Turkey boosts troops to cross Syria border 'shortly' - BBC News

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Correction: The video incorrectly introduces Mr. Ibrahim Kalin as President Erdogan's special Advisor, Mr. Kalin is the Turkish Presidential Spokesman. Turkey has boosted its forces on the Syrian border ahead of a long-threatened incursion that could target Kurdish-led forces allied to the US. Troops would cross into Syria "shortly", a presidential aide said. Turkey wants to create a "safe zone" cleared of a Kurdish militia that will also house some of Turkey's 3.6 million Syrian refugees. Donald Trump has withdrawn US troops in the area in a controversial decision widely condemned at home and abroad. He again defended his move on Tuesday, saying the Kurds had not been abandoned, calling them "special". The Kurds were key US allies in defeating the jihadist group Islamic State (IS) in Syria. But Turkey regards the Kurdish militia that dominates the US-allied Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) as a terrorist group. The US pullout was seen as paving the way for an offensive Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog


Anthony johnson
Anthony johnson:
He is 100 percent right. It would be madness for the Turks to allow a a chunk of Syria to become a Kurdish pkk aligned state. That’s like the USA allowing Mexico to fall to North Korea. These are communist terrorist groups who are fighting our NATO ally, Turkey.
Azhar VlogsKz
Azhar VlogsKz:
It’s so obvious the reporter hating Turkey and interrupting him whenever he speaks about truth
Ehtesham Farooq
Ehtesham Farooq:
Pakistan is with our Turkish brothers and wish them luck in clearing terrorists from their borders
MD Ather
MD Ather:
Stupid woman...let him speak...it is so annoying..😡
Robert Butow
Robert Butow:
Turkey has the right to defend its borders
Vikas Yadav
Vikas Yadav:
Henry Kissinger — 'America has no permanent
friends or enemies, only interests'
Here is a example of their policy..
selin uzal
selin uzal:
4 million Syrian Refugees that live in Turkey, not 2!
00:35 "They are regarded as Terrorists by Turkey" No! They are regarded as a Terrorist Organization by NATO, European Union, US, UK, Russia, Japan and many more states and Organizations.
Their population is merely 25-30K and not just Kurds in it, and they killed more Kurds then any Organization - State - Group in the history that ever exists.. The Villages they burned, bombed, ransacked.. kids and women they kidnapped - raped - killed in the last 50 years alone were 90% from Kurdish people of Turkey to start with..
US Generals, Senators, Presidents even Secretary of Defense acknowledged that they changed PKK's name to YPG in order to deceive the Media and People, and armed them for the past 50 years while acknowledging they are a Terrorist Organization..
And about simple Maths; There are 15+ Million Kurds living in Turkey happily (that's more then several EU Countries combined) and are proud to call themselves Turks (as 56 other ethnicities), and PKK consists of 25-30K US armed Militants that bomb - mine the roads - burn - kill - kidnap - rape - sell drugs in the last 50 years.. The very army and villages they attack and kill are actual Kurdish people, but every BBC and CNN news say: "Turks killing Kurds" when Turkey defends their Borders against that very same Terrorist Organization.. Everyone in the World knows what kind of shits you are at this point (thanks to rise of Social Media) but keep your bigotry and filth to yourselves..
Also LET THE MAN TALK you little dipshit!
Turkey is only try to clean terrorist in Syria. I think we can trust to Turkey
Kaef Black
Kaef Black:
Whenever he tells too much of the truth she cuts him off. Wow. 🤔
G. M.
G. M.:
Turkey have to clear her borders from kurdish terrorism groups. This is their right!
James Silvester
James Silvester:
Very weak and unprofessional reporting. It wasn't just the bad line, she just kept speaking over him.
Murat Pektaş
Murat Pektaş:
Why do you always interrupt him ??
