Super Rugby 2019 Round 16: Chiefs vs Crusaders

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Published on Jun 1, 2019
The Chiefs have kept their playoffs hopes alive by shocking the Crusaders in Suva 40-27.


Alpha.Kenny Won
Alpha.Kenny Won:
Nz teams play such a exciting brand of footy to watch. Great night for Fiji. I can just imagine how many young fijian kids got inspired watching this in the stands.
John Smith
John Smith:
Nothinng can compare to polynesian crowds, the cheers pumps up the players👏 I LOVE their energy, makes the game fun to watch
This was the most entertaining match of this season and that crowd was amazing! Please come back to Fiji next year! Wonderful atmosphere and awesome crowd support ❤️😎👍
Robbie Tee
Robbie Tee:
Full house..compared to some other S R games this week..great atmosphere..
takiri dixon
takiri dixon:
This would be the best game that I have seen this season from the Chiefs. To come from 20points down and to score 3 tries in a short space of time and to be behind 19-20 was so unbelievable, man this game had me jumping and literally touching the ceiling with excitement. And when the second half kicked off I was feeling a lot better until we made a mistake, man when the Crusaders scored that try I thought no, no, no, we gonna struggle. But to my amazement the Chiefs dug deep, they seemed to have found another gear and scored a try that brought us back 26-27 and once again it was anybody game. And here I was saying don't let them score "Please". When the Chiefs came back in that last 10minuts with two great tries my hands were literally touching the ceiling again, we had beaten the reigning Champions, who had given us hiding in the first round. Man, that was a match.
Charly Duzit
Charly Duzit:
Ohh yea Chek dat crowd involvement nek level
Travis Brett
Travis Brett:
Best super rugby game of 2019 so far
Nothing better than hearing marshall squirm as his team gets destroyed haha
Em El
Em El:
Different and amazing atmosphere in Fiji
Harry Cicero
Harry Cicero:
Beautiful pass from the prop. PhD level big brain rugby
Brad chasing after that All Black no.9 jersey ⚠⚠
Acacia Ndlovu
Acacia Ndlovu:
Exhilarating game from the chiefs.. Talk about extraordinary comebacks.. Superbly done 👌
please come back to Fiji. u have all inspired our people. you all did not only brought excitement.

but tears of joy expressed because u have thought of our small nation. it means the world to our children.

motivated to achieve beyond our struggles. thank you to both teams.

vinakavalevu especially to SUPER RUGBY BOSS
Santi !!!!!!
Santi !!!!!!:
Amazing and superb game from the Chiefs
Phil A
Phil A:
Great game to watch, yeah the Chiefs! From Oz
Theyr wayyyyyy better than rugby legue tbh i swear
Joe King
Joe King:
And with that win I got 200$ on betting ✊✊
Awe beautiful. I love the Crusaders but that was beautiful rugby by the Chiefs.
Jasmine Smith
Jasmine Smith:
I was honestly expecting the Crusaders to win especially when they were up by 20 points only halfway through the first half, so when the Chiefs won I was very happy
Lisiate Toefoki
Lisiate Toefoki:
Thank you NZ Rugby... Love that...
knarf zik
knarf zik:
Ha ha ha! Utterly destroyed!! 😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
chris boon
chris boon:
Cheers Ben funnell for the awesome lineout throws
boy we needed that after this shambles of a season!
TiaMarduk 777
TiaMarduk 777:
Damn son That cut out pass from Atu Moli at 3:02 !!!
Covis KK
Covis KK:
Crusaders Potential All Blacks at 10/12/ and 13. Seemed like the channels where the breakouts occurred also
mauke mauke
mauke mauke:
Island fever
Keep bringing games to the pacific islands
Wider audience
Donnie Kula
Donnie Kula:
Wow I didn't expect that, what an awesome game. Well done to the chiefs.
A Rugby Gentleman Kirielenko
A Rugby Gentleman Kirielenko:
an incredible match and what an atmosphere created by the wonderful people of fiji .... one match does not determine a team's season but the crusaders looked punch drunk as they shipped those 3 consecutive tries but showed real class in playing to the end .... all you need to know about what performance and rugby means to these boys is the 50 metre sprint two crusaders players put in to chase the chief player down with the last play of the game to prevent a further try .... plenty of other club players (north and south hemisphere) would have given that up as a lost cause.
Paul O’Donnell
Paul O’Donnell:
Somethings a bit weird with super rugby this year.😂😂 I think we’re seeing sport fixing at its

Full credit to the chiefs for the win. They needed this to hopefully make it 3 kiwi teams in play off. Which I feel like NZRU are very concerned with potentially seeing only 2 kiwi teams making play offs.

Not to mention the decline of spectators at super rugby games these days is alarming. Not surprised that these results kinda make it more exciting to watch super rugby. Also credit to Fijian supporters for being great example of the sport.
Critter Watene
Critter Watene:
Mean game!
Love it, really great game.
Even the commentators were beside themselves with excitement
Gabriel Stewart
Gabriel Stewart:
Time for a Super Franchise in Fiji! Look at the crowds. Maybe then NZ, Aus, France, England etc can stop stealing their best players.
Dee Tee
Dee Tee:
Now that's entertainment!
khan Paniora
khan Paniora:
This is how you really beat the crusaders.
So where was this quality in the 2 draws (Highlanders and Hurricanes?) and the the 2 losses to the Blues and Sunwolves? Same team, same players, much better opposition, should have been guaranteed a playoff spot by now if they can do this to the Crusaders!
Mark Henry
Mark Henry:
Amazing game.
Andy Ashby
Andy Ashby:
Wow welldone chiefs...w.t.f crusaders???lol
Rosanna Hope-pearson
Rosanna Hope-pearson:
Chiefs to good
Churrr da Chiefs!!
Tim Jones
Tim Jones:
Defense has left the chat
Ivlivs Seesaw
Ivlivs Seesaw:
black capped Chickadee
black capped Chickadee:
sheeshis shizzam
Charly Duzit
Charly Duzit:
Real Chiefs mana boi!
Guerrilla Man
Guerrilla Man:
There should be also another comp between NH rugby teams vs SH super rugby teams. I just feel like i'm just seeing a repeat every year. As a human being, some times i feel there needs to be a change now and then to keep things interesting. But i really don't like is the new rule that will come into play in a year or two that downgrades rugby to the point of adaaaaaaaa. The new rule you must only tackle the legs only, that will change the dynamic of rugby in the most negative way. That's going to effect the game so badly at the try line and expect hip replacements from ass holes to breakfast. Some people with power get carried away making dumb rules, ask your self when was the last time in professional rugby you saw a guy getting carted off the field with a broken neck? When they start seeing young fit athletes getting hip replacements all over the show and on the professional level what new rule will they inflict then? What will they do ban the game? That rule i personally believe will cull the interest of many major rugby fans world wide and we'll see less guys playing rugby overall. What we'll see is more red cards and yellow cards and higher scoring games and lots of broken hips. Maybe the guys who made that rule should get some solid advice before thinking they know best.
Weetbix 77
Weetbix 77:
Amazing game, rugby at it's best!!
Moo WWs
Moo WWs:
I'm a die hard Canes fan but believe me when I say no team will come close to the crusaders in the finals. This was just an off night for them they'll win the Grand Final 100%.
That's why they are called CHIEFS