The Biggest Lie About Climate Change

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
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Isaac Norwood
Isaac Norwood:
It's almost as if we allow companies to buy our politicians.
Oh. We do.
Siddhant Kamble
Siddhant Kamble:
The climate is changing ..

Why aren’t we.
Feynstein 100
Feynstein 100:
This is why we need to have a separation of state and business. The conflict of interest is simply too great.
Ignore My Name
Ignore My Name:
As a hardcore conservative, I can say that I agree with most of the political views correspondent to right-wing political perspectives; however, it is more than clear that climate change and global warming are true, existing phenomenons that we definitely shouldn't ignore or, even worse, deny...

I think _everyone_ should be concerned about this giant issue; not only young millenials, as this video seemingly tries to suggest (that's the only issue with the video)
Johannes Isokivelä
Johannes Isokivelä:
As a physicist, it's equally frustrating to know that the big oil companies have done everything to slander nuclear power, with political campaigns and funding for organizations like Greenpeace. If nuclear power would have continued to expand through the 80-ties until now we would be in a much better situation to deal with climate change.
Imagine, Exxon would have been way ahead of its time if it had published the paper and offered renewable energy.
There’s this Search Engine called Ecosia. About half of the money they make from advertising goes directly to planting trees (the rest is used for operating costs and marketing) They already planted 52 million trees is places where deserts are expanding!

Like this so people use it!
John Nash
John Nash:
Melody McDaniel
Melody McDaniel:
It pisses me off to no end to hear old, selfish people destroying the planet for future generations in the name of profit because they know they will already be gone when the world ends. I'm only 16 and it breaks my heart because I don't want to die with most of my life having been spent in school. It makes it hard to keeo going. I fully support all the kids around the world who skip school to protest climate change inaction, especially when there is no point in getting an education if the world is predicted to die before you can make any use of it.
Ruby Jay
Ruby Jay:
Please make a video on the effects of animal agriculture on the climate
Exxon: *Hires scientist*

Scientists: Will you listen to our research?

Exxon: "Well yes, but actually no"
The real climate change debate isn't if it exists but what we should do about it and how.
anyone else getting depressed and scared thinking about the future of this planet?
Olivia Edmundson
Olivia Edmundson:
I should NOT be watching these videos why?
















But does this stop me nooooooo of course it doesn’t
Failed Math Tests
Failed Math Tests:
My dad works for ExxonMobil and I always poke at him for this stuff
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer
DannyDaDuffyDucking Daffer:
Exxon: Hires scientist
Scientist: Warns Exxon
Exxon: 👉👂🤪👂👈 La la la can't hear you
The biggest lie about climate change is that it's killing the planet.
For the record, the planet is fine, it's been through worse.
It's all life that's used to the way things are who are getting screwed (including humans).
Tayler Olson
Tayler Olson:
Can you guys please make a video how agricultural farming impacts climate change and/or the rest of the environment?!?!
Marcus Herold
Marcus Herold:
ASAPScience: please cite sources on the screen when you make points, it will increase trust in your viewers and maybe convince more people of your accuracy in research.
The Earth's climate and other mechanisms will increasingly be a topic of interest in the years to come as crops fail, regions scortch, populations migrate, economies strain and governments wobble. Yet this challenge holds the great opportunity for humanity to finally unite, out of necessity now. Read the free e-book The Great Waves of Change to find out what is coming over the horizon and how YOU can prepare. The doubters' voices will grow faint as the Great Waves strike humanity ever.
Humans scare me. How can somebody live in good conscious knowing that they are lying to the public to gain more money and power
Viggo Richter
Viggo Richter:
-companie *hires scientists*
-scientists ”We have found a very important that can save the world”
-companie *ignoring scientists*
I protest that free debate has been prohibited.....remember Don't do evil!
The first paper linking CO2 emissions and climate change was published in 1896
Boshua Borman
Boshua Borman:
"Challenge the science" That makes less than zero sense
Exxon literally killed the planet for more money.
I have nothing to say
FN Fallout
FN Fallout:
Broke: World will end in 30 years because of Climate Change.
Broke: Climate Change is not real.
Woke: Climate Change will be defeated by Thanos.
The Awesome Ninja
The Awesome Ninja:
Exxon are literally acting like they’re run by a Bond villain:

“Oh, sea levels are rising? Just build the oil rigs to be higher”
“Oh, artic ice is melting? Oh well some more oil there”
Rula Abdulhadi
Rula Abdulhadi:
The background song!!!!!!

*3.14159 this is pi,.....*
My Mom said Y2K was real too.
Lady Opal Eye
Lady Opal Eye:
I am not surprised that an oil company covered up climate change... makes sense, but unfortunate.
What if more research was done into solar cells, if storing energy from them could be made much more efficient then they could potentially be a great solution right? I mean if solar panels were made affordable and there was an efficient way of storing the energy everybody could make there own power. I get it’s not as easy as just discovering a magical new way of storing energy for long periods of time but solar energy is probably the most personal sort of energy source you could have as I’m not sure everyone could have a wind turbine in there back garden!
Kaitlyn Polacek
Kaitlyn Polacek:
And 1/2 of Nebraska is in a blizzard and the other 1/2 is under water.... I now live on a "island" #Nebraskastrong
Quag Mire
Quag Mire:
Superficial tripe. H2O warms the earth. Not CO2. You need to get your ramblings right.
Amine Amine
Amine Amine:
I am republican and i belive in global warming
The TNTsheep
The TNTsheep:
The perfect way to make sure nothing significant is ever done about an issue is to politicise it.
One minor misinformation about climate change, it’s not really global warming. It’s more extreme weather. More heat than cold but the polar vortex still happened. Still mostly heat (and water because of heat) though
Alaska RS
Alaska RS:
Thank you so much for explaining this with solid evidence to back it up. Anyone who isn't concerned about climate change is shortsighted or kidding themselves.
This was never a debate. Its insane that the idea of climate denial is still a thing anywhere.
Him Bike
Him Bike:
Global Warming • Big Govt money grab
Aman Kundu
Aman Kundu:
1988 : We can do it !
2019 : Produces 70% electricity from fossil fuels.
Dooshbag claims "The burning of CO2 creates a greenhouse effect"
Casey Bullock
Casey Bullock:
Global cooling in the 1970's
Figgy G
Figgy G:
Global warming was discovered before 1900, not in the 1980's.
Carolus Nordmannos
Carolus Nordmannos:
Get your facts right dude....
Jesse Klaver for president!
Ella Caverhill
Ella Caverhill:
Thank you for this!! Currently studying this at university and ecologists really stress that it doesnt get enough attention. Education is the first step to mitigation, especially when there's damage control to be done🌍❤
ExxonMobile stands fifth in the list of companies contributing to global gas emissions. At No. 3 is Gazprom, which has already started oil drilling in the Arctic which will eventually damage the Arctic ecosystem.
They are also doing their part on turning public opinion against global warming.
About 5-8 years ago, most internet users had a consensus that global warming is real. The debate was actually on how it should be implemented. Now, we see attack on the legitimity of the global warming, often trying to disguise it as natural climate cycle.
This is really just history repeating itself.

Cause, *gasp*, this exact scenario happened with the Tobacco Industry!
I haven't been lied to!

Because I'm not American.