Turkish Troops Begin Offensive in Syria

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Published on Oct 9, 2019
Oct.09 -- Turkey launched its military offensive into northeastern Syria, aiming to push Kurdish militants from the border just days after President Donald Trump said the U.S. wouldn't stand in the way. Bloomberg's Onur Ant reports on "Bloomberg Markets."


Exotic Dreamz
Exotic Dreamz:
Well here we go again lads
"just days after" more like just hours after
Crazy Hondamom
Crazy Hondamom:
So much for Mr Bigly’s threats. 🙄
muhamed J
muhamed J:
Bring our troops home. USA economy is falling apart because we are wasting trillions of dollars on endless wars.
garner ensor
garner ensor:
*sees this*
America: hey bro you wanna join the marines?
*starts to sweat buckets*
"Turkey time" lel
First Last
First Last:
Where's the UN? Oh yeah, they pissed away all their money on enriching themselves.
Islamists and A Nato State governed by Akp Muslimbrothers who start a invasion.
Ten Arrows
Ten Arrows:
Time to bring American Troops home and stop getting involved in wars overseas.
Colton Davis
Colton Davis:
Why do people expect Americans to fight a pointless never ending war. We have no reason to waste tax payer money and lives on these conflicts
Fidel Castro
Fidel Castro:
Ottoman Empire: The Sequel
Herman Moore
Herman Moore:
Why does everyone seem to think that fighting ISIS in Syria is a USA problem - It is Syria so therfore it should be a Syrian Problem - Let the SYRIAN -KURDS asked the SYRIAN GOV And Russias for Help
Mr Up2NoGood
Mr Up2NoGood:
Wait for Trump Racist for pulling US troops out of middle east 😂
Roman Hashon
Roman Hashon:
0:27 turkey time lol
Furry Combat Wombat
Furry Combat Wombat:
Anyone else just stare at the TV behind him the whole time?
AOC in April: Trump pull out of Syria within 6 months orange man!

AOC in October: WTF Trump?! Reeeeeeeee!
stephanie Blackman
stephanie Blackman:
America can't even save itself... This country needs to fight and stand for itself.
Luke Dont know
Luke Dont know:
Turkeys trying to remake the Ottoman Empire
Finally a comment section with normal people in it. No leftists crying about a terrorist group.
Christopher Herrera
Christopher Herrera:
If Trump cared about pulling US out of stupid wars; he would have done it in Afghanistan.
Y'all surprised, he said he was going to do this tho lol. 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
0:07 how are they holdin' up? I think you made mistake here , it should be how are they blowin' up! :DDDDD
SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit
SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit SagNeinZurDreifaltigkeit:
Why not mention the PKK, why not mention Öcalan? Both, the PKK and the YPG see Öcalan as their leader. And the US have Öcalan listed as a terrorist leader. Why not mention all this? I mean, this is the core of the problem, isn't it?
mameloukos suvs
mameloukos suvs:
"where the west enters , follows the turk.. "common knowledge in balkans , east med. , and middle east..
Claude Jean-Louis
Claude Jean-Louis:
Turkey going in is EXTREMELY fast!!! It was almost like it was discussed and planned...
Clayton Yates
Clayton Yates:
Fix that delay between switching reporters! Come on it's almost 2020
United Federation of KFC
United Federation of KFC:
And thus the viceious cycle of wars terror continues.
Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart:
You mean to tell me 50 or so American troops were holding Syria? What a joke.
H a n n a h
H a n n a h:
All because our president wants to make himself look better for his next campaign. What a joke.
Mark G.
Mark G.:
I wonder if Trump Towers had anything to do with it??
Robert Berger
Robert Berger:
The USA will bring freedom and democracy to Syria and get free oil make America rich again
Parichehr Nasiri
Parichehr Nasiri:
For trump's tweet on NONE mass destruction weapons; you've been putting sanctions on Iran based on unproved nuclear weapons. Right now
Weezy Man
Weezy Man:
Who else saw that dangerous bicycle rider at 1:58
Reo Taylor
Reo Taylor:
Hey if we are willing to let Afghan and Iraqi translators and others who helped us fight get banned from entering the country this is no big deal.
eduardo torres
eduardo torres:
was kinda hoping wed join in, women outnumber men, with a war, the bars will be filled with girls just like the 40s
The Kurds got screwed and abandoned by their Big brother again.
Ypg is runing for there life...
Kee Ppe
Kee Ppe:
Stupid brainwashed morons I bet they wish they had sided with Putin 🤣🤣🤣 American always leaving mess for others clean up 😒😒
bobi carl
bobi carl:
President Trump should get the US out of the United Nations.
eric lovelace
eric lovelace:
Obummer should have left Syria alone from day one - what possible good has come from any of this mess? Nothing but bloodshed and millions of refugees.
Hennessy *
Hennessy *:
The president simply moved the troops to Ir*q ... Ir*n is the greater threat ...
adrian kovalski
adrian kovalski:
how come nato isn't screaming about this aggression ?
BC Bob
BC Bob:
Dont be no Jive Turkey...
Michael Moore
Michael Moore:
Hmmm, amber case now this?
blizzila ,
blizzila ,:
Did someone say Ottoman
Not much for Turkey to do since US cleaned house. Im assuming Turkey wants their boarders expanded.
Tweety Bird walks softly and carries a BIG SCHTIK!
Shahid Singh
Shahid Singh:
I will eat 🦃 tonight 😋
Art Grover
Art Grover:
They didn't care when we were sent there SO WHY IS THIS NEWS NOW ? LOL
Trump just betrayed our allies. Hes a joke. I will not vote for him again. Impeach trump. How is this war pointless.