Trippie Redd - Rack City/Love Scars 2 ft. FOREVER ANTi POP & Chris King (Dir. by @_ColeBennett_)

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Published on Oct 2, 2017
Trippie Redd - Rack City/Love Scars 2 (ft. FOREVER ANTIPOP + CHRIS KING) Produced by 12Hunna + DJ Flippp -- Official Channel of Cole Bennett / Lyrical Lemonade Subscribe for updates on music videos, interviews, performance videos, etc. Cole Bennett Lyrical Lemonade #LyricalLemonade #LLMusicVideo #TrippieRedd


0:21 “when the teacher ask you what’s 7+7”
Hasan Khan
Hasan Khan:
*When you can't afford Ty Dolla* *$ign & Jaden Smith*
Ben K
Ben K:
Trippie need to release more music like this
enrique hermida
enrique hermida:
When your mom finna take away your ps4 cuz you misbehaving 1:18
AJB 004
AJB 004:
1:26 yeah that's lil pump behind jaden smith
ʀɪᴄᴋʏ 6 6 6
ʀɪᴄᴋʏ 6 6 6:
0:14 when you stub you're toe
Draelax Stone
Draelax Stone:
0:14 when the oil from the pot burns to you
Ahmed Derbas
Ahmed Derbas:
Who misses old trippie?
Tay Keith
Tay Keith:
1:18 When your mom walks in with the belt
John Hshs
John Hshs:
0:59 when u havent gotten on ps4 in a week
Jaden Crockett
Jaden Crockett:
Trippie needs to release some more music also

2019 anyone
When You Return On A game That You Left long time Ago 0:59
Nikita Nikitin
Nikita Nikitin:
Trippie Red ft. Comethazine & Lil Wayne
When did Trippie Redd learn shadow clone jutsu?
I Smith
I Smith:
1:37 that Jaden Smith
Iktan Ramirez
Iktan Ramirez:
imagine xxxtencion comes out of know where and says the phrase in 0:59-1:14
0:13 when yo dad hit you wit the belt
In my opinion, better than love scars
Alvaro Cubillo
Alvaro Cubillo:
I thought he said "please play tennis in my funeral" 1:10
the rock22
the rock22:
1:36 when u get 3rd party in fortnite..
m4nny Ky13
m4nny Ky13:
Trippie redd: let’s add the dollar store jaden smith and walmart ty dollar sign
Queen Darya Rashid 11
Queen Darya Rashid 11:
0:13 - 0:25 ... Nice 🙈🙉🙊💯🔥 Old but it's Gold !!! 30.11.2018 ???
Who feels this screaming
0:13 - 0:19 ??? ✌😂🤔 like for it.
0:20 - 0:59 !!!
MonteRoseII Gaming
MonteRoseII Gaming:
Trippie Redd out here lookin like a zombie 😩😂
Nils Dähre
Nils Dähre:
Trippies voice just kills me 💪
Ok Sins
Ok Sins:
0:59 when your teammate gets your banner in apex and you clap the team that killed you
Logan Truitt
Logan Truitt:
The old trippy is the best
vShiftyy Lion
vShiftyy Lion:
0:42 when your squad pull up at lazar tag
If you knew this song before the video, like this comment
Juan El Negro
Juan El Negro:
When u are figthing in the class but the teacher arrive: 1:02
dan matasa
dan matasa:
bra i legit thought that was jaden smith. lol 😂 shiet
X when he comes back: 0:59
Jonathon Toney
Jonathon Toney:

When you find out your the dad of the baby
Peter Griffin
Peter Griffin:
T-Rex DaBeast
T-Rex DaBeast:
Damn this whole song a meme or what lol
Jaden Crockett
Jaden Crockett:
2:00 when you hear that belt hitting u
Boy: will u leave me?
Girl: No are you crazy?!
Boy: do you love me?
 Girl: yes a lot
Boy: have you ever cheated on me?
Girl: No never!
Boy: will you ever kiss me?
Girl: every chance I get
 Boy: will you ever hit me?
 Girl: definitely not
Boy: can I trust you?
Girl: yes Boy: babe
(Now read it backwards)
trippie 10/10
Forever anti pop 8/10
chris 2/10
Wisdomik -
Wisdomik -:
Love Scars Pt. 2/ Rack City ft Comethazine & Takeoff
prime gacha
prime gacha:
I like all the screaming part of tripp
Yashraj Bhardwaj
Yashraj Bhardwaj:
Chris king looks ty dolla sign had sex with takeoff 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
And I Ohhh
And I Ohhh:
This brings back dark memories💀
Trippie lookin like Chucky
Kindergarten teacher: “Alright class what’s 7+7?”

Class: 0:21
Jessy Perreira-Camara
Jessy Perreira-Camara:
🔥 1400/800 🔥
Jonathan Kelly
Jonathan Kelly:
When you get home from school and try to chill on the couch but mum says theres chores to do 1:02
Beat is fire af🔥
Iliyas Uddin
Iliyas Uddin:
Takeoff sounds a little different.
toasty lemons
toasty lemons:
Dollar store Jaden smith ruined it
JuanGame FreeFire y Mas :v
JuanGame FreeFire y Mas :v:
tʀippiɛ ʀɛɗɗ 14

ʆѳѵɛ รcɑʀร pɑʀt 1400? 😈
Did anybody else turn the song off when it was the dude with dreads turn ?