Whoopi Goldberg Surprises 'The View' After Pneumonia Battle For Brief Return

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Published on Mar 14, 2019
“The only way it’s going to get better is if I begin, so this is my beginning," she told the co-hosts after surprising them while on-air Thursday.


Lisa B
Lisa B:
Meghan: "...well, we all visited you...so..." Oh my god really Meghan!? Her ego ruins literally any good moment.
Aishwarya Net
Aishwarya Net:
Welcome Back, Whoopi. So glad you survived sepsis and double pneumonia ❤
Britney Sharp
Britney Sharp:
Wow... she went as far as sepsis? Jesus! Thank God she’s okay!
Frank Johnson
Frank Johnson:
Pneumonia is serious get plenty of rest recover fully before going back to work I know from personal experience
Politics may divide these women but friendship will always unite them like schoolgirls

Oh happy day... Oh happy day
Simply Sims
Simply Sims:
Anyone else wipe away a few tears? So glad Whoopi is doing better!
Igor Patrick
Igor Patrick:
That was genuinely sweet. Loved their reactions when they saw her ❤️
Muriel Evans
Muriel Evans:
Glad to see you back
Ro Ashley
Ro Ashley:
My grandmother died of pneumonia, so glad Whoopi is back!!!
Chris White
Chris White:
Kim Porter didn't survive it Whoopi is very fortunate! love Whoopi thank you Jesus for letting her stay with us.
Regardless if I agree with Whoopi or not in certain things, I’m happy she is alive and well now. Welcome back! You were missed.
Karen Sherman
Karen Sherman:
I've been praying for Whoopi as if she's my favorite Auntie!!! 🙏🏾📖💖
Scott Rogers
Scott Rogers:
Whoopi I’m so glad you’re doing well!!! You’re tough and I’m smiling!!! Love you and the view! 😘
Maurice Eciruam
Maurice Eciruam:
Can't loose my Whoopi, I grew up with her, like my older sister. Kisses and huggs!!
Sunny Hostin is really a lovely person. Not only an intelligent and sensitive woman, but an amazing human being. The way she hugged Whoopi, the tears in her eyes, seemed to emerge from a really honest place. No screams, no histeria, just a quiet and enveloping warmth. Quite inspiring.
Fi fi
Fi fi:
Megan is such a 'me me everything person'

Everything has to revolve around her.... Sad and very annoying for viewers like me.
Zip Polla
Zip Polla:
I cried for real. Whoopi is a national treasure and thank you God for blessing her!
Abraham Jean
Abraham Jean:
I didn’t even know she was so sick. Thank the Lord she’s back
Phil Hayes
Phil Hayes:
0:27 - Joy to Meghan: "You're embarrassing her!!" LOLOL
sandra graves
sandra graves:
Yes Meghan make sure EVERYONE knows you went to the hospital. Whoopie thank God you're ok.
Jordan Loving
Jordan Loving:
I’m glad Whoopi is back, but omg Megan is so extra.
Arafat Sajja
Arafat Sajja:
I love Whoopi, She is a very generous and a LEGEND
Welcome back Whoopi love😀! We missed you so much! Take a good care of you
Bass Mainer
Bass Mainer:
So good to have Whoopi back. I really did miss her.
Clark Ron
Clark Ron:
So, so glad to see Whoopi back. I was worried.
I can't believe we almost lost this legend! Love you Whoopi!
Wendy Pastore
Wendy Pastore:
Ana is so sweet, quietly loving Whoopi. That said a lot about her.
Dario Hall
Dario Hall:
As you get older pneumonia can be rough. Whoopi is OG, i grew up watching her a lot.
Danna Dennis
Danna Dennis:
Who is doing Karen’s hair? I need that cut in my life!!! ❤️
So glad Whoopi is back!!!! Such a beautiful person! Healing In Jesus’ Name!🙏🏾🙌🏾
Bea Always
Bea Always:
Welcome back Whoopi! You look Marvelous (Billy Crystal voice). Love, love, love you!
Welcome back Whoopi, you were truly missed and have a healthy, speedy recovery ❣️
Nicole Love
Nicole Love:
We Love you Whoopi Goldberg!!!!!💙💚💛💖
Jennifer Haddad
Jennifer Haddad:
I love her and I'm happy she's alive. I'm glad she's telling her story.
Waryaa Wariiri
Waryaa Wariiri:
Me-again is the happiest one knowing her protector is back.
amal zuhair
amal zuhair:
Meghan just wants Whoopi back to get rid of Ana 😂
Ms Pat
Ms Pat:
Continued Healing and Blessings 🙏 Whoopi, Amen
Megan Daniels
Megan Daniels:
I was worried.. Don't watch talk shows much. Really don't know whoopi but she seems be amazing lady. To early for her go💋💋
Jessie Guess
Jessie Guess:
Whoopie! Sending out some love for you baby! Take care is yourself!
Raymond Curry
Raymond Curry:
If my friends don’t greet me like this I don’t want em. Prays for Whoopi
Sam Miller
Sam Miller:
So happy to have her back! Whoopi’s the best!
P J:
I lost my granny to pneumonia on 12/25/18.
Yuan Pancho
Yuan Pancho:
soo happy to see whoopie. God save the queen of the view!
L'eo S'ilva
L'eo S'ilva:
Felicidades por su recuperación una actriz espectacular grande💞💞💞💞💐💞💐💞💐💞💐💞💐💞💐💞💐
Ivette B
Ivette B:
😭😭😭😭😭 Whoopi you made my eyes become waterfalls!!! Please get better, and God Bless you. The View is not the same without you.
Tarryl Benedetto
Tarryl Benedetto:
8:58 "We all went to visit you, it wasn't just them" Omg I can't believe Meghan McCain would find a way to make Whoopie almost dying ABOUT HER! Her self entitled brat syndrome has no bounds !
David Wise
David Wise:
Much love to the icon whoopi goldberg...prayers and respect
Towanda Allen
Towanda Allen:
Way to go Goldberg! Take it easy and stay blessed! 🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎🎎
logan m. terry
logan m. terry:
I’m a Republican and she is a Democrat, but in times like this - politics don’t matter. God calls us to show His love. I hate to see anyone battling sickness. Hope she gets better soon!
Oh God, Meghan Please for the love of God...... Shut up!!!!