Ege Can
Ege Can:
toxic reporter. Very rude for her to interrupt him like that all the time
Will Slater
Will Slater:
I don't think there was a delay in the feed. It's more like this woman asks questions and when he tries to answer she interrupts him every time lol
Viking Child
Viking Child:
Why doesn't the reporter let him finish answering?
let him answer the question!! this journalist just cuts him off
Abagwalatu Ferdinand
Abagwalatu Ferdinand:
Mr Ibrahim Kalin must be a sound adviser, don't know much about him but, from the conversation i am impressed with his response and understand their government position now
I love Turkey i'm from Japan 🇯🇵🇹🇷♥️
your love
your love:
USA is enemies for humanity,
from India
Cross Ocean
Cross Ocean:
Good for Turkey. (If they are telling the truth that is)
Mehmed Yılmaz
Mehmed Yılmaz:
Turkey has no interest in occupying Syria or changing demographics. Turkey fights against PKK and DAESH terrorists.
The safe zone will provide an opportunity for refugees to return to their homes.
We will continue to help Syrians without discrimination.
Fatih Serhat
Fatih Serhat:
Bekleyin geliyoruz hevaller
Oğuzhan Emiroğlu
Oğuzhan Emiroğlu:
You need to train the reporter lady. Someone shouldn't be interrupted while he's talking. He must wait for his speech to end. Respect...
Arda Sari
Arda Sari:
Conversation doesn't mean only talking, it means talking and listening.
John Don
John Don:
Love Turky and Turkish people mor then my life from pakistan
jetski Dex
jetski Dex:
You might aswell let him answer the question. I got no idea how these people get their jobs, something as simple as asking a question and letting them answer.
LastDays70AD Daniel12
LastDays70AD Daniel12:
I honor this spokesman from Turkey, he spoke clearly what is going on with Turkish Governings on the border...
Huzaifa AhMad
Huzaifa AhMad:
Long Live Turkey ✌️
Brandon Stark
Brandon Stark:
Only istanbul got 1 million refugees. Some turkey's cities refugees population more than turks population. We want them go. That's why safe zone is a necessity.
Eleştiri Yorum
Eleştiri Yorum:
Turkey = Peace!
Turkey will give them the rights of the Syrian people
Good Job Turkey Clean up all Terror and their owners from your region...
Salam Falasteen
Salam Falasteen:
Turkey 🇹🇷 has the right to defend its borders. Double standards!
Steven Rodriguez
Steven Rodriguez:
Most Syrians fled to Turkey & probably joined the army. I'm sure they want to go HOME
Jagdish Biradar
Jagdish Biradar:
Islamic country like turkey still living in 17th century.
kay kay
kay kay:
Turkey has no interest to spend money on war they ar just protecting them self's
Mr Glasgow
Mr Glasgow:
Haha did Americans abandon their Kurdish allies
Why am I not surprised 😮
Trump's Art of a deal, "U are on your own". The Dotard has left the building.
sid ney
sid ney:
And all the weapon suppliers are rubbing their hands , I wonder who that could be .......
Europe should be happy about this operation since most of the illegal immigration comes from Syria and that operation aims to stop illegal border crossings in a way...
SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit
SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit:
Why not mention the PKK, why not mention Öcalan? Both, the PKK and the
YPG see Öcalan as their leader. And the US have Öcalan listed as a
terrorist leader. Why not mention all this? I mean, this is the core of
the problem, isn't it?
Osman Isildak
Osman Isildak:
Wow this guy is so articulate and well spoken!
Stefanos Papadopoulos
Stefanos Papadopoulos:
The reporter reminds me of the reporter who was interrupting Jordan Peterson. Cathy Newman or something.
Stu Crossland
Stu Crossland:
Very rude interviewer on the BBC again.
Amado Leon
Amado Leon:
stupid news anchor doesn't know how to wait for her turn. stop abrupting this man he is more relevant life form than you.
Kwike Kauga
Kwike Kauga:
How is this reporter so rude and interrupting? Is she asking rhetorical questions with a presupposition or genuine questions?
Ezil Kannan
Ezil Kannan:
"You cannot fight one terrorist organization with another one"
The Foreigner
The Foreigner:
Americants should worry more about their own country and worry less about putting their troops in every other country. Especially in the middle east.
Tumbash Tumbash
Tumbash Tumbash:
The thing is that you never can bank on USA, you never know what their thinking is!