Vodacom Super Rugby | Stormers vs Crusaders | Highlights

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Published on May 19, 2019
A penalty from flyhalf Jean-Luc du Plessis enabled the DHL Stormers to hold the champion Crusaders to a 19-all draw in an intense and hard fought Vodacom Super Rugby match at Newlands More rugby highlights - http://bit.ly/SSYouTube_Rugby


What about the tackle before the forward pass, no penalty.
aviwe dangazele
aviwe dangazele:
Why they don't have xhosa commentators.
And around the head before the forward pass.
Lachlan Jurgeit
Lachlan Jurgeit:
How was that a forward pass?
Adnaan Bagus
Adnaan Bagus:
If stormers did loose they had no sponsors next year
What a pathetic attempt by superbored to upload highlights of a game
jacobus j west
jacobus j west:
Crusader cry babies
Paul Smith
Paul Smith:
The ball went more than 5 meter forward! That was a forward pass anywhere in the world except on kiwi Island.
My problem is that new Zealand teams get away with murder then we as south Africans complain and nothing happens, but now when our refs say something against them they want trouble.
Go back and look at all the other lucky calls you guys got.
Allan Wilson
Allan Wilson:
Lots of talk about the ruling on the forward pass. This is not well understood. The definition of a forward pass is: 'When a player throws or passes the ball forward i.e. if the arms of the player passing the ball move forward'. This means that the ball can go forward on the field and not be a forward pass. For instance, if a player is running forward at 20km/h and passes the ball and the ball moves forward on the field at 19km/h, then the pass is not forward. I don't really care who won, but the TMO plainly has this wrong.
Steve Delahunty
Steve Delahunty:
Tmo is a joke
Bayanda Jele
Bayanda Jele:
Stop being bitter Kiwis.
Adnaan Bagus
Adnaan Bagus:
Ref and tmo must go for lie detected test
Maurice Raymond
Maurice Raymond:
lol. allblack fans crying about the ref,talking about the ref but what about the first try,jantjies clearly played without the ball,should be penalty stormers,stop being bitter,stormers deserve to win actually
Joshua Browne
Joshua Browne:
Haha worse refereeing ever. Firstly no way is that pass forward clearly came out of the hands backwards, the fact the TMO said clear and compelling evidence of a forward pass makes me really worried about any games he officiates at the world cup and secondly that penalty in the last 2 mins to the Stormers in no way is ever a high tackle, the dude fell to the ground you can't just disappear and therefore you take the contact if he had of had his own safety in his mind he would have been hit in the chest at best. And the referee blows a penalty, biggest screw job ever. And im not even a crusaders supporter. Haha. What a joke of a game. Stormers were outclassed where it counted and they deserved to lose. Not by much but they deserved to lose.
Matthias H
Matthias H:
Big crusaders fan but pause when he passes the ball and where it's caught. It drifts two metres.
Christian Loots
Christian Loots:
Only a try when its a NZ team passing it... By that measure the french scored a perfectly legal try againat the AB's in the world cup then. So stop cherry picking and just accept that sometimes you'll get the short end of the stick.
For reference 1:37
Such a shame you saffa cunts have no honour.......
Darren Ormsby
Darren Ormsby:
haha.......SANZAR proved that this idiot got the call wrong and has now been sacked from his next match.
Richard Mullin
Richard Mullin:
Good explanation of the forward pass rule
Jaun Schambreel
Jaun Schambreel:
Forward pass my ass