WORLD WAR Z Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - INTRO (WWZ Game)

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Published on Apr 15, 2019
Buy World War Z on Xbox One X, PS4 Pro or PC: World War Z (WWZ Game) Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 includes a Game Review and Campaign Main Mission 1: New York for PS4 Pro, Xbox One X and PC. Thanks Focus Home Interactive and Saber Interactive for Sponsoring Part 1 of this 2019 World War Z Complete Walkthrough! My World War Z Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign including Episode 1: New York, Episode 2: Jerusalem, Episode 3: Moscow and Episode 4: Tokyo. This World War Z Game Gameplay Walkthrough will include a Review, all Missions, Zombies, Horde, Bosses, New Gameplay, Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, Single Player and more until the Ending of the Single Player Story! Membership: Subscribe: Twitter: Facebook: World War Z is a third-person shooter video game developed by Saber Interactive, published by Focus Home Interactive and scheduled for release for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One in April 2019. The game is based on the 2013 film World War Z, with gameplay featuring over the shoulder third person shooter cooperative combat against large numbers of zombies, defensive traps and emplacements. The game will be set in New York, Jerusalem, Moscow, and Japan.


Appreciate any and all likes you drop on this! I had a lot of fun playing it any would love to do more. Much love fam
Vincent Adyanto
Vincent Adyanto:
My favorite movie and also series is the walking dead :D
Ace Gaming
Ace Gaming:
ZOMBIE LAND easily my fav zombie movie but world war z would be my 2nd
Drew Hamacher
Drew Hamacher:
My favorite exclusively zombie movie gotta be that Shawn of the Dead
Yazzy Yaz
Yazzy Yaz:
My favorite zombie movie is 28 days later lol because it was the first time running zombies was introduced and I was scared shitless 😂
Revealing X
Revealing X:
Resident Evil and I love you man Big fan been Here since 1,8M subs
Jips Tan
Jips Tan:
Well, I am embarrassed to say that I am a new subscriber here. But I really like this channel. 😊
WWZ and Zombieland is my fav zombie movies
Left 4 Dead 3 but in 3rd person lol
iT's Aeon!
iT's Aeon!:
Favorite zombie movie is shaun of the dead definitely (PS4) thanks brad
David Wilson
David Wilson:
Mine, the 1990 remake of "Night Of The Living Dead."
marcel myles
marcel myles:
This is left 4 dead 3 for real

WWZ main zombies: runner, screamer, and charger...etc

Left 4 dead main zombies: hunter, witch, tank, smoker , boomer...etc
liberum2014 K.D.
liberum2014 K.D.:
I liked ''Warm Bodys''. mostly because its different then the rest
If anyone wants multipayer on wwz like infected and survivors like this comment
Faris Latif
Faris Latif:
LOL brad 2 zombie using rocket launcher but when the entire hoaxes come using assault rifle 🤣
Gabriel Valenzuela
Gabriel Valenzuela:
My favorite zombies movie is all of the resident evil ones;) (ps4)
Michelle P-S
Michelle P-S:
Romero’s movies will always be the best zombie movies.
Dawn of the dead is my favourite.
Hendrik Coetzer
Hendrik Coetzer:
Best zombie movie, hands down is Shaun Of The Dead.
Ronan Meehan
Ronan Meehan:
Shaun of the dead is my favourite zombie movie (PS4)
Alex O'Connor
Alex O'Connor:
Shawn of the Dead guaranteed best zombie movie (ps4)
Hibinos Cool
Hibinos Cool:
For my favorite zombie movie I'd go with the whole resident evil series but if I had to pick one I'd go with Afterlife. (PS4)
Michael Caruth
Michael Caruth:
“Division type vibe” literally the division! 😂
Caity Leahy
Caity Leahy:
I love resident evil and zombie land! 😍😂 found your channel while you were playing state of decay, which happens to be zombies too! 😂😂 (Xbox 1 or ps4)
Νικος Κορομπος
Νικος Κορομπος:
pretty much all the resident evil movies (PS4)
Stanley Merwin
Stanley Merwin:
I do enjoy the resident evil zombie movies but I Am Legend was very good too.
Harshit Chopra
Harshit Chopra:
my fav zombie movie will always be Resident Evil without doubt
samuel sisco
samuel sisco:
This game looks awesome I'm so buying it my favorite zombie movie is 28 days later 😎
Dawson Thompson
Dawson Thompson:
I don’t really remember a lot of zombie movies I guess I’ll have to say world war z 😂
Lizzie's Lukas
Lizzie's Lukas:
World War Z is one of my fav movie... but didn't expected a game to come out
Kicked Hardcore
Kicked Hardcore:
I’m torn between the OG Night of the Living Dead or Zombieland. (Xbox)
Dark I Tactic
Dark I Tactic:
Telltales the walking dead “all of them”

Xbox one

I know it’s not a movie but still
Anya Ross
Anya Ross:
Favorite Zombie movie 28 Weeks Later (although I love all things Zombie/Walker)
Patrik Eberstein
Patrik Eberstein:
2004 Dawn of the dead no doubt! Best zombie flick ever.
Ballsbreaker NUFC
Ballsbreaker NUFC:
My favourite zombie movie is definitely Shawn of the dead 🤣🤣🤣(PS4)
28 days later started watching watching at Batman Arkham asylum (ps4 🤞🏾)
I really enjoyed Zombieland. Hope, I win! Thanks for the giveaway! (PS4)
Cris Robledo
Cris Robledo:
Shawn of the dead is the best funny zombie movie! Love your vids brad! (Ps4?)
Mj Godinet
Mj Godinet:
My favourite zombie movie is actually World War Z😄😄
Robert Castaneda
Robert Castaneda:
Night of the living dead 1990 (PS4)
Even tho I was born 97 1st zombie movie I ever watched
Taylor Cline
Taylor Cline:
Favorite Zombie is Train to Busan. Love your videos! ❤️ (Ps4)
Henrik Svendsen
Henrik Svendsen:
Warm Bodies. Even though it's kinda bad it's kinda good (PC)
inked teacher
inked teacher:
Subscribed in land of the dead!
0 zombee
0 zombee:
You've convinced me to get a copy on PC! Favorite zombie movie has to be either 28 Weeks Later or Dawn of the Dead. Classics. (PS4)
FanSolo Games
FanSolo Games:
I'm a huge fan, keep it up bro!
Favorite zombie movie would we World war Z actually!
tymon addison
tymon addison:
I actually liked world war Z but zombieland was my favorite been following you since forever lol
My favorite zombie movie has always been Shaun of the Dead
Your content always ROCKS! My current favorite zombie movie is The Battery.
Not Just Donny But Other People Too
Not Just Donny But Other People Too:
I love seeing you play horror and zombie games!! Found this channel from your walking dead survival instinct gameplay!
GeneralTowle YouTube
GeneralTowle YouTube:
Dawn of the dead is definitely my favourite (Xbox)
Ryan August
Ryan August:
just like Left 4 Dead but it's 3rd person
Jayyy Lewis
Jayyy Lewis:
My favorite zombie movie will have to be Train to Busan. You are doing amazing Brad!