They Have a Plan to Storm Area 51

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Published on Jul 12, 2019
They have a plan to storm Area 51 by running like Naruto. Support the Channel: Donate via Paypal: SubscribeStar: Affiliate Links: Macbook Camera Cover (I recommend the NyanCat version) Social Media Bitchute: Twitter: Gab: Contact me at: [email protected] ‘They can't stop all of us': More than 250K pledge to storm Area 51 to uncover alien secrets


We gotta slap that dirty little jap
We gotta slap that dirty little jap:
Taking a book out of the Soviet Union
Noah t
Noah t:
Why storm area 51 in search of aliens when you can just go to California
Heinrich Dethahal
Heinrich Dethahal:
Lieutenant: Sir, the internet is planning to storm Area51
General: *Stands up in a panic* I-is it 4chan?
Lieutenant: No sir, Reddit sir.
General: Oh never mind then.
Robert Hall
Robert Hall:
Hmmmm...we should tell antifa that the Proud Boys and the Nazis are based at Area 51.
Time traveler : I am from future
Me:Did people storm at Area 51
Time traveler:Where did you think I got this time machine
Why do I exist Just why
Why do I exist Just why:
“They can’t stop all of us”
Attack choppers: *am I a joke to you*
Aliens: jajajaja hola mi amigo, que paso? Yo soy la immigrantas
marius stava
marius stava:
Me as an european reading about the plan to storm the base:

Some of you will die but that’s a sacrifice im willing to make
Anthony Fudge
Anthony Fudge:
Bro imagine if the 2100s happen and the kids learn about The Battle of Area 51 9/20/2019
Steven T
Steven T:
The snipers are about to have a field day hitting collaterals every shot
Pickle Rickle
Pickle Rickle:
Aliens aren’t in Area 51, look under Facebook HQ, that’s where they are....
Raska The Slaanesh
Raska The Slaanesh:
now its more than 450,000 people signed.... nice

storming Chinese government when ?
The Rider
The Rider:
They want to see aliens? Just look at Zuckerberg
Jen Smith
Jen Smith:
Idiots: "They can't shoot all of us!"

Area 51 workers: "Wanna bet...
250K eh?
Why do I feel like 25 would show up, and end up leaving when they realize it's hot in the desert.
Student at tiananmen square:
"What are they gonna do? They can't shoot us all!"
Anthony Everette
Anthony Everette:

People: Let's storm Area 51.
Others: How?

Seems like "ninjas" are about to meet modern weaponry
dinkster is rejected by rebecca
dinkster is rejected by rebecca:
they should have stormed area 69 for top secret hentai projects
Dapper Wolf
Dapper Wolf:
Mob: let's storm Area 51 with heavily armed security measures in place there.

Charles Darwin: is life just a joke to you?
Supreme Snek
Supreme Snek:
i kinda want this to happen.. out of morbid curiosity.
Alien Grey
Alien Grey:
Relax you filthy humans. If there was actually one of us in your captivity we would have wiped all of you out by now.
“They can’t stop all of us.”

*Press X to doubt*
OMG Area 51 is LITERALLY a concentration camp for these poor aliens that just wanted a better life.
*_Weebs: (Naruto Running on Area 51)_*
*_FPS Players: (Sniping inside)_*
*_me: (Solid Snake Reference)_*
I am not a Communist
I am not a Communist:
Area 51 workers: I love the smell of napalm in the morning.
"They can't stop us all!"
Well, technically mines will not stop them all. You need wall for that.
Pub Zero
Pub Zero:
Bro#1: Hey dude I’m like really high
Bro#2: dude you should like. Invent somethin
Bro#1: I got somethin bro
Bro#2: what is it?

Bro#1: let’s naruto run into Area 51.
Bro#2: bro.
They can't kill all of us!
*Laughts in A10 warthog.*
Joe C
Joe C:
Area 51 is the exit to this Truman show. People would lose their minds if they actually stormed Area 51.
Roger Dodger
Roger Dodger:
Here’s the thing. Area 51 is about 80 miles away from any city, deep in some of the hottest desert on the planet. The actual fence is about 5 miles away. That doesn’t sound like much of a distance to walk after driving out there, but that hike will take you over the rugged mountains surrounding the base, and then another several miles through thick desert scrub. All with temperatures close to 110° Fahrenheit.

The vast majority of them would die of heat exhaustion long before the Army could ever shoot them.
“They can’t stop all of us!”

Sounds like a ploy to do some real world new weapons testing.
there is no doubt - these people took "Independence Day" too seriously
Red Coin
Red Coin:
Finally, a good use for our overflowing SJW population.
James Ferraris
James Ferraris:
Storming _Area 51_ would be literally, i mean literally *Suicide Mission.* 😕
Swoze _
Swoze _:
Me: mom I need to tell u something
Mom: what is it sun
Me:I'm going to join the great crusade by storming area 51
Mom: is it too late for an abortion
Chef Mussolini
Chef Mussolini:
Permanent n word pass is there
y e e t
y e e t:
I think we should contact mr.beast about this situation
Super Otter 2
Super Otter 2:
Area 51 is just a decoy base now.

It has been, for like 50 or 60 years.
ExotiC FrequencY
ExotiC FrequencY:
"THEY CANT STOP ALL OF US!!". Military industrial complex dictators unload massive rounds on the protesters.
Cha Vang
Cha Vang:
Me: facepalmes,there really going to risk there lives just to see aliens and then realize just how dumb they are lmao 😂
Gentleman Nemesis
Gentleman Nemesis:
"Imagine if we protected our borders the way we protected this alien base"

Dude I came to laugh but that line sent me right to the Feelipines
Officer Problem
Officer Problem:
This is obviously a plot by one of Facebooks competitors to have have a good chunk of its users eliminated.

I see right through your genocidal plan Jack Dorsey.
Thinking about it logically, if there were aliens why would they put them in a publicly known military facility and not an off the books facility
what if area 51 has all top notch memes?
If they actually try to storm the base there will be a weeb massacre.

Where's my popcorn?
Thoth Phoenix
Thoth Phoenix:
Storming Area 51? It's about to get X-Files in Clown World.
Other news LEEROY JENKINS!!! MEME Has happened when storming AREA 51.
Imagine they get in and find out Area 51 is just a secret hangout for government officials and scientists and they made up rumors about aliens and such to keep people away but the plan backfired so they had to bring in military force to keep people out
President Megtawma
President Megtawma:
"They can't stop all of us."
I'm guessing none of these people has ever seen a mini gun in action.
Half a million people: Lets storm Area 51!!!!!

Area 51 guards: **Laughs in 6000 rounds per minute**