Tottenham vs Manchester United - Premier League 13 January 2019 Prediction

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Published on Jan 4, 2019
This video is the Gameplay of Tottenham Hotspur vs Manchester United Premier League 13 January 2019 Suggested videos 1- UEFA Champions League Final 2019 - Manchester City vs Manchester United - 2 - Barcelona with Messi vs Barcelona without Messi | EXPERIMENT | Who will win ? - 3- FIFA World Cup Final 2022 - BRAZIL vs ARGENTINA - 4 - SOUTH AMERICAN Stars vs EUROPEAN Stars | Epic Match | PES 2019 Experiment | COM vs COM - 5- UEFA Europa League Final 2019 - ARSENAL vs CHELSEA - 6- UEFA Champions League Final 2019 - Barcelona vs Juventus - Click Here to Subscribe - PesMe on Social Media : Facebook : Twitter : Instagram : Please Share your feedback and opinion in the comment section If you Enjoyed watching the video , hit the like button. Thanks for watching. Peace !!


What is your prediction for this match???
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John Macharia
John Macharia:
3: 1 win to New reformed Man united
Amawitea Hauhnar
Amawitea Hauhnar:
Best 11 from man united
Deva Malar
Deva Malar:
Its pay back time united.. come on united gv them bck that 3-0💪💪💪👹👹
messi cung
messi cung:
3 - 1 Spurs.
Ready to Rock
Ready to Rock:
United will win
M K:
It’s definitely not a draw as united conceded lot and Tottenham never drew a game this season. It’s either a draw or narrow win for united
Chelangat Faith
Chelangat Faith:
Sugar Ray Robinson
Sugar Ray Robinson:
spurs 2 1 united
3-1 tottenham
1RedLeaf1 -
1RedLeaf1 -:
sanမန္ယူ thin
sanမန္ယူ thin:
wawan Adfis
wawan Adfis:
Tottenham pasti juara son
Luka Ćorluka
Luka Ćorluka:
i think its gonna be 2-2
• James And Kate’s Life •
• James And Kate’s Life •:
I think 2 1 man united
Pochettino should let United win or else he might be playing in Europa League next season.
Nur Habib
Nur Habib:
Tottenham win
Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot:
In your dreams
Mabor Deng
Mabor Deng:
Spur to beat man useless