Watch Logan Paul REACT to KSI Calling Him an IDIOT Ahead of Boxing Rematch (Exclusive)

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Published on Nov 8, 2019
ET spoke with Logan Paul during the YouTube star's and press conference ahead of Saturday's boxing match against KSI.


Shlomo Sharabani
Shlomo Sharabani:
Plot twist: KSI and Logan are having an affair
Womp Womp
Womp Womp:
Shannon training Logan, “What’s 5x5 champ?!”

Logan, “25?”

Shannon, “Let’s go champ!”
The evolution of Logan and KSI:

Logan got a beard
KSI got a haircut

Man look how far they come
Caleb Stephan
Caleb Stephan:
If ksi loses his new songs gonna become a meme
Eivind Hjeltnes Rygg
Eivind Hjeltnes Rygg:
Sombody her after ksi won

You know the saying the people who hate each other secertly love each other.
El Gallo Negro
El Gallo Negro:
The interviewer wants logan
TriggerHappy Jay
TriggerHappy Jay:
Logan: * *Coughs* * ..........
Shannon: *Woahhh Champ Mike Tyson Used To Cough The Same Way*
Th1cc J3ff
Th1cc J3ff:
I'm impressed with his maturity, from 2017 to now. I like both of them as youtube boxers.
Who’s here after the fight?
Logan Lost
Both will win because of the 💰
Skey Pain
Skey Pain:
Logan puts a smile on ma face a lot idk why
Johnny-Ray . . .
Johnny-Ray . . .:
Hes rebuttle should have been your a poopyhead

Edit: i dont mean that as a racial slurr I mean cuz if he playing kid insults he should have said that.
Jela Doski
Jela Doski:
He looks weirdly really calm like he’s so hype and crazy but he gives me this vibe that he looks calm idk it’s weird
RheaMaria 576
RheaMaria 576:
Logan: “I’m going to win on Saturday”
Me knowing KSI won : 😬😳

Who else is watching this after KSI won?
Thomihs *
Thomihs *:
Shouldn’t have ruined it by saying his walk up song... that’s a good choice
Junior Castillo
Junior Castillo:
This guys are bout to get payed hell of payed i hope its a double knockout lol what a bummer
This interviewer is really pissing me off idk its just his face or something
Jared Graham
Jared Graham:
Damn I wish he didn’t say the walk out song
Haha his rebuttal was actually classic nah he’s changed for the best gonna be a good fight
Big Sour
Big Sour:
When Logan is rich af but still wears wired ear pods
D calm
D calm:
Shannon Briggs has given him 30 thousand yrs of experience
He is such a likeable troll.
Collins Ehi Davis
Collins Ehi Davis:
Interviewer: What are the chances to come out with a Justin Bieber song?
Logan: zero ahahaha

Me: because he don’t whant the public to laugh at him.
Khaled Al Saeed
Khaled Al Saeed:
“I will win this fight this weekend” LMFAOOOOOO
Jordan Wadkins
Jordan Wadkins:
Guess connor McGregors chef is the secret weapon
I've never heard Logan talking so mature, not even kidding.
Ksi: I don’t bleed
Also ksi: blood, sweat, tears
David Nardi
David Nardi:
6:00 that didn’t age well
2.7 million subs, less than 1k viewers. LOL
traxler variation
traxler variation:
I feel like I'm more nervous for him then he is himself LOL
why are u making a video of KSI saying an "idiot" to logan... It's not even a big thing
Skyler DeCoteau
Skyler DeCoteau:
It’s funny how ksi trainer said “ he ain’t a real fighter” we all know how it’s gonna end
Uh oh...stinkyyyy
Tea Leaf
Tea Leaf:
Too Bad KSI Won. Idiot 😂👌
Let's Go Champ!!
DeadMan Walking
DeadMan Walking:
when was this? he doesnt seem to be sick at all?
Kush L.
Kush L.:
2 days before the fight- he feels great n ready to fight..... right after the fight- complains of being sick for 3 days??? I know he’s extremely dumb. But I don’t think that adds up
MaximillianMus !
MaximillianMus !:
this is like mayweather vs mcgregor. they’re doing this for entertainment. Behind close curtains, they’re good friends chillin with all them moneyyyyy 😂
craig males
craig males:
I’m in Aus 🇦🇺 and I’ve known of ksi. Years before Logan. I think he made Logan known
Jesse Martin
Jesse Martin:
Imagine bragging about Shannon Briggs as your trainer.
Maia Moe Jenkins
Maia Moe Jenkins:
i think everyone knows what "KSI" stands for... it's tattooed on my guy
Jonas Holm
Jonas Holm:
KSI: Knowledge, strength and integrity 🗿
Vash The stampede
Vash The stampede:
Me : buys ticket to see fight
Logan paul : "I'm just trying to terrify everyone in the stadium"
Also me : 😱😱😱😱
Hazard Squirrel
Hazard Squirrel:
The thumbnail looked like you used FaceApp for the smile
The Professor
The Professor:
He should walk in with bear skin drapeing over him
Hunny Bunny
Hunny Bunny:
Logan:" it'd be pretty inhuman-"
Also Logan:" I wish I was human."
Open Wide
Open Wide:
1:09 yo the dude carryin a 20 pack 😂
Harry 123
Harry 123:
Anyone here after the fight? 😂😂
1:54 Bruh KSI never said he is using Logan for clout lmao, he already has more clout than Logan. He said that he wanted to get more American audience in addition to the big UK & European audience he already has which was more than Logan anyway. Stop making up lies.
he should have mentioned he sneezed 3 times maybe they postpone it lol