Ups & Downs From WWE RAW (Aug 12)

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Published on Aug 13, 2019
Our WWE RAW review as Simon Miller talks about Sasha Banks returning to attack Natalya and Becky Lynch, Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles, Andrade vs Rey Mysterio, new 24/7 champions and a Skype call with Stone Cold Steve Austin. Credits: Presenter: Editor: For more awesome content, check out: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram:


Robert Roode and No Way Jose compete in the first-ever "Wait, we still work here?" match.
Trolldier of Fortune
Trolldier of Fortune:
As soon as I saw Joe vs. Sami I was already thinking "Oh boy one more for the Sami Tally" and then I looked away for a minute and Joe was already cutting a promo. Lovely.
joe charbonneau
joe charbonneau:
Sasha Banks the legit Blue Meanie
Imperial Fire HD
Imperial Fire HD:
The guy professing his love to Sasha Banks while she was tearing into those two gets an up.
Prince 13
Prince 13:
This is how many people think that by the end of 2019 R-Truth will be the most decorated performer in WWE history
Kentavius Alexander
Kentavius Alexander:
For a second instead of beast slayer I thought they were cheering Heath Slater
Allons Y
Allons Y:
You missed the part where Dolph said "this is merely a flesh wound." Like the black knight from Holy Grail. Lol freakin priceless. That's an up.
Ups: Drew made a statement about him being reborn, so lets see if he can stay on his own without being a bodyguard of anyone in the roster, he has THE MIC SKILLS AND THE APPEARANCE, and the unusual heel character, he just needs wins ( like he had in the past with no losses) and a good Feud, LET DO IT DREW, KING OF THE RING OR UNIVERSAL TITLE PIC
N. Rogers
N. Rogers:
Beast slayer? I was chanting Heath Slater.
Wwe ruined Sami zayn he was so good in nxt and his feud with Kevin Owens was so good then he went to the main roster and was never used correctly
I thought they were chanting Heath Slater to be perfectly honest. Oh Baby!
Let’s talk about Dolph Ziggler wearing a a Kabuki Warriors Shirt
1,000 subscribers without any video challenge
1,000 subscribers without any video challenge:
Sasha banks return was great until Michael Cole screamed “IT’s BoSs tiME”
Zack krohn
Zack krohn:
Brown down to the commentary team. They get worse as the weeks go on. Mispronouncing words all the time, arguing with eachother over nothing instead of putting over the talent in the ring. Michael Cole sarcasticly sounding excited for everything. Smh
1,000 subscribers without any video challenge
1,000 subscribers without any video challenge:
Bobby Roode beat Jose?!

*No Way*
Ethan Walsh
Ethan Walsh:
Nice to see Johnny Sins working for WhatCulture Wrestling
boost me its be
boost me its be:
Do you guys remember how pissed off everyone was when they introduced the 24/7 championship
syxx Poppin
syxx Poppin:
I watched Bray vs Finn about 10 times.. Bray is pure art work 🖼️🎨🖌️
2019 Ups and Downs
Raw 302 - 179
SmackDown 213 - 124
PPV 90 - 53

Total 605 - 356
John Michael
John Michael:
Lol Elias is gonna try to keep doing his concert at other places but get interrupted by wrestlers trying to get his 24/7 title. You played yourself Elias lmao.
Cassandra Brooks
Cassandra Brooks:
That was a good match between Drew and Cedric. :)
Cassandra Smith
Cassandra Smith:
It’s clear that wwe had no idea what to do with the women’s tag team championship. They just are throwing matches together. They aren’t building up stories or fueds. The only conflict going on is you have the title, I want it.
Vedant Patil
Vedant Patil:
I'm afraid, that day isn't long when
We shall see Sami Tally beat
The Losing Streak of Curt Hawkins.
AJ "Mother Loving" Styles.
l Laxdude l
l Laxdude l:
They've never quite gotten Braun to a spot that i'm happy with.
Burying of Askua and Kari Brown Down!! 🤬
Kalvinder O'Connell
Kalvinder O'Connell:
When Simon turns heel he’ll have to grow his hair out
Eric Vascotto
Eric Vascotto:
I was at Raw, and McIntyre vs Alexander is a great example of good wrestling winning over a crowd. The arena didn’t care about this for the first 3 minutes or so until the spots got progressively more crazy.
Jovan SS
Jovan SS:
I just rewatched Sashas comeback and Michael cole legit said "oh my?" .. what's the question 😂😂😂
Gokul GS
Gokul GS:
Shasha's hair..for simon >Traffic light system😂😂😂😅
Bryan Y
Bryan Y:
I completely forgot that Bobby Roode was in WWE.
T_ Buddski
T_ Buddski:
The bad- Kabuki warriors still losing😓

The good-Sasha, & Strowman✌
Was entertained by this whole video. Very very exceptional work on your videos! 👍 👍 👍 👍
Parth Rao
Parth Rao:
Missed two points... 😹 Joe vs Sami
Elias vs Ricochet
Paul Luna
Paul Luna:
I love the Attitude Era, that was one of the most exciting times. Sure it wasn’t PC but we don’t watch wrestling for politics.
Amusing Torture
Amusing Torture:
I thought I was hearing "Heath Slater," not "Beast Slayer"
fall is crazy
fall is crazy:
Where is the Sami counter

O there it is
Angry Oldhead
Angry Oldhead:
As soon as I saw Joe I took out my Sami Tally
Thank you for bringing us together as a community What Culture :)
Tj Rocks 2004
Tj Rocks 2004:
Raw without roman reigns . Wow.
that guy spike
that guy spike:
My man u said what happened to Elias Chad Gable ....well Elias is now 24/7 7/11 28/0 Chad can attack him any time ...any where
1,000 subscribers without any video challenge
1,000 subscribers without any video challenge:
Everyone: “When will sasha debut in AEW”
Sasha Banks: “Yes”
Hafiz Syed Noman Ali
Hafiz Syed Noman Ali:
Despite Seth getting underdog heroic super push, heel AJ Styles is more over with the fans than Seth Rollins.🤦‍♂️
that's pussy babe
that's pussy babe:
I thought they were chanting Heath Slater
O Yeah I Got them !
O Yeah I Got them !:
Sounded like the crowd was saying Heath Slater Simon
Carlos Muñoz
Carlos Muñoz:
The weird part was after RAW, AJ STYLES challenging the challenger Strowman for a US Title match lol
I want to see William Regal brought back for KOTR in some form.
Cedric Alexander went full Rikishi when he flipped around from that Claymore.
jason morgan
jason morgan:
All those memories of family reunions in one thumbnail 😝
Sim ?
Sim ?:
That thumbnail is sexy af tho. Can't even lie