Trippie Redd - TIME TO DIE Ft. FreeMoney800

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Published on Feb 17, 2019


Stephen Woods
Stephen Woods:
Like if Trippie redd is better than lil pump
Daniel Sint
Daniel Sint:
He can sound like 4 different people in one song, talent man
Evx̷lvic YT
Evx̷lvic YT:
Who is better?
Trippie redd: Like
YBN Cordae: Comment
stephon got drip
stephon got drip:
this underrated asf or is that just me?
Zakari Tillman
Zakari Tillman:
single trippie > relationship trippie
Sheinus el crack
Sheinus el crack:
Who is before 5M views?!

All Day Games
All Day Games:
This song is like a breathe of fresh air
Daemir OG
Daemir OG:
This song got more bars than 69’s jail cell
Like this if trippie redd is better then 6ix9ine?
VND Visuals
VND Visuals:
There’s something about trippie , i honestly think dude is a rap genius
like if trippie better than lil xan
Triippy Ty
Triippy Ty:
2019 summer vibes - love this style from Trippie
Jack Warford-Grow
Jack Warford-Grow:
Remember when 1469 was a thing
Yusuf Khan
Yusuf Khan:
This slaps harder than my step dad
Be Garcia
Be Garcia:
Why other dude sound like Rick Ross
Gergő Smigura
Gergő Smigura:
If you are reading this

I hope you get rich❤️❤️❤️❤️
Xen Beats
Xen Beats:
Trippie so fire
Not LusTT
Not LusTT:
trippie redd is the best melodic rapper.simple
nadew gher
nadew gher:
when only 102K people in the world has good taste in music
Curly Head Harvey
Curly Head Harvey:
🔥 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 but why is it called time to die but it says time difference? Not hating tho this is still 🔥
Maanik Bawa
Maanik Bawa:
Who else loves Trippie's voice with a happy beat
Rae Jae
Rae Jae:
Paint your face with this chopper that's a make over 🔥
Richie Martinez
Richie Martinez:
Bro we need another album lol. Songs like this too with the beautiful melodies.
Pa Jeng
Pa Jeng:
So whose still waiting for this to be dropped on Spotify?
Supreme Rico
Supreme Rico:
This is one of my fav songs from him 💯💯🔥🔥🥶🦇🦋🦇🦋🎉
Josh Ettinger
Josh Ettinger:
Get this to 1M today we want the trippie tape‼️
TrapX loverx76
TrapX loverx76:
I'm so in love with that trippie vibe <3
Drae Fleek
Drae Fleek:
I tried to tell em put it on stores yall😂😂
One of his cleanest songs fr

Need this on Apple music🔥
Jabril Davis
Jabril Davis:
I’m high asf. Trippie took ovr the game💪🏾💯ot5
Lalo Vidal
Lalo Vidal:
Trippie finally got a good feature that doesn’t ruin the song lmfao
Oz _
Oz _:
Anybody else get a rick Ross vibe from freemoneys verse on this one?
Air Smoke
Air Smoke:
Like this if it’s better then 6ix 9ine
Just Me
Just Me:
Your music is good again. Who produced Lovescars?
IceBoii Bior
IceBoii Bior:
Big love for trippie guy's this kid is talented 🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏
play dead
play dead:
the beat is also top notch 🔥🔥
Lando I
Lando I:
Bryson Tiller or Lil Durk would be dope on the remix 👌🏾
Luca Watanabe Reolon
Luca Watanabe Reolon:
The guy featuring is the Darryl form The Office
David Riley
David Riley:
I built you up like some legos
If I get killed I’m gonna think about this

*TImE To DiE*
We need another Travis x Trippie
Ricardo Ibarra
Ricardo Ibarra:
prouder:how many effects you want
trippie is going to have album of the year calling it today april 3rd
Jamari Tidwell
Jamari Tidwell:
He say ya in every song old trippie come back
i listen to trippie so damn much that he's been in all my dreams the past week or so. SMH LOL luv him though
Beonicle 1
Beonicle 1:
Wow instantly after he hit 20k comments on insta
Mr Kneegurr
Mr Kneegurr:
Bruh that starting sound is addicting ⚠️
He's been ahead of his time along with peep X and juice. Blends trap and alternative with an insane vocal range. He can literally sound like 4 different people in one song
chakhinia galbraith
chakhinia galbraith:
And I don't love other females I don't is my father featuring Macy look more of a handsome
Canadagta5player Gmah
Canadagta5player Gmah:
Nice video bro, you have a great voice Tripple redd. Keep it up bro🤓🤓🤓🤓