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Published on Aug 13, 2019
At approximately 2 pm on Tuesday, a man attempted to mass-stab innocent people in Sydney’s CBD — sending at least one woman to the hospital with multiple stab wounds. Brave bystanders tackled the terrorist and pinned him down until police arrived. Footage of the man jumping on a vehicle and shouting “Allahu Akbar shoot me” is uploaded online. However, police were quick to proclaim they had “not yet established a motive.” Not sure what other evidence they need to make that connection. Meanwhile, Islamic “leaders” immediately condemned journalists who dared report the facts. At approximately 3.15 pm, police find another woman’s body close to the site of the terror attack. The victim died after a “frenzied knife attack”. Police confirming both “incidents are related”. The man police have in custody is Mert Nay, a Turkish name. But we know the drill; Over the coming hours, days and weeks, the state will work extremely hard to convince us that this was “lone wolf attack” by a man with “mental illness or drug problems”. They won’t be able to confirm much, aside from it having absolutely nothing to do with Islam. Fullstory at: -------- As we all know, censorship is out of control. Thousands of conservative voices have already been shut down across all the major social media platforms, including even myself from Facebook. So before it's too late, BEFORE they ban me here as well and stop YOU from being able to view my content for good. Make sure connect with me on EVERY other platform. Not just, Twitter: Youtube: and Instagram: Because let's be real, I'll be BANISHED from them all soon enough. I mean ALSO join and subscribe to my channels on, Telegram: Mewe: Gab: Bitchute: Parler: 3Speak: And if you support the work, we do here at TR.NEWS, please consider supporting us financially. We are a small but devoted news team without any of the significant funding the mainstream media enjoy to push their globalist Fake News. We rely solely on your generosity. And every cent counts. Please go to https://TR.NEWS/Support to ensure we can continue to bring you the truth. And from the entire team here at TR.NEWS, thank you so much.


Avi Yemini
Avi Yemini:
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Sara Wilcker
Sara Wilcker:
This is the first I'm hearing of this. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. I bet there were hundreds of terrorist attacks that were hidden from the public. You wouldn't believe how many terrorist attacks have been going on in England that I bet nobody around the world knows of.
Surprised the man with the crowbar hasn't been arrested for causing him anxiety
Winston Smith
Winston Smith:
*lsIam was the MOTIVE for his crime.*
I'd say that's important.
charlie Oscar
charlie Oscar:
Well done to the Australian and British men that restrained that peice of filth! Toxic masculinity at its finest! 👍
Mac Clift
Mac Clift:
When will we learn NOT to roll out the red carpet for non homogeneous cultures to flock into our vulnerable countries, set up camp, have huge numbers of offspring who are often nourished at the welfare trough, and who are seemingly indoctrinated from birth with hate towards their host country, and see their host country and its citizens *only* as an "enemy" waiting to be conquered!
Those who worship a vengeful, bloodthirsty God, do so because they are a vengeful, bloodthirsty people: they have created their God in their OWN image!
ViPER Wars
ViPER Wars:
Man stabbing ppl, shouting Allahu Akbar
The Moe's lamb call to prayer
But Islam had nothing to do with it
It's the root of the problem
Jerry Tommy McCanuck
Jerry Tommy McCanuck:
Brave aussie patriots showing restraint.. id have fkn stomped his face into the pavement .
Billy Hawkins
Billy Hawkins:
This is how, they keep Muslim related attacks down. Blame it on drugs, or mental issues.
If the "authorities" dont start actually doing something - vigilantes will.
Paul Starmer
Paul Starmer:
Passers by once again do a good job, should have all jumped on that crate and snapped his neck.
Sad to say, but the West needs to brace itself for a lot more of this $hit, if they don't face what Islam "has to offer" ... Wake up world!
Mac Clift
Mac Clift:
He's screaming "shoot me!" yet he's running away from the man with the chair!
Mark W
Mark W:
Didn't see this on the news!
Cant be a drug problem, that's against their religion.
J Lo
J Lo:
I love my people, I love my country! Nice work boys, best milk crate choke out ever 😁
Early Nine News coverage (immediately after the event) mentioned the offender was shouting "Terrorist Slogans" this was later dilluted to "Religious Chants" by the next report only to be further diluted to reports heavily inferring "Mental Illness"

