The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
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Donut Media
Donut Media:
So which of these cars are you thinking about picking up? I can't choose! Let me know.
Turbocharged cobalt with 110k miles mint body with no work needed for 5k
i love my G35! paid 5800 for the 6 speed with brambo's highly recommend
Saab 9-3 linear. 2.0t with a 5 speed. It's amazing
Got my 2010 Lincoln Mks EcoBoost for 8k with 98k miles.
Jeremy Curran
Jeremy Curran:
No GM/GC Imprezas! They are cheap more reliable and super fun to drive.
Trace Dickens
Trace Dickens:
I bought my first car for 3500 dollars a 97 mustang gt 5 speed with 99k miles on it
Jose Maria Ruiz
Jose Maria Ruiz:
1999-2008 Suzuki Grand Vitara V6 5 speed manual RWD under $5k
Stephen Harper
Stephen Harper:
Toyota Matrix XRS! 2ZZ-GE with VVTL-I!
Joshua Sawicki
Joshua Sawicki:
damn, 10k for an s2000. up here they're shooting up in value, examples going for 20-30k+
Sk8er Pepisman
Sk8er Pepisman:
I got a 99 legacy b4 (twin turbo) for $850nz ($600us), I'd like to see someone get a more fun car than that for cheaper. Car is fully legal and licensed btw.
T3a Ba6Gins
T3a Ba6Gins:
My first car was a 1993 Honda Civic DX hatch with 265,000 miles on it. Still ran like the day it was built. It's a shame I totalled it.
Audi S6 v10, Mazdaspeed protegé, C5 and c4 vette are all great :)
Kyle Laughinghouse
Kyle Laughinghouse:
I had 500hp 4.0 i6 yj and ford barra parts are swappable
jared packer
jared packer:
Civic, Mini Cooper, Wrangler, G35(coupe), and AMG would be my picks
Marshall Lowry
Marshall Lowry:
Public service announcement- Wheel Clubs only add about 15-20 seconds delay in theft time. - Save your money.
Spencer Norris
Spencer Norris:
LMAOOO if you think you're gonna find a decent TJ/YJ for under 7k you're high bro
06 Charger RT Hemi for 7.5 with 90k threw a exhaust on it she barks
Clint Wille
Clint Wille:
04-06 6speed GTOs are a great option. LS power, subtle design. They're a little heavy but a solid Australian built car. Built better than any Camaro or Firebird
I was lucky when I bought an 02 Bugeye WRX for $6k. Had 120k miles on it.
colin harder
colin harder:
Move to Canada and import a Subaru. I got a 2000 Legacy GT wagon for $5000 Canadian with less than 100000 km
Jerome Johnson, Jr
Jerome Johnson, Jr:
The head gasket on my 03 530i just cracked time to look for my second car
tv tissue
tv tissue:
2005 Toyota Sequoia let me tell you it is quality reliability and range of like 4-10 grand
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez:
Recently got me an '09 John Cooper Works with under 100k miles for dirt cheap and let me tell you, SHE RIPS!!!
Grease Monkey
Grease Monkey:
More Inspiration to keep saving up for that fun car. Thanks Donut!!
Xxx tentacion
Xxx tentacion:
Could you make this same type of video but with trucks/ suvs? Thanks!
Leon Hill
Leon Hill:
This list should include a 986 Boxster. Phenomenal sports car, can be found for under $10k.
oh c'mon CELICA TS (or GTS in the US)... Best choice for it's price
Pedro Delgado
Pedro Delgado:
I got my 2008 BMW m3 4 door for 8,500 off of Copart because the previous owner broke all the windows and mirror on an attempt to get the insurance claim 😂
Jacob Ramsey
Jacob Ramsey:
Fox Fox Fox Fox most fun you will have under 5k. Slap a 3:75 gear in the back and enjoy
Tim R
Tim R:
My friend got a running and driving crown Vic for 300 him and his twin each payed 150
LolSsj8 Let'sPlay
LolSsj8 Let'sPlay:
I got my Mitsubishi eclipse gtx for 1500$ with 100,000 miles
Irvine Garage
Irvine Garage:
Was about to say you forgot the Boxster until I watched the end
E30 BMW's Rwd, manual, light, super fun, got mine for $4700 and I love it!!
Jaden Boi
Jaden Boi:
You can get Chevy IROC-Z for pretty low.
Lu Pavo
Lu Pavo:
Ford Mustang GT with the 4.6, best bargain, RWD, lots of torque, lots of fun, easy to work on and very reasonable price range between 3k-6k.
Ae86 coupe can still be found for pretty cheap. Just picked one up for 4500 and i love it.
The Caffeinated Owl
The Caffeinated Owl:
TJs and YJs are a jeep lovers dream. But uhhh. Good luck finding one before its sold!
Kern O'Leary
Kern O'Leary:
got my z32 300zx for 3500 canadian with under 80,000 miles. sadly let it go but sold it for 6k. What a car that was...
Jeep XJ can be found in Denver for aorund 3-5K in good shape between 80 and 180 K millage
Daemyon Du Brey
Daemyon Du Brey:
Mazda Fc3s Rx7s can be found under 10k in pretty good condition.
Pablo  Sanchez
Pablo Sanchez:
You forgot about the 1998-2002 trans am/Camaro v8
Bought a 2010 wrx built by Yimisport for $5k. I don’t think the good deals get any better.
New edge mustang! You can get a really nice one with under 100k miles for 5k with a V8. Easy and cheap to mod and fix.
Mayb3 Ind3cisiv3
Mayb3 Ind3cisiv3:
Cobalt SS TC. $5-6k. Exhaust, intake, and tune has it knocking on the door of 300hp. I’ve shamed S2000s with the equivalent mods.
Swift Gaming
Swift Gaming:
2006-2009 Chevy Cobalt LT/LS/2LT. They are pretty baller for under $5k and the SS for over $6k
max thompson
max thompson:
S60r! 6 to 7 grand! 300 hp, turbo 5 cylinder!
elias harris-bommarito
elias harris-bommarito:
i wish i could find a jeep tj for less than like $7k😭😭 everything else is a total rust bucket
Eleo Gordunovsky
Eleo Gordunovsky:
You forgot Nissan Datsun. I bought a 280zx for 1000$
levi acree
levi acree:
you missed the 300zx z31 (z32's are trash)