World War Z All Weapons Upgrades, Customization and Heavy | Xbox One, PS4 & PC!

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
In this video we go over all of the weapons upgrades and customization in the game world war z that is available for Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This video includes the heavy weapons as well. Recommended to watch the video at 1.25 speed! -------------------------------------- ★ More World War Z Content: ► Co-op Campaign: ► Special Zombie Types: ► PvPvZ Gameplay: ★ DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK: The 1st Unofficial Game Hub for all things World War Z Game. A World War Z Game Channel dedicated to bringing you gameplay, insights, patch notes, exploits, tips, tricks, community highlights and more. I can't wait for all of you to go on this adventure with me. Make sure to subscribe for all the goodies and follow my twitter for instant updates. ★ SUBSCRIBE on YouTube ► ★ FOLLOW on Twitter ► ★ LIKE on Facebook ► ★ Business Contact ► [email protected] Who's ready for some zombie slaying!? April 16th | PC | Xbox | PS4 WWZ Official Website: Outro Song: Beach Disco - Dougie Wood (YouTube Audio Library) -------------------------------------- #worldwarz #weapons #upgrades


WWZ Game Hub
WWZ Game Hub:
Finally got my hands on the game, smash that like button and don't forget to subscriber! So many guns and upgrades to go through, the video ended up being long. Try watching at 1.25 speed! Which guns are you guys looking forward to using the most and why? I think the silenced smg is starting to look good.

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Jake Stair
Jake Stair:
This theme reminds me of mw2 and its making me anxious lol.
Finnegan Newcomb
Finnegan Newcomb:
Cannot help myself! I’ve seen so much gameplay, and it just has hyped me even more! One detail I really like is when you reload the magazine, your previous clip will drop on the ground, good attention to detail
Phosphorus 22
Phosphorus 22:
Just subbed and you just took out this video, nice I'm checking out your other videos, can't wait to play today
Tresuan Lee
Tresuan Lee:
11 hours and 2 minutes till I can play it lol..🤤😭
Thang R0
Thang R0:
Just got my pre-order a few minutes ago! So excited about this game, and can not wait til tomorrow! 😜😜😜
The game is pretty fun. Unfortunately their servers are down rn and when I played offline weapon progression doesn’t get saved, but you still get your class progression and the currency so at least there’s that. I understand the devs might be having a little trouble at launch. Probably had more players than they thought. Good thing it was priced at $35.
some guy from other universe 115935
some guy from other universe 115935:
5:00 PM till it out for me here 😁
I saw how they handled the Vector I mean “Advanced SMG”, and I was definitely happy about it
russian homeboi
russian homeboi:
Is the game split screen for consoles?
You gotta admit some names like the Taiga-12 and the Mini-21 are hilarious
Bajan Shinobi
Bajan Shinobi:
So the weapon customization options are only for campaign? That's disappointing.
Is there only two melee weapons? And there is no fire axe in the game?
:( I still have to wait 10 and a half hours
Can't wait
11 hours for me aaaahhh
Howard Snell
Howard Snell:
Today is the Day!!! LET’s GO!!! 7pm tonight!!!
Almost here!
Are the slots the amount of attachments you can unlock/equip or are the slots the modded guns we see on screen?
Abdi 1111
Abdi 1111:
I cant use lobo weapon pack
I am actually surprised !! Most of these weapons are set up just like someone would set them up in real life. Yeah there are comically stupid airsoft compensators. But the red dot looks like an aimpoint, flashlights look like surfier ones, laser sights are actually accurate and some weapons are upgraded by putting Magpul furniture or m-lock handguards or quadrails ... Well, la di da, someone of the game devs must be a gun nut
Blu The Registered MemeLord
Blu The Registered MemeLord:
Hey is the PDW a secondary
Zova Zilo
Zova Zilo:
Comes out in 13 hours for me
All About Star Wars
All About Star Wars:
Only 11 hours till it comes out on PS4 I’m so excited it’s still school tmr but since I’m homeschooled I have till 2:45 In the afternoon to play so I’m hyped
Master Mongo
Master Mongo:
What would you think of a trapper class
Alessandro Babbini
Alessandro Babbini:
how good is this game from 1 to 100?
-AJME - Allan-
-AJME - Allan-:
Jake Hutson
Jake Hutson:
Do all perks plz
Sean DeGraw
Sean DeGraw:
Can nobody else upgrade the 1911 pistol? I use it a lot but it doesn't gain levels to unlock upgrades. Am I missing something?
Why can't we bind the weapon selection to the mouse wheel? If anyone knows away, please lmk. Game is too new so no hits on Google.