Super Rugby 2019 Round Seven: Hurricanes vs Crusaders

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Published on Mar 29, 2019
The Hurricanes hosted the Crusaders on Friday night in a round seven showdown.


Mike Green
Mike Green:
Are we gonna wait 21 years again? Canes are like my old chainsaw, fires up every now and then
kherouaa amine
kherouaa amine:
Outstanding perf by the saders. Not a good game by BB and Laumape showed some def lacks and has been outclassed by Crotty
Lam got pooped a few times
TiaMarduk 777
TiaMarduk 777:
Havilis try was a perfect example of when and how the kick chase should be executed.
sudeshni singh
sudeshni singh:
Crusaders Is the best
Cameo cream
Cameo cream:
1st comment
Lone Wolf McQuade
Lone Wolf McQuade:
I wonder who will win this year's SR 🤔?
Vitafoli Hk
Vitafoli Hk:
WTF Hurricane? yourself [email protected]#% shouldn't play at all dammm really???😤light one HOME!!....
George Davies
George Davies:
Warratahs should consider themselves lucky they didn't play thus full strength side..
Another super school boy game. Predictable Nz teams : )