Tornado Siren Severe Weather Warning Siren

Published on Apr 15, 2018
Tornado Siren Severe Weather Warning Siren 1 Hour. One full hour of a tornado siren blasting to warn of approaching tornado or severe weather. This siren was activated as part of a tornado drill during tornado awareness month. Use the sound to practice your own severe weather or tornado awareness drill. In event of a approaching tornado or severe weather, people should seek shelter in a basement or small interior ground floor room. If you are unable to do that, you should seek shelter in an interior hallway or room, or under a heavy table or desk. Stay away from outside doors and windows. Do not use elevators. Avoid large rooms like gymnasiums , churches and auditoriums, as these structures have less structural roof support. Do not get caught in a car or mobile home. Seek shelter in a building with strong foundational support. If driving and the tornado is close by, and you are unable to reach shelter, get out of the car and lie down a ditch or the lowest possible area you can find away from the automobile. Be safe. Have a plan! All audio and video seen here was recorded by Ambience in the spring of 2018. Copyright © Ambience 2018 - All Rights Reserved. Any reproduction of this video/audio is prohibited without the consent of Ambience.


Mason Cole
Mason Cole:
when you pause the vid and the sound keeps playing outside
*Ich finde es Persönlich jetzt nicht so beruhigend, aber der Sound ist gut*
I know I'm weird, but I actually like this. I love storms and where I live now we do get them but not nearly as good as the ones in IA were. I also love when the national weather service breaks in on the TV...goosebumps. :)
Great sound 🍁 thank you
I wish you a happy day
Jack Dotzler
Jack Dotzler:
How is this relaxing?!?
AdamsSiren Adventures
AdamsSiren Adventures:
That's a ASC T-128
Lola K
Lola K:
Alex Bo
Alex Bo:
Attention! Attention! Like 7!
Água na Boca
Água na Boca:
super like
Braeden Haartman
Braeden Haartman:
I like storms
Hunter Wegworth
Hunter Wegworth:
We have those sirens here in Nebraska
Petr Borový
Petr Borový: