The Internet Plans To Storm Area 51 - BAD IDEA!

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
A bunch of Facebook users plan to invade Area 51 to find aliens, because if they go in a big group they can't catch them all. This IS A JOKE - but I fear that some may take it seriously. ---------- DO NOT STORM AREA 51! The internet plans to storm Area 51 in order to find aliens. This is a meme, but since over 500K people on Facebook have signed up for it, there is bound to be some who believes this Area 51 raid is real - IT ISN'T! FRESH MERCH ▶ LINKS Instagram: Twitter: Snapchat: Facebook: Discord Server: Storm Area 51, They Can't Stop All of Us: More: Previous Video: YouTube Growth Tool: (Affiliate) #Area51 #memes #UFO #rabblerabblerabble #Timeworks © 2019 Timeworks Studios TW-367 Thanks for watching! :) Don't Unsubscribe & Fly On ~ 7799


My Mum Wishes I Was Never Born Because I Capitalize Every Word In A Sentace
My Mum Wishes I Was Never Born Because I Capitalize Every Word In A Sentace:
I’m actually going to go
Močnik Royale
Močnik Royale:
It would be extremely selfish to think that we are the only intelligent species in a so extremely vaste universe.
Funny Eevee
Funny Eevee:
I actually want this to happen.
Imagine 50 years from now kids being tought about this "event"
Wolf Hybrid
Wolf Hybrid:
Oh you mean the area 51 massacre
One more
One more:
This is gonna be a big Facebook story this year
It's a joke. It was literally posted by a shitposting community.
Alexander BMGO
Alexander BMGO:
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youtube keep drunking
Watch the news of this end up in YouTube Rewind 2019
Maher Siddique
Maher Siddique:
Bruh im boutta go to america just to storm this place
alien 173
alien 173:
This is going to be the biggest genocide in mankind's history
allenthemlgpro 034
allenthemlgpro 034:
Wear some level 3 grade armour before going cuz they will obviously shoot at any trespassers
Mr Moon
Mr Moon:
Area 51 will be stormed but they will find nuffing, all the spacecraft and materials have been moved
Jacob Martinez
Jacob Martinez:
I can’t wait for the news to say that facebook idiots stormed Area 51 and that they died
Its natural selection
Brittany Rae
Brittany Rae:
250k to 470k people are attempting that lol. Those people have a death wish in land mines
Cannabis & Conspiracies
Cannabis & Conspiracies:
They can control that entire crowd with frequency weapons.
Hehe... the human race is so screwed...
Demzy TV
Demzy TV:
If this actually happens then that place will probably be haunted 🤷‍♂️

Edit: Why? You may ask, because all the people that are going to die
No shit it’s a bad idea
Alliens defenately exist and its very likely that there also many of them on the Milky Way not to speak about the billions of other galaxies....
Blazing Skyez
Blazing Skyez:
Everybody gangsta til the trespassers hear "ENEMY AC-130 ABOVE!" and "TACTICAL NUKE INCOMING!"
Game Detective
Game Detective:
If all 300 million citizens of us comes they Cant kill us all!
LukePlayz- Roblox
LukePlayz- Roblox:
What is your background music?
Marshmallow Rainbow
Marshmallow Rainbow:
I’m curious too, but I’d rather watch them rush area 51 from my phone screen then actually being there myself.
You’ll be okay if you now how to build like ninja...I mean you can easy survive there... especially cause the zone is already small (400k + tfue) ez win
Lmao my birthday is 20 September the day this happenin
bruh its gonna be like fallout 3's escort mission with liberty prime theyre gonna get turned into dust
Rubens D.
Rubens D.:
PLS Raid Area51 but you have to Livestream it
Jin Is My Bias
Jin Is My Bias:
I was confused about what was going on and didn't manage to find much videos explaining it in full, short detail. Until I found this, and I'm very thankful you managed to explain the whole situation in under 3minutes.
after he said "wrong" when saying "they can't stop all of us right?" that was an instant dislike......
Underestimating my naruto running skills
King Moon
King Moon:
If this many people tresspassed they would Just enter on Lockdown and wait until they either give up or until they'd summon a military unit to kick them out.
Bărbulescu Andrei
Bărbulescu Andrei:
I dont think that there are aliens at area51
If they are,and the raid is succesfull,good job!We found the truth!
If they arent there...thats it ..we will finally find out the truth
omg I want to meet some hippy alien
The will storm and reach the entrance of the building.. But they can't get in because they don't know the password code lol.
Michael Lomner
Michael Lomner:
I'm very skeptical about aliens
Ben W
Ben W:
I legitimately hope this happens just to see how insane it gets if people go
Rustic grizzly
Rustic grizzly:
Lol all they need is a drone
Its Natural Selection
May the strongest survive.
See ya there
They're already oofed.
But Naruto run makes you faster that's true
Fam that is a military base, the people will be met with true resistance.
halosniperking Serrato
halosniperking Serrato:
A 10 warthog song playlist let the bodies hit the floor -drowing pool
Amy Walker
Amy Walker:
Okay guys we need thousands of hackers, thousands of athletes and strong people. If we have 500k or more and we follow that stuff we might make it
its a person
its a person:
let's get Naruto running Boys
why try to start a invasion where the government protects us
Münzlp #SaveYourInternet
Münzlp #SaveYourInternet:
Ni🅱️🅱️a, just don't
Grim reaper11736
Grim reaper11736:
Woah!!! 45 minutes ago I thought about watching step brothers. Then I went to Instagram and saw memes about the Area 51 raid then went to youtube to learn more about this event and clicked on you're video and notice you're wearing a "Step Brothers" t-shirt......
Amy Walker
Amy Walker:
We also need to steal a tank from the base and maybe hijack one of the patrolling trucks so we can go faster
2 people out of 250,000 nah there's gonna be a crowd
Cedar_Point 7142
Cedar_Point 7142:
Dress up as a guard lol