The Truth About The Area 51 Raid

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Published on Jul 14, 2019
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Send me your favorite area 51 raid meme to my tweeter, thankls!!!! -
I'm worried people will take it seriously and there will be a massive massacre seriously...
What if this is an excuse for the government to kill hundreds if not thousands of people for a joke gone too far? What if this is the catalyst in a campaign for the government to spill all of the secrets that have been hidden for years?

Thank you for coming to my paranoia induced Ted Talk.
Lindsey Cline
Lindsey Cline:
You know the government is messed up when its citizens are willing to die for some truths.
Red &Only
Red &Only:
This has to be the "ranch" Dr.Phil sends kids too....think about it..
What if this is just a story fabricated by the government so the government would have an excuse to kill 400k so they can control the population lol
If people end up actually going there they will get shot and nothing will be achieved, they will just have a hugeeeee amount of security on September 20th. Most people are doing it as a joke but there’s shit tonnes of people that have taken it seriously ,it’s crazy.
Katie Cat
Katie Cat:
Honestly I’m so down, I’m fine with going down in a hail of bullets
Lauren F.
Lauren F.:
Honestly I’m living for all the memes. This is the best thing of 2019 so far
Just Michelle
Just Michelle:
the military will shut that down so fast if it actually happens. 0 chance anyone will get in there.
Tommy Loredo
Tommy Loredo:
I’m coming with my diamond sword, reverse card, vibranium shield and infinity gauntlet

I’m set bois
SEVER Zee Zombi
SEVER Zee Zombi:
Its a meme. I mean come on it say Naruto run. 😂 some ppl will proubly take it seriously tho. 😂
Lisa Lynn
Lisa Lynn:
I think this was a huge joke that got blown way out of proportion. Let's see anybody Narutu run and dodge bullets. They need to start training first if they think they can.
Rei Ella
Rei Ella:
This movement is out of this world.. *nudge nudge* okay I'll see myself out..
Loc Dawg
Loc Dawg:
Lets just say that something is there. They'd just move whatever is there, if they haven't already.
Charity R
Charity R:
Everything from Area 51 has been moved under the Denver airport
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson:
Ok I've always been suspicious about Area 51 and what it is they're hiding and "can't reveal to the public" but I wouldn't try to storm it. There's soldiers literally waiting at the threshold to shoot anything and anyone down. But that being said, it also concerns me that there's someone so advanced and something so secretive that they're willing to shoot down anything and everyone that comes too close. It's honestly sketchy and even when my dad worked in the Air Force, he was never allowed information about Area 51.
soul Bro
soul Bro:
I'm sorry, but there is no way that they will get in. The area is heavily secured. Military personnel and heavy security measures.
this dudes voice is serious yeehaw asmr. subscribed.
Are we forgetting the government won't play these games there is gonna be a genocide if you go through with this and why? For the memes
I live a state away but I'm not going. Lol
And the purple hair definitely looks good on you. Just lighten up your background to a dark grey. Lol
Strange Tamer
Strange Tamer:
They can stop you all though.
Any weapon you can imagine and bombs. They WILL kill their own. They've done it many times before.
Cibus Naqij
Cibus Naqij:
I would love to go there just to see how many people show up, but plane tickets are too expensive xD
Bobby Wheaton
Bobby Wheaton:
It’s really just where they’re hiding Tupac, Biggie and mike jack.
Ed Pho
Ed Pho:
There is WAY too many people smoking weed these days!!
Danny Devoted
Danny Devoted:
It’s about 1.8 million going now. I think this could succeed lmao
shanda C.
shanda C.:
If you look up Bob Lazar he talks about how there really isnt much at area 51 anymore and they have moved most of the stuff that way there over to another base like 15 miles away called S4.

But the memes out of this have been fire 😂
A few people will come to Area 51 but won't be allowed to go further and just leave again.

Either way people will get arrested or simply shot at site. Not really seeing the usefulnes in this whole meetup.
Groom Lake, Dream Land, and Paradise Ranch??? Sounds more like mk ultra mind conditioning rather than an extraterrestrial site
MrAlicanX 1
MrAlicanX 1:
Nerf guns all we need

Not going btw so dont take my bread goverment
Guys Gaming
Guys Gaming:
Me: Morons Area 51 isn’t going to be worthwhile...

Transformers: *exist*

Me: Morons Area 51 is going to contain the most important things!
Bunny boy
Bunny boy:
Now that they know everyone is coming on September 20th they will most likely hire a ridiculous amount of security guards, maybe hundreds of deaths that will go viral, and even if somebody did get past, don't you think they would hide all the evidence that's not ment for the public specifically that day.
ThatWeirdChick Becky
ThatWeirdChick Becky:
I don't think it will be raided. I do think people may show up and try. But I think trying will be as far as it goes.
Gen Lane
Gen Lane:
Someone should do a live drone flyover and we'll do a watch party to see if it gets shot down. 😎
Charity R
Charity R:
Voting for a new bg, your hair is so dark that you kind of just have a floating face
Jeffery Thibodeaux
Jeffery Thibodeaux:
This seems like nothing more than a troll, morons “if we naruto run we can dodge their bullets” Darwinism at its best let it happen
Dominic Scaia
Dominic Scaia:
#SaveTheAlienz .. lol
I have no idea what's gonna happen, but if you go, I hope you stay safe, brother.
And yes, it is normal to need pizza. It is a tasty meal. One that our souls require to thrive.
Alyssa Motta
Alyssa Motta:
Lol these people think they are gonna them get blown to bits 😂
i think this is for memes
"400 thousand people" at the time of the recording, it's at like 600k now.

edit: I've seen reports of a million actually
ty nechee
ty nechee:
Skip to 2.36 because a whole lot of naruto fans will die. Personally I'm dbz but yeah this will go up on the Darwin awards checklist. Humans vs bullets
Becca Escobar
Becca Escobar:
I won't be going, but I'll definitely be watching the news.
Listen. These people that own and run the world aren't stupid, nor are they "regular". Most people don't want to be "god" over everything. These people are very different. They literally own the world. You don't understand who you're dealing with. They own governments, countries, politicians, etc. If they want something done? It's done. They want someone taken out? He's gone. They want war? The world fights. These people destabilize the world if it fits their end. "Let me issue and control a nation's money and I care not who writes the laws." - Amschel Rothschild
You have NO FUCKING CLUE who you guys are talking about. These people are the spawn of Satan whether you believe in God or not. If they let something out, it's because they want to. These people don't let shit slip. They literally kill people over information. If they thought someone were a liability, they would dispose of them.

These people have BILLIONS of dollars. Do you think they'd honestly let ANYTHING out if they didn't plan on it first? I don't think so. Their way of life would crumble if the sheeple knew what was actually going on.
Charlie Tite
Charlie Tite:
You’re my favourite YouTuber dude, if I could come to Area 51 from the uk to meet you I would 😩😂
Wear alien masks and outfits, to make sure you're not going to be filmed and filed as well as be party ready and in theme
the fast delacruz
the fast delacruz:
im a new sub bruhhhhhhh
Not Jeff
Not Jeff:
*The Truth About the Area 51 Raid*
*Doesn't say Truth, but asks question instead*
*20.5k People wasting their time watching the video*
Dbz Zeus
Dbz Zeus:
Does anyone get the feeling that this is going to go horribly wrong
DaWulpertinger OfStarland
DaWulpertinger OfStarland:
Area 51 has already been moved to other locations. Dreamland runs beneath more New Mexico and under China Lakes Naval Base in Ridgecrest. Also no items of true value will be there. And if they do get in, they'll come out in a pine box.