Super Rugby 2019 Round Three: Reds vs Crusaders

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Published on Mar 2, 2019
The Crusaders entered Saturday night's clash against the Reds looking for their 18th straight win.


Marcus Flynt
Marcus Flynt:
that reds number 10 kicked too much. catches the ball in his 10 meter line sees a bit of space got support(in the form of hard running naivalu) but opts to kick away posession smh
Wally CW
Wally CW:
Shot Crusaders! Doing the business!
Beast Ford
Beast Ford:
Mean game (didn’t even watch it)
Big Mike69
Big Mike69:
Tumeke fuameke
The worse refereeing effort I have seen at this level. The players are supposed to stay on their feet and the Crusaders spent all game sealing off play making the game a one sided game at best and a boring game at least. The referees are supposed to keep the players on their feet. Watch the game and see if the referee did the game any justice.
Glen Stamper
Glen Stamper:
The Crusaders 2nd try he rolled on his arm (ball didn't touch the ground). You could see he was on his back try still trying to get the ball down. Leading up to the 3rd Crusders try just before the Reds player gets sent off you can see the Crusader's player puts his foot over the line. Should of been a line outs to the Reds. Whether this would of saved the Reds I don't know but it would of been a much closer finish.
Mike W
Mike W:
That thumbnail. Looks like hes taking a fat line off his finger.
Akini Opelu
Akini Opelu:
Shot boys. Good day in office. Next home game. Have a blast. #Crusaders4Life
David Fifita
David Fifita:
Did he say fucking try 😂