Turkish President Erdogan says Syria offensive has started

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Turkey's president announced Wednesday its invasion of northern Syria has started, as Kurdish forces move to defend the border. CBS News State Department and foreign affairs reporter Christina Ruffini has more.


ϟϟKapϟϟ CBartist
ϟϟKapϟϟ CBartist:
**Invades Northern Syria making world tensions escalate**

*My turn.*
Legend Rid
Legend Rid:
I don’t think this dude knows what the word “invasion” means.
Creek Walker
Creek Walker:
Well, that didnt take long.
It's no surprise a draft dodger coward wouldn't care about human lives being lost in an armed conflict.
alex jackson
alex jackson:
Creating more anti-American radicals. You watch.
When Isis resurfaces and and those of them that have been captured are free we will all regret this moment
one crying in the wilderness
one crying in the wilderness:
Armageddon in the making right before everyone's eyes.
In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war...
Alan Peters
Alan Peters:
I'm ashamed to be an American today to leave our allies out to dry like this is unacceptable.
So how many times have we ditched our allies over all in history ? xD
Ken Spinoza Stone
Ken Spinoza Stone:
Looks like the ottoman empire's rising up again.
Y’all remember when Erdogen swept through all of his political enemies in response of a “coup”
Yeah me neither…
Daniel Ryan
Daniel Ryan:
The US still owns the entire airspace we are just getting our troops off the ground.
Years of war on terrorism and a very large sum of tax payers money, gone with a snap of the finger of President Trump !
Imagine that.
Flying Dog
Flying Dog:
Imagine that, more quid pro quo? What did Trump get for this betrayal?
Erick Towet
Erick Towet:
I think they want isis back so we can creat jobs making more weapons in the usa
The Ottoman Empire is coming back with the newly announced Sultan Erdogan. I call it...
And the UN will do nothing about this invasion...
J. Sagiechode
J. Sagiechode:
The US is using the the Enemy of my enemy mentality. then we run away and abandon the then "friends", we do this all the time.
He gets in serious trouble and this is how he changes the subject...
Daniel M
Daniel M:
So basically Turkey told Trump “we’re gonna attack” and Trump said “ok hold on so I can get my guys out first”
mameloukos suvs
mameloukos suvs:
"where the west enters , follows the turk.. "common knowledge in balkans , east med. , and middle east..
the real Reginald Smith
the real Reginald Smith:
America just created more terrorist by abandoning the kurds this is the same thing that happened in Afghanistan.
Nobody J
Nobody J:
This is providing aid and comfort to the enemy at time of our cyber war with Russia, it is the very definition of TREASON!
McRib Prime
McRib Prime:
After his actions over the past few years this news is extremely worrying.
Leonard Billy
Leonard Billy:
Now we have to fire rounds over our troops to make them feel at home.
anirban bhattacharya
anirban bhattacharya:
Does this mean we are going into another World War?
PussPuss McKitten
PussPuss McKitten:
The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies
Craig Bigelow
Craig Bigelow:
Turkey never wanted you going into Iraq!
This is going too be a blow back and lead too more severe terrorist attacks on Americans and America later on.
Liam Browning
Liam Browning:
The ottomans are back baby!
Zeke Maverick
Zeke Maverick:
So basically turkey didnt like what we were doing anyway... turkey wanted smoke anyway sounded inevitable
Callie Masters
Callie Masters:
Will the last person in Syria please turn out the light?
Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden:
Who is Americas Ally i mean long term, Turkey or A group of separatists Kurds from Syria.
Erdem Kollaçoğlu
Erdem Kollaçoğlu:
how capitalist usa can be ally communist sdf.what a joke country
Daniel Clark
Daniel Clark:
If only both groups could actively join together to push through Syria then split
Hoi Doei
Hoi Doei:
Thanks to turkey for cleaning the area because the west won’t do it they want it like it is so thanks to turkey and Russia
The Americans are playing a game of chicken with Turkey
And here’s me thinking I’d have to wait a few weeks. Nope. 2 days lmao 😂😂😂
Daniel Gumm
Daniel Gumm:
5:51 She almost combined Turks and Kurds and caught herself before she said Turds hehehehe
This breaks my heart 💔
Terry Bishop
Terry Bishop:
is just an attempt to draw some votes for the 2020 election. once the election is done and trump is president for life, the troops will be sent over there again. Politics is all about convenience.
Mark Winters
Mark Winters:
Capt Bone Spurs ordered what he always does. Turn tail and run!
How is abandoning our allies a good thing?
thanks dotard, you just created a new generation of anti-american folks who used to fight along side with US soldiers, sounds familiar?
rattan abadullah
rattan abadullah:
6:00 "they're back out there" sure, that's what s gonna happen...! No, the beasts will get killed just as they deserve!!!
Jordan Howser
Jordan Howser:
If you rely on the US for protection, good luck. Support you when it is convenient and leave you to the wolves when it isn't.
0:17 “ He Be” .... what !
King Kromulus
King Kromulus:
Who would've thought this might happen?
lilly pad
lilly pad:
The Final End Time War of Gog and Magog..