Thanks for your coverage 👍
Thanks to all people who caught this man and stopped him .
CAV 2300
CAV 2300:
Just read it in Scandinavian news, no mention of allah akbar. Thats why i come here to see the truth.
Ange Rainbow
Ange Rainbow:
Lone wolf, mental health issues and nothing to do with Islam will be the claim. It is every time we have a terror attack.
DEploribus Unum
DEploribus Unum:
God bless the hero patriots! That's the way it's done!
Rene simonis
Rene simonis:
Im sure jacinda will offer this lovely young man citizenship in New Zealand. Her kindness will cure him.
david c
david c:
Did the guys get arrested for attacking a man of peace with a milk crate?
John Wick
John Wick:
In Birmingham uk the weekend a cop was ran over by his own patrol car and had chemicals thrown on him..
pick me !
pick me !:
Only hearing this now how come !
This is crazy how much evidence do you need people!
silver wings
silver wings:
Already the media are calling him a White Supremacist. This is a sick joke.
Sophia G.
Sophia G.:
Nobody in Germany has talked about it.. Thanks for keeping us informed, Avi
Celebrity Tributes
Celebrity Tributes:
Already had one person tell me I'm just hearing what I want to hear LOL

The person told me all the videos he has seen he hasn't heard anything that sounds anything like allahu akbar, we have people so hell bent on denying we have a problem it's laughable
Paul Martus
Paul Martus:
Sickening .
And they keep arriving in our countries on mass .
Join the dots the future of our culture and society is under attack Jihad .
People need to get rid of the corrupt governments and elites who want to see the demise of our countries now.
I've watched several lengthy vid from Aussie TV stations and not a ONE, has mentioned this PoS even said alla akbar!
The ABC will host him on Q&A and all the lefties in the audience will applaud everything he says.
Cult of PedoMo must be eradicated from Western civilization..
Wayne Peters
Wayne Peters:
Those responsible in high places, those in positions of power that piss in our pockets, those destroying the fabric of society, and those who are destroying their own children's future have to be some of the dumbest, most selfish, self centered cockroaches' period!! We the citizens of all great nations will be the ones who fight this war to protect all that is sacred. Be better to each other, look out for your neighbors, and keep family close :)
Forever' we the journalists & conspiracy theorists will be feared. Just know that we too are in transition, we have no choice but to form armies and March out our soldiers of truth!! They cant censor us all!! Be vigilant, be free!! ;)
Get in Lane 54
Get in Lane 54:
We know the truth.. no government can hide it
Even the German media cut out the audio "allah akbar" ...and claim a knife attack without a motiv!!! a shame!!!!!!!
So glad they caught him, now we can watch the fake news on tv. Thanks for showing the truth Avi, keep up the good work.
coho slayer
coho slayer:
Trudeau’s writing him a Cheque as we speak.
Viral Valley
Viral Valley:
Well done to the heroes that stopped him, they should have gutted him like a fish.
Marina Kelly
Marina Kelly:
A most heartfelt thank you to those brave men.
NSW commissioner stammering on 7 News, sounds a bit dazed. Whether to say the truth or follow the protocol!!
MILK CRATE BUY BACK!.. That could have killed that peaceful moooslim guy.
Salford Lad
Salford Lad:
That bloke should have jumped on that crate and crushed his windpipe. People have gotta stop phoning the police and sort these goat herders out western street style.
Steven Vaughan
Steven Vaughan:
Well done those passers by, potentially stopping any further bloodshed
Ian fidel
Ian fidel:
Unfortunately the heroes of this story will no doubt end up on a rightwing terror watch list!
riley jack
riley jack:
Why did those fireys stop the upstanding young citizen from stomping him to death? That's the only real question here
false profit
false profit:
Angela Merkel wants him, citizenship papers are in the mail.
Dorian Shades of gray
Dorian Shades of gray:
Thank God for toxic masculinity for stopping this guy
Ryan Carnell
Ryan Carnell:
Mainstream media in U.K. haven’t said a thing.
Freedom From Stuttering
Freedom From Stuttering:
I heard what he said. Everyone with ears heard what he said. What a sad day for Australia 🇦🇺 I big warm send out to the Patriot citizens that reduced this carnage by risking their own lives for others.
Bravery Awards please for these brave people.
Time to step up PM.
Show the people how proud we are of them and condemn the truth surrounding this extremists, all we ask for is the truth don’t cave to the left, call it out please ASAP.
Carl Harrison
Carl Harrison:
Thoughts are with our Australian Brothers and Sisters. Love from the UK
Roger Th' Pirate
Roger Th' Pirate:
I hope that Prick get the full force of the law and lock him up and throw away the key and thank you Avi for giving us the Truth mate