The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
This isn’t just a computer bug. It’s a scandal. Join the Video Lab! Two Boeing airplanes have fallen out of the air and crashed in the past six months. On the surface, this is a technical failure. But the real story is about a company's desire to beat their rival. Read about Boeing's efforts to get the 737 Max reinstated for flight here: is a news website that helps you cut through the noise and understand what's really driving the events in the headlines. Check out Watch our full video catalog: Follow Vox on Facebook: Or Twitter:


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Alexander Padilla
Alexander Padilla:
"Many pilots only got a two hour I-pad course before entering the cockpit for the first time" (3:42)

This is what happens when you care more about profits than people.
Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy
Captain Jack Aubrey of the Royal Navy:
Being in a crashing plane seems like one of the most terrifying things that could possibly happen. I feel so sorry for those people.
Stewie Griffin
Stewie Griffin:
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler"
Daylon Brady
Daylon Brady:
Much like the O ring disaster in the booster rockets of the space shuttle program. I do not blame the engineers but blame does squarely fall within management. Much like NASA management of the 1980s for the management of Boeing is more concerned about meeting deadlines and sales rather than the number one concern should be safety.
Unfortunately it costs lives in order for someone to take these issues seriously....
Pax Webb
Pax Webb:
It's time to start sending multinational executives to jail. People need to be responsible for their decisions and the consequences of those decisions
John Mehaffey
John Mehaffey:
Whoever signed this aircraft off along with Boeing should be prosecuted for failing to insure the safety of passengers and be convicted perhaps then we will get safety before profit
Zhaffira Cania
Zhaffira Cania:
My friend's father was one of the victim of Lion Air Flight 610. It was so sad to hear that his father's body hasn't been recovered even after the search was suspended and it was more heart breaking when he said to me that he and his family 'remained hopeful that he'll eventually be found'.
Marty Adikara
Marty Adikara:
I'm an Indonesian and I would like to thank Vox for bringing this subject to light. We are still mourning for the lost of lives that the Boeing 737 had taken from us.
Finally, a short and clear explanation. Nicely explained. Thank you.
"This is an airplane engine"

Well, it _was_
Malte DI1
Malte DI1:
This is another example for coporate greed risking and costing the lives of many people!
This Is The Future
This Is The Future:
Love how this has come up on my recommended, when I’m at the airport 🙏🏼
Considering I flew on this exact same plane before, I feel extremely lucky
Elffirr Design
Elffirr Design:
The Ethiopian Air pilots came close and had the aircraft under control ...somewhat. They missed that they were way over speed and could not manually trim the aircraft against the force on the elevator. They shut off the power to the trim drive which shut off the MACAS . They turned the power back on when they could not move the screw drive manually. This worked briefly before MACAS and it's faulty trim data nose dived an over speed (VMAX at this point) aircraft into an unrecoverable dive full trim down.
Boeing climbed out on a limb on this one and it broke!
Cenia Candra
Cenia Candra:
My friend on that jakarta plane , my heart hurt when watching this
Utterly terrifying. Pilots should always have ultimate control. In the old days it was wires from cockpit to flaps so pilots could 'feel' the plane. This is T2 Skynet. Very sad.
Very informative! If there were complaints in their attention of planes nose diving BEFORE the crash, they can be sued for negligence.
What you did NOT show is that the trim disadjusted by the MCAS interventions together with the increased speed when the nose points downwards makes it essentially IMPOSSIBLE for the pilots to revert the trim to normal even if they might have been able to disengage MCAS after it has intervened 2 or more times: The forces on the trim wheel and on the elevator handle become so high that no pilot could be strong enought to manually operate them anymore. The only "trick" might be to bring the plane into an even steeper descent which might allow the trim to be manually reversed. But you would need a lot of altitude for that, and it is totally counter-intuitive. Also just try to imagine what would go on in the cabin.

Automated flight controls must be done right and not be able to bring the aircraft into a situation in which manual flight controls become inoperable. It shows that Airbus is as many decades ahead as they have experience with their flight augmentation system. They use more redundancy and if their system malfunctions due to multiple erroneous sensor data, control is handed over to the pilots who can then continue flying with the sidesticks, without any excessive forces. That's the difference between a clean sheet design and a franken-plane.
Michele Pardini
Michele Pardini:
american bullying corporate at its finest, all driven by greed.
Me and my girlfriend lost our friend in that Lion Air flight. It upsets me that it happened because of such an avoidable error.
ganz lustig
ganz lustig:
Vaibhav Thamman
Vaibhav Thamman:
Damn "Flying Beast" youtuber actually explained and revealed this issue a month back.
Pavel Cristian
Pavel Cristian:
This is greed at it's highest level.
Sad that peaople have to pay it with their lives.
The most comprehensive video I’ve seen on the issue so far, great work
This is going to happen again in another couple years and so on. It's a vicious cycle because they'll just say they fixed it and increase training again and again. They care only about the profit.
Jim Mooney
Jim Mooney:
About time the truth came out - I'm sick of hearing about "software" IT"S NOT SOFTWARE. Making a plane that can't fly level is like making a car that can't drive straight. Junk the damn things.
Samiullah k
Samiullah k:
Jet airways first casualty due to grounded 737s,
ZomBie guy MansTer
ZomBie guy MansTer:
All those people died cause of the corporations and their rivalries 🤐🤐 wow rip hope they go to god and complain
fredrick oduor
fredrick oduor:
I like how you present this article with diagrams and side comparisons.
Its by far the best article on the 737 Max 8 crisis.
Irfan Prabowo
Irfan Prabowo:
My wife's bestfriend was on that plane (Lion Air). We don't need new software and training, we need justice.
FAA doesnt care as long as Boeing is keeping their pockets full. thats all matters. FAA regulates according to Boeing. period.
Alex AM
Alex AM:
They want to sell it as a software problem, when it actually is a major design problem, and the company mindset who let this happen. Trying to fix MCAS is not solving the main issue: why MCAS was necessary in the first place: designing problem, and no one in the company stopped it.
i o
i o:
Now I will avoid flying with any Boeing and just cancel my flights! 300 lives matter, just for them to say they'll just do a software update! NONSENSE!
Declan Zapala
Declan Zapala:
Actually felt physically sick when the infographic got to 4:42... those poor souls...
Basically Boeing screwed up.
Jacq low
Jacq low:
600 lives lost because they did not ground earlier.... these ppl ought to go to jail
Kris Renzo
Kris Renzo:
So bassically, they created an avoidable problem and tried to solve it, risking lives for capital... That's just sad
My flight from Austin to Los Angeles was canceled because of this. I rather pay extra to fly with a different plane model.
Eduard A
Eduard A:
It's sad to see that a large company like Boeing would carelessly rush out their 737 MAX to compete with Airbus, while ignoring the safety of their passengers and pilots.
toke no.
toke no.:
also good job Boeing, you screwed yourselves
Nice explanation, thanks for taking time to put this together!!!
Airbus for the win! God bless all the families who lost a beloved one! ❤
Continuous Learner
Continuous Learner:
Actually informative, I'm surprised
Ethan Tremblay
Ethan Tremblay:
@4:10 that infographic was brutal. Whoever did that visualization, really managed to tell the story.
Luis Filipe
Luis Filipe:
best channel on youtube.. by far.. another brilliant magazine..
Bob Kmak
Bob Kmak:
Watching this on an a320
Standard-bearers of Capitalism: 'humans are expendable, money is not'