goswami
Abhishek Goswami:
Jason Roy is too op. Don't ban him just nerf him a little.
Aamir HamXa
Aamir HamXa:
That was umpires fault
Jason roy was not out
maximillion. 7
maximillion. 7:
I would of banned india team for losing to england on purpose just to get pakistan out. 😆😆😆😆 kassam bhaiyah
Leonard Pattison
Leonard Pattison:
15 from a century ..terrible dicision..but Barestows fault ..why they review he was plumb lbw
B.s. Rathnayaka
B.s. Rathnayaka:
Vary sad jansan roy...good badmen..
But he was unlikely inthis much...
unrepeatable raddish
unrepeatable raddish:
actually since the review system started... umpires have gotten TERRIBLE.... they need to start umpire fines
Nainar konar
Nainar konar:
It was indeedly a " Howler " by the management on Eng vs Aus.
Ian Podmore
Ian Podmore:
India seems to hate England winning. It almost seems like a crusade. Roy was given out incorrectly and showed mild displeasure. So what, if he had gone too far then maybe. But you cannot ban important players just because you wish to see England beat. Grow up India, it makes me smile when I see 1.3billion Indians crying after tiny NZ (4.5million) dump India out.
Mystery Bolt
Mystery Bolt:
Absolutely ridiculous don’t see Virat Kohli gets called out for what he does when he gets out literately every time
Ashfaq Nawaz bajjar
Ashfaq Nawaz bajjar:
2nd super over hona chaye tha
A Kamal
A Kamal:
Wrong decision from umpire and you want the victim banned for speaking out on a blind and deaf umpire !
shaunbir klair
shaunbir klair:
Kohli needs to be banned for having 2 total runs in two straight WC semifinal games
simply education
simply education:
From where murli kartik have so many hair in his head
ankit chauhan
ankit chauhan:
There is a a typo in the itile.. please correct "England's Jason Roy" to "ICC's Dharmasena"
Vishal p
Vishal p:
See there is technology we use. It tells you weather there was an edge or not. If a batsman is sure that there is no edge, umpire should take the help of the technology for the correct decision. Why a batsman will keep saying that there is no edge when he knows that he will be proved wrong once the replay will be checked. Absolutely idiotness. Batsman has a right to say that there is no edge and like in the case of a run out or a half volley catch in the sleep, umpire checks, here also Roy did nothing wrong. In fact the fielders who appealed should have been fined.
Louis John
Louis John:
Referees made many blunder in this World Cup they should be fined
nagaraju ekambram
nagaraju ekambram:
No umpire did mistake y he should ban
Ranil Edussuriya
Ranil Edussuriya:
famous culprit Umpire in the world ,
After drs became umpires became blind
Thruxt0 6
Thruxt0 6:
No excuse for carrying on like a twat. Bad descision by the umpire! Its cricket ..some descions go your way, some don't. Good game England.
David Michichim
David Michichim:
The host sounds like a gay. He should be banned from hosting shows.
Subash Parajuli
Subash Parajuli:
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-RII -
-RII -:
ban emipre insipte of roy
Pruthviraj Chavan
Pruthviraj Chavan:
Umpiring isn't easy as it seems on television. And its fault'of Aussies also they knew that he hadn't knicked it.
Eternal_ strings
Eternal_ strings:
Umpires must be banned not players'
Ravi Krishna
Ravi Krishna:
If Jason Roy banned for final match. .world cup final match will not be happened...I watching england matches only for Jason roy