Teen activist Greta Thunberg on plans for strike against climate change

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
Students around the world are planning to skip class Friday to protest for action against climate change. Student activist Greta Thunberg joined CBSN to speak about how her activism has inspired others, and her recent Nobel Peace Prize nomination.


Lucen :3
Lucen :3:
I just got home from one of the Demos it was again fun (like the last ones)! It's so amazing, I'm happy she started this project, this is a really important thing that we can fight for and it's good to see others thinking so as well!
Dooms Day
Dooms Day:
Much better decision than killing innocent people at churches/mosques
Gordon Adams
Gordon Adams:
They can't vote but doing the one thing they can do.
Andreas Kalpakides
Andreas Kalpakides:
Megs X
Megs X:
I skipped school to do this !!! Not because I wanted to skip school but because I want to take action
Vince Nocs
Vince Nocs:
Do you know I. RENTZHOG and K. PERSONN ? I'm sure
Le Zebedaios
Le Zebedaios:
Protest in places where it matters, like in any 2nd World Country.
Cool! does Greta have a you tube channel. i cant find.
George Savage
George Savage:
I went on the 15th and it was incredibly empowering
Kugelspecht Einhorn
Kugelspecht Einhorn:
Politicians: *Oh no, kids are skipping school.*
Her nomination is helped by the fact the Nobel Prize Committee is located in Scandinavia and that this young girl is Swedish.
I litteraly almost skipped school due to this.
V. Lee Walker
V. Lee Walker:
These kids are doing great! Keep up the good work! Bravo, Greta!
Patrick Hughes
Patrick Hughes:
After the speech, they all got into their cars and buses and killed the climate 🤣
Knowledge Is Key
Knowledge Is Key:
I just saw that shooting in new zealand on the news, realizing how fkd the world was, now I see this and for some reason I feel a little hope for my generation.
Delete System 32
Delete System 32:
hey every leftist in the entire World, nice tactic to use Children as a political shield…
Jag är från sverige
Blue Cat
Blue Cat:
You are deserved ! My crush 😍🥰
I agree
I agree:
Meanwhile a 16 yr old boy from Holland wanted to clean the ocean from plastic waste so he WENT TO SCHOOL and studied engineering and went on to invent the world's first ocean plastic cleanup system. He is actually saving our environment instead of just talking about it.
la luz la luz
la luz la luz:
el .que iso. la página. es Obama. la 2006 lo testifico con el poder de mi. padre celestial
D Adams
D Adams:
Students should educate themselves on nuclear energy and Fukushima. THAT'S where the fight should be!
Edmund Singleton
Edmund Singleton:
”In the year 2078, I will celebrate my 75th birthday. If I have children or grandchildren, maybe they will spend that day with me. Maybe they will ask me about you, the people who were around back in 2018. Maybe they will ask why you didn’t do anything while there still was time to act. What we do or don’t do right now, will affect my entire life and the lives of my children and grandchildren. What we do or don’t do right now, me and my generation can’t undo in the future”.
I have a small dick but
I have a small dick but:
I wonder if they would also demonstrate on a Sunday? hmmmmmmmm
Please also refer to the channel Sentiers perdus to understand the lack of political action against Climate Change.
I want to challenge this nomination within a narrative of "exposure and accomplishment", hear me out:
- Let's say Greta recieves the Nobel Prize. Will the exposure climate change gets from it affect political leaders? Those that deny it, will they change their mind? No, I don't think so.
 - And if she gets the prize, will she be presented differently? As if she has accomplished something and doesn't need to do more? Yes, I think so.
 - Can a Nobel peace prize communicate something like this to the outside world: "I have fought for something, and now my work is done BECAUSE it was acknowledged?" Yes, I think so.
 - Can a Nobel Prize be used to discredit someone in the eyes of the public? To make the recipient's issue seem like it's solved? Yes, I think so.
Kreepy Pasta
Kreepy Pasta:
So what's next, tax the climate change?
Hannibal Ali
Hannibal Ali:
132 life haters and the number is growing to an END!
Fighting climate change? and how much would you have to pay the UN to keep it 70 degrees and 55 percent humidity at all times? Climate change, bigfoot, Russian collusion, UFOs....do you see a pattern?
B B:
Zcm Ace
Zcm Ace:
1048 1048
1048 1048:
This is how many people support the climate strike👇
deadlypineapple satsumas
deadlypineapple satsumas:
This is so gay
Greta is talking, and as she speaks the largest AirPort in the world is about to open in China with 100 million travellers a year.. I
Filip Andersson
Filip Andersson:
She’s a joke
Hu Huikero
Hu Huikero:
James Lee
James Lee:
If you're fighting climate change, you need to change yourself first. Give up your plastic winter jacket, and everything you have that's synthetic
dmmadde x
dmmadde x:
It's a hoax, women are easily duped.
John Smith
John Smith:
CBS and other networks have not covered the yellow vest protest since just after they began!
Yet they bring us this bit of news from across the pond.
Figure it out which story is ant-globalist yet?
See any bias here?
Nesrin Isli
Nesrin Isli:
instead of just walking around screaming and shouting how about becoming active???
Kellie Hickman
Kellie Hickman:
It's all fun and jokes until your kid has to use an inhaler, or you can't go to the beach because it looks like a dump, or the creek near you is full of dead fish. People don't realize that we only have one Earth, and we have to take care of it...it's not like we can move to another planet.
Mr Popeye
Mr Popeye:
the last man standing Wesley Gibson
the last man standing Wesley Gibson:
Uncle Nuts
Uncle Nuts:
Wonder how many trees died to make your protest signs
John Bush
John Bush:
We will be going into a deep freeze.
Ian Olson
Ian Olson:
I think we all know or felt we knew everything when we were teens, only to realize we knew nothing about how the real world functions and operates.
Where are the truancy officers when you need them?
Prisoner Zero
Prisoner Zero:
She's going to get awful hungry.
Jessica Sha
Jessica Sha:
Go Greta! Do not read all the negative comments below. They are the out of touch polluters 👎
child abuse
We need to like stop this... like it rained today... where are those things coming from that drop water on my head, like, I didn’t learn about that in my gender studies class... like this stuff is hard, you try doing it.