Tony Blair says a no-deal Brexit is 'a threat to the United Kingdom'

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has said that a no-deal Brexit would threaten the future of the United Kingdom. In an interview with the BBC, Mr Blair also slammed the strategy used by PM Boris Johnson to try and secure an agreement with the EU. It comes with BoJo fighting for a last chance to salvage a Brexit deal after Angela Merkel derailed the government's plan. The Prime Minister will meet with Irish leader Leo Varadkar in a bid to solve issues around a customs border with Northern Ireland. Boris Johnson is also planning to tell the Queen she cannot sack him as Prime Minister even if he loses a no confidence vote and MPs choose a caretaker replacement. Senior No10 aides are preparing legal advice for the monarch to ensure Boris can stay on to try to deliver Brexit on October 31. From Brexit breaking news to HD movie trailers, The Sun newspaper brings you the latest news videos and explainers from the UK and around the world. Become a Sun Subscriber and hit the bell to be the first to know Read The Sun: Like The Sun on Facebook: Follow The Sun on Twitter: Subscribe to The Sun on Snapchat:


Who gives a s**t what this war criminal thinks? He should be rotting in jail
a threat like iraq was ??? Blair should face war crimes not be advising government
Arrest tony blair ... for high treason and war crimes
Tony Blair could say "ice is cold" and I'd feel inclined to disbelieve him...
wholovesyoubaby wholovesyoubaby
wholovesyoubaby wholovesyoubaby:
I just can't believe this guy . Has he no shame?
andy d
andy d:
Why is this slimey bucket of crap still given air-time when all he is really entitled to is time.........Behind bars
Big Al
Big Al:
how come they give him airtime, warmonger killer of men,woman,children.nothing but a slimebag.
Tomoya Toko
Tomoya Toko:
Why isn't he being summoned in court for his crimes yet?
p cocxko
p cocxko:
We know you’re getting paid for this Blair. Do one
Stefan T
Stefan T:
Don’t believe one word that comes out of his stinking mouth.
War criminal
Keep out of it Blair you should be tried for war crimes.
Sloth from The Goonies
Sloth from The Goonies:
The fact that this man is the main cheerleader for keeping us in the EU is surely enough to make anyone thing twice about Remaining.
Wandering Wildman
Wandering Wildman:
Wow, not one comment that doesn't express utter loathing for this vile snake, and with good reason too!
zen kai
zen kai:
Well how can a war criminal comment this guy should be in prison for life
Didn’t Tony Blair say Iraq had weapons then start an illegal war???
Andrew H
Andrew H:
You still here Tone?

Run along now, theres a good girl
Jodie  Saxton
Jodie Saxton:
Tony Blair says "I'm a war criminal" oh wait.... That's in another reality. Shut the funk up Tony nobody gives a damn
Cheerful Merchant
Cheerful Merchant:
honestly, if Tony Blair tells me X is Y, then I seriously doubt that X is Y.
David Smart
David Smart:
"Saddam Hussein has WMD's...there's no doubt about that."
We'll see you swing yet...
Caledonian Son
Caledonian Son:
Tony "MASS MURDERER" Blair... Take a hike 🦃
Jay Mitchell
Jay Mitchell:
“incredible way to behave“... says the guy who led us into an illegal war in Iraq. Irony at its best 👍
muppet watcher
muppet watcher:
Tony Blair needs his head bludgeoned. Nothing else is relevant.
justin william salter
justin william salter:
tony the mass murderer blair and his witch wife for the death penalty
george moore
george moore:
The world wishes we had been warned about you .Just crawl back under where you belong . VILE man
lee Caraher
lee Caraher:
Who cares what he says.
He has he's opinion the same as me he was a globalist puppet.
The media may as well interview me.
I'd say a no deal Brexit is threat to this mans liberty.
rodney trotter
rodney trotter:
We had a vote and we voted leave. Someone stick this evil man in jail
john boulton
john boulton:
Who wants to listen to this man he took us to a war . didn't he lie about weapons of mass destruction
Jack Striker
Jack Striker:
A no deal BREXIT will be detrimental to Tony Blairs wallet !
This horrible babykiller should be separated from his breath...
Traveller Cave
Traveller Cave:
like we care what you think mister "dodgy dossier"
Tyke Man
Tyke Man:
If only he knows how much he is detested in this country.
Bill Platers
Bill Platers:
Paul Osc Slots
Paul Osc Slots:
The biggest mass murderer in modern times
Nation States
Nation States:
Oh right , tony , just like nuts “ This no deal may contain weapons of mass destruction”..... or does it?????.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith:
Tony Blair is the threat to the 'world', not just UK.
Drug Free Collective
Drug Free Collective:
Blair - the mass murderer of Iraqi children.
Philip Croft
Philip Croft:
Ban the ''Sun'' from your homes, for giving this madman, a platform to spout his evil.
Mick Shing
Mick Shing:
God i loathe this lying git
Whatch Whatch
Whatch Whatch:
This guy is the biggest snake that ever lived
Robert Stockdale
Robert Stockdale:
Ask the people:- "Should Tony Blair be in prison ? " people say yeah
the same Tony Blair who took us to War for something that didn’t exist.
Jayne Davis
Jayne Davis:
This weasel is as wicked as he is irrelevant
Kyle Haggerty
Kyle Haggerty:
This won't be the first time he's lied about threats to the Country.
John Smith
John Smith:
Instead of giving this war criminal any sort of forum he should be first in line for a beheading on Tower Hill.
"Ask the people".... Don't recall him doing that when he lied to start a war.
Joe Elder
Joe Elder:
Stop giving him Air time. He can’t be trusted and doesn’t represent modern day UK. Go away and be forgotten
Adam Birtwistle
Adam Birtwistle:
Why do we still ask this clown for his opinion? He's a war criminal.