The WEIRDEST PC Parts we Found on AliExpress

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at Monitor and manage your PC in real-time with Pulseway! Create your free account today at We tasked a bunch of the team to find weird and unusual PCIe/PCI cards - here is what they found. Buy PCIe Risers: On Amazon: Buy PCIe Devices: On Amazon: Discuss on the forum: Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: Get Private Internet Access today at Displate metal posters: Linus Tech Tips merchandise at Linus Tech Tips posters at Our Test Benches on Amazon: Our production gear: Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Twitch - Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: iTunes Download Link: Artist Link: Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High


Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips:
Monitor and manage your PC in real-time with Pulseway! Create your free account today at
a DaUlm
a DaUlm:
I would love the see that pci oszilloscope working! please make a follow up on that card!!!
Mini tomate
Mini tomate:
When you pay 70 dollars for a dual graphics card that will let you run CS:GO at 8 fps.
Jean Baptiste Dallara
Jean Baptiste Dallara:
We need a full video about Alex's PSI Oscilloscop
OSU! Knub
OSU! Knub:
Linus looks like a dad of 4 teaching his kids how a pc works
Alex: "So i was going to run windows 7 32 bit"
Linus: "ooh yah?"
those adapters are used by cryptocurrency miners to add more graphics cards and are not for gaming, surprised they didn't know this
they need to find the USB router
Tracy G
Tracy G:
As a fan of LTT from China, I gotta say that linus should really visit our Forum called Tie Ba, there are more and more weird/creative stuffs for you to discover~
Its like a club of nerds

No hater, i lov yu
Alfredo Luis Enrique Lima Gudiel
Alfredo Luis Enrique Lima Gudiel:
360 Gang Unite.

Basically everyone who see this the first couple of hours
Flux Marsh
Flux Marsh:
Ahhh, Charlie and his Angels. Such foolish endeavors.
roses are red
violets are blue
my screen turned blue
i think i deleted system 32
Malte Spielt
Malte Spielt:
loved the video, please more of this ;D
Keith Duthie
Keith Duthie:
Lesson learned - Riley can be replaced with scotch tape, and it's a definite improvement.
Ellen Madden
Ellen Madden:
I remember when UV reactive stuff was in. My first PC had a transparent acrylic case, UV reactive cables, and UV CCFL tubes. Oh yeah, and it was a 3GHz Pentium 4. It was pretty baller.
"And to help me recoup the cost of this mess..." *Murder glances at Alex.*
Daniel J Mann Photography
Daniel J Mann Photography:
18:15 I love how they bleep "shit" but don't blur the text or anything... lol
Dude, I catch myself talking to you guys during your videos 🤣
Shawn Miller
Shawn Miller:
I love Riley. He is truly a pure soul. (As far as I know)
Riaan Venter
Riaan Venter:
Great Video Guys!!
I do have a question... The song playing in the background while Riley is "selling" his setup, what song is that?
8:05 Damn that old motherboard even has AI. Pretty far ahead of its time!
Sam J
Sam J:
TIL, Linus is the only true nerd on this channel.
I feel foolish for ever doubting him.
juri jurgec
juri jurgec:
soldering capacitors is apparently too difficult for a tech youtubers
Shane P.
Shane P.:
Alex and James would make an amazing couple.

Alex looks more submissive.
Linda H
Linda H:
My best advice. DO NOT put any of that shit into your PC!!
fram oam
fram oam:
multi controller usb 3.1/3.2 type c cards
DJ Soru
DJ Soru:
>see the P4C800 Deluxe splash screen after all these years
>cry that the motherboard is dead here at home

Why live? I actually would've prefered to use it for my 98SE build than one of those Optiplex OEM mobos.
Keshav Sharma
Keshav Sharma:
PRO TIP: skip 20 seconds when linus says sponsor!.
Oskari S.
Oskari S.:
"What are frames?" - Riley, 2019
Furzzy the Fox
Furzzy the Fox:
anybody remember the Diamond Multimedia PCI *_Stealth 3D_* cards from like i think 1996
was it only me..Or the sound of the video sounded broken?
PLEASE make a video on the riser card Riley showcased! It is a 1x to 16x riser card used for eGPU setup. Would really like to know how much performance loss is there when going 1x (instead of 4x in the other eGPU video LTT has made) and how does it fair on laptops when using internal monitor or plugging in an external monitor with the graphics card.
Gabriel Dowdy
Gabriel Dowdy:
The saddest part is that I own one of those fans..
For a current build
Jonathan Brodeur
Jonathan Brodeur:
"How much is a LabVIEW licence?"

Way over this video's initial budget
YUGaming Daniel
YUGaming Daniel:
I would love to see all of you battling on scrapyard wars
Instructions unclear, Linus! I ended up putting my new nvme m.2 ssd into the floppy drive. My day is ruined!
I literally just bought that network card last week😂
Carl B
Carl B:
Nerd bra'ing at its best... I wish I had friends/employees like you Linus.
Andy T
Andy T:
That 1x pcie to GPU riser did 1000x better than I expected ! I might even get one now. Always figured them for shite.
Riley's face at 1:03 after he hears how well linus improv'd the sponsor segment
3:35 god bless that man for saying what we were all thinking!
Rafael Aditama
Rafael Aditama:
-Recorded in 8K
-Downscaled to 4K
-Watch it in 360p

Linus:WHY NOT?!?!?!?
James Lake
James Lake:
I'm kind of disappointed. I've got some strange/forgotten GPUs sitting around like a PCIe x1 Matrox G550, a Volari Z11, and a S3 Chrome S25, and well as one of the old Killer Xeno Pro NICs and a mPCIe Broadcom CrystalHD (for adding hardware h264 to... whatever the original application was), and I hoped someone would have stumbled on old stock of some strange blast from the past like that.
Ace Strife
Ace Strife:
I don't know how I just noticed this, but this, and potentially more LTT videos, are 2160x1080.

Nice use of more space on my 21:9 monitor. I guess it's a decent improvement from 16:9 videos without compromising those on 16:9 monitors too much.
not so much weird stuff and just old stuff i think
AFK Jim:
I have one of those PCI to USB setups Riley bought. It works for Laptop eGPUs and Mining. The e-GPU potential with it is actually pretty good considering the price point.
> When the only dual GPU card you know is one of the biggest jokes Nvidia has ever released.
Xanthus Barbarossa
Xanthus Barbarossa:
When will we be able a Dennis shirt like the one Linus has covering his bin of parts?
The trophy is truly magnificent.