The Jeremy Kyle Show AXED by ITV

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Published on May 15, 2019
ITV has AXED The Jeremy Kyle Show for good today after a guest died from an overdose. Steve Dymond, 63, was found dead 10 days after failing a love rat lie detector test on the popular daytime chat show. The show was pulled off air on Monday as broadcast bosses worked frantically to come up with a final decision on its future… Continue reading: Jeremy Kyle fears ITV bosses ‘are trying to stitch him up’ to axe his show after guest’s death: Jeremy Kyle Show fans furious as show is axed after tragic death of Steven Dymond… but some back ITV’s decision: Jeremy Kyle Show pulled off air today and suspended indefinitely after guest died shortly after filming: From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world. Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know Read The Sun: Like The Sun on Facebook: Follow The Sun on Twitter: Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat:


The Sun
The Sun:
Did ITV make the right decision?
Muk Bang
Muk Bang:
What about love Island? Shouldn’t that show be axed too?? 🤔
Then ITV should cancel *Love Island* as well....!!!!
Ollie Heads
Ollie Heads:
2 people died after love island... people can’t wait for it to come back

1 person dies after the Jeremy Kyle show.... cancelled forever

Makes sense....
Love Island should be axed too
What about love Island ????
Shona Jones
Shona Jones:
Get rid of love island then ITV, what u playing at?!
Robert Knott
Robert Knott:
Axe all these exploitative programs that play on peoples emotions.
They are in no way entertaining.
So... one guest dies after over 14 years of the show's run, but Love Island has 2 deaths, probably more and yet still thrives and people are still loving it? Okay
Mortuary Artist
Mortuary Artist:
Should have been stopped long ago. Poor man. If lie detectors were invincible the law courts would use them.
Badboy 4life
Badboy 4life:
The only vile and disgusting person ever to step onto that stage was Jeremy Kyle!!!! How he's never been done for the amount of abuse he's given these poor guests who have thought so little of themselves that they have signed up to airing their dirty washing for all the world to see, Well... It's beyond me!!! This was always going to happen, the only question was WHEN!!! He's gotten away with it for far too long!! Also, ITV (as Kyle's employer) are implicit in this and should also shoulder a lot of the blame for having allowed Kyle such a free reign!!! YOU CAN'T TELL ME THEY COULDN'T SEE WHAT WAS GOING ON!!!!
Daniel Bostock
Daniel Bostock:
Calm down, we're all grown ups. The show is voluntary, people have to be responsible for their own actions.
Reality TV = Brain Rot. It's anything BUT reality. Watching this stuff day in and day out will lead to you ending up on the show yourself. It was a high octane class warfare smackdown on the least well off in society. I'm surprised something like this didn't happen sooner. Who in their right mind wants to go on a show like this to humiliate themselves? It's good that it's gone.
Two people died after Love Island but that's acceptable to keep the show going.
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor:
Why people feel the need to go on a national TV show to discuss their personal problems is beyond me & I think it's a sign of the times how some people seem to get pleasure watching others being so hurt & damaged. I'm glad ITV have cancelled this cheap TV 'Show' & hopefully they will do the same with that other rubbish 'Love Island'
Jack Brown
Jack Brown:
Calm down, it’s just a reality show.
Paul Marsh
Paul Marsh:
Now there’s a thing theres another day time show that should be cancelled The DWP UNIVERSAL CREDIT SHOW 150 THOUSAND CONTESTANTS MURDED?
Steven Jones
Steven Jones:
I think its totally wrong I understand the man died and it's sad but axing the show and never bringing it back ain't gonna change a thing is it itv have lost me as a viewer and I think the decision needs to be revised and reconsidered as it totally wrong choice hate ITV
Multi GamerG
Multi GamerG:
I’m the luckiest person alive.
I’ve got over 100 episodes recorded!
619 WWE FAN:
This is my honest opinion. Just to specify, I’m not happy that someone died after being on a show like Jeremy Kyle.
I don’t like seeing death even in the worst of humans. I’m very sad about this death, no matter what kind of personality he may have had.

But kyles show isn’t just 1 show, you see plenty of shows similar to his across the uk and especially the United States.

I think the only difference between Kyle and let’s say Springer and Maury, Kyle was stricter and spoke the language his guests used. Whereas Maury and Springer always stayed calm and positive, and let their guests do majority of the talking.

So if people wanna judge the Kyle show? Fair enough you can have your opinion. But I don’t think it’s fair to not just other shows that are pretty much the same as his.

Sure Kyle May have been very loud at times, I’m not denying that. But if you see properly just how awful and evil a lot of the people are on his show? It’s not that unjustified. People with relationship abuse needed help, they wanted the uk public and the law authorities to know they want a toxic person out of their life, but they won’t leave them alone. What platform can people do this now?

I’m not saying the Kyle show was perfect, it still needed some adjustments. But it’s impossible to ignore how much it taught the guests and general public, about the dangers of toxic relationships. It did help me learn whom to avoid and when to say no to someone.
Jenny Pearson
Jenny Pearson:
Bring Jeremy Kyle show back
Ricardo does guides and vlogs
Ricardo does guides and vlogs:
Bad decision to axe the show. Jeremy has had 14 years of giving people a better life and to have it taken away is outrageous. Not impressed. There were people out there who were dying, suffering and killing themselves with drugs/alcohol and all this man was trying to do was to get them back on their feet. I believe that a huge mistake was made in stopping the show.
Love Island should be axed then since 2 people died after it happened
why doesn't viagara work on Jeremy Kyle ?

Because he can only get hard with big Steve behind him.

The bony old hair piece has had it.
Clark Graham
Clark Graham:
Many more people have died because of Universal Credit yet the Government will not pull it.
So no. They should not have pulled the show because just one person has died.
This is what I don't like about this country anymore - too many double standards and too much hypocrisy
Whats good for 1 show (being axed) should be good for any others (love island) they shouldn't be allowed to pick and wonder I dont pay my tv license to watch live tv..dictators trying to determine what we, the public watch and take money from us to do so...dont think so !!
Genre Online
Genre Online:
Jerry Springer meets Mortan Downey on steroids. Looks like a character from V For Vendetta.
i used to binge watch him all the time :(
millionseller jeff
millionseller jeff:
Why not just sort it at home.if it had been would it have ended like this?
Stephen tries To be funny
Stephen tries To be funny:
Can’t wait for Jeremy Kyle America season 2
Gaynor Jenkin
Gaynor Jenkin:
That’s true two
People love island what’s the bloody difference
Robert c nesbitt
Robert c nesbitt:
will our ministers and mps please ban universal credit so swiftly given the suicides thats caused . I wont hold ma breath
Debbie Jeffrey
Debbie Jeffrey:
You always hear the negative, sad as this is, but what about all the people the JK show has helped over the last 14 years

However I do personally think Jeremy Kyle does talk to some people like rubbish, putting it politely!!
And actually I’m glad it’s been scrapped at last
What with most of the population suffering from mental health issues
I would think being spoken to like that would possibly push any venerable person over the edge
It’s entertainment I guess but in the form of bullying Don’t get me wrong some deserve it, but then again maybe that’s what went wrong this time He didn’t actually cheat 🤷🏼‍♀️
Smee Metcalf
Smee Metcalf:
axe it is right, hated the program from the start always turned over soon as it started.
Random Account
Random Account:
These people chose to be on that show! Nearly EVERY tv show is SHADY, it's common sense to know that before going on these shows. It's sad what's happened but I disagree that the jk show should be banned. I actually don't much care for Jeremy Kyle but I hope he's ok.
Random Account
Random Account:
So what are we supposed to watch now?
Tipping point?
Or is that 'emotionally exploiting' guests too?....:/
J Costa
J Costa:
How could any reputable tv network ever allow such depravities on air?
gay freakin frog
gay freakin frog:
loved watching this show before work, sad just because some loser tossed himself they throw it all out :/
Power Ranger
Power Ranger:
Itv should be ashamed of themselves how the hell does Jeremy Kyle and his team get it in the neck through something they never did, the poor man took his life and that's absolutely terrible and sad but I'm 350,000% that Jeremy and his team wouldn't of expected the poor chap to do that - I do feel sorry for both sides Jeremy Kyle and the poor chap that died that's terrible 😥
Jack Blake
Jack Blake:
Well how will we ever know who the father of the baby is? The uncle or the cousin 🤷‍♂️
millionseller jeff
millionseller jeff:
The first 4 seconds of this video could describe kyle himself.
Karmen Herrera
Karmen Herrera:
Only after a suicide does itv decide to pull the plug on this nasty and poisonous programme
Finally it’s about time the show got written off
Eilis Smith
Eilis Smith:
Axe it, it should have been done before now.
david banner banner
david banner banner:
I stand by Kyle 😁
This show was funny to watch :(
Yuno Gasai x
Yuno Gasai x:
Rip Jeremy Kyle Show 2005~2019
Wk Alapaha
Wk Alapaha:
Archie Prince
Archie Prince:
Making a petition bare with
Lisa Scarrott
Lisa Scarrott:
It should have gone been axed many years ago it just really made people turn out to be liars and cheaters not all lie detector tests are 100% accurate they been many flaws with them. It was cirus like tv lots of bullying shouting swearing etc how could anyone watch this drivel is beyond me my mum used to watch it and i used to complain to her when she watched the show.