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Published on Oct 20, 2019
8 months after starting the construction of our new Yes House... We finally get to share the process with the world! Ammar assembled the most badass team to help him bring the vision of Yes House to life. This is the first step towards a grander goal to open more Yes Houses around the world. Yes House Build Team: Ammar Kandil (@ammar) Experience Designer and Creative Director Liam Cook (@Liamingvar) - Designer and Architect Ben Meister (@mrbenmeister)- Master Builder and Carpenter Alan Chin (@AlanChin)- Artist Collaborator Tom Franco (Tom__Franco)- Artist Collaborator Shiran Yadav (@Shiran.Yadav)- Interior Desiger Aureen Aghajanian (@aureen_)- Full Stack handyman and Good Vibes Ambassador Nathan Lam (@NaythanLam)- Builder and Problem Solver Thank you as well to our wonderful brand partners: Bose for the top-notch sound system: Fully for our brand new office furniture: Nano Leaf for the amazing light panels that gave character to the space: Infinity Aquariums for the badass aquarium ( if you wanna know more about how it was built then watch this video: - @infinityaquariums on instagram and Thank you to Epidemic Sound for the sound booth and to Lovesac for the comfy bean bags. If you want to join the Yes Fam Facebook group which is 80,000+ of our most engaged and badass community members, you can apply here: PERFECT ROYALTY FREE MUSIC FOR YOUTUBE: free 30 day trial here: Musicbed has amazing montage and cinematic music: For an amazing b-roll and footage library, checkout: Yes Theory Spotify Playlist: Exclusive challenges on Instagram: Who are we? We believe that life can be as fulfilling as you wish, so long as you're willing to seek discomfort. And we make videos about it. Business Inquiries: [email protected] Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Bryce Perry


Joe Naveau
Joe Naveau:
Who else thinks that there should be a wall with signatures of everyone who visits the Yes House?
Edoardo B.
Edoardo B.:
The lack of windows is kinda giving me anxiety
Not a Memer
Not a Memer:
Who wants them to be on The Ellen Show.

Let ellen know of it.
David Frenkel
David Frenkel:
It took me a few minutes to realize that they don't sleep there...
No bed rooms...
Yes Theory is officially a corporation...
Imagine being high in this house.
I'm sweating just thinking of the Yes House's electric bill lol
neejoy sola
neejoy sola:
If you’re ever having a bad day just watch yes theory
Is no one gonna talk about how James and Dave Francos brother is just helping them out like no big deal
alida flus
alida flus:
I feel like the house isn’t earthquake proof
bssni touir
bssni touir:
I'm sweating just thinking of the Yes House's electric bill lol
AloTheRainbow Leo
AloTheRainbow Leo:
The bathroom takes peeing in the woods to another level 😂😂
Ochre Wooden-wolfs
Ochre Wooden-wolfs:
I love how when they described Tom Franco they didn’t mention his famous brothers
Sam.i. Am
Sam.i. Am:
Next project:

Planting 20million trees with mr beast
Kachun Choi
Kachun Choi:
Seek Discomfort: Lets put a giant cactus in the restroom to keep you on edge.
I know the artist is a Franco but doesn’t he just look like James Franco playing a character
Manager: What should this house be named?
Everyone: Yes.
The Daily L
The Daily L:
Anybody else freak out when they started sawing into the horrifying sound of styrofoam
Chloe Baker
Chloe Baker:
Nothing makes me feel more inspired then yes theory
Emer Miedema
Emer Miedema:
they don't live/sleep there right? didnt see any sleeping rooms.
Oliver Muhl
Oliver Muhl:
I don’t like the bathroom or the space room/entrance they just don’t seem comfortable 🤷🏼‍♂️
Shravani J
Shravani J:
This makes me realize how Yes Theory is more than just the three of them
BHostile XJoker
BHostile XJoker:
I like that idea or a book signing on a mantle saved in the walk in area
"More curves"
Classic male line, ha ha
Prickly plants in the bathroom is an accident waiting to happen.

lol, seems something you guys would do
Skitzoid Coder
Skitzoid Coder:
Yes theory: seek discomfort.
Also yes theory: "the world's most comfortable seat"
Please make the next Yes house in Israel 🇮🇱 I need a place like this near me. I have a place that n mind I think you could turn in to something amazing. Anyway, thank you guys for existing, for years you have inspired me to go beyond what I ever thought was possible and seek discomfort in all areas of my life, tonight I am posting my first ever shot film on my other channel and in 100 days (of sweat) I am going to attempt to run the half iron man here in Israel. So anyway, thank you for changing my life and please consider contacting me to help build the first ever #YesHouseIsrael 🇮🇱 #seek discomfort
It's like how i imagined my dream fort would look like when i was a kid
ok one thing where tf is MTV cribs this house needs to be on there.

Devon Cantrell
Devon Cantrell:
Tom looks like he things they need to create a beacon of culture. Hopefully someone gets the reference
there should be a area of everyones handwriting saying yes
Photon Wolfsky
Photon Wolfsky:
Go figure,

"you're living in house? Well, tough crap, get out, we're destroying it" - City of LA
“Yes Theory” coming to a town near you
Jess sseJ
Jess sseJ:
Someone tell me where the Franco brothers were in this video
I wanna live there so badly. When I think of my idea for a dream house, this fits
Lukas Hager
Lukas Hager:
Next Idea: Yes Hotel (permanent) For people who are traveling to meet like minded people.
Hitman Battlelands YT
Hitman Battlelands YT:
18:19 first time in a while that I've seen der-bear
Jorge Carrera
Jorge Carrera:
Hey Yes Theory Family, you guys have been a constant inspiration in many of our lives to seek joy in the nuances of life. In case you didn't know, MrBeast is leading a life changing initiative with countless content creators to plant 20Million trees before 2020. I immediately thought of you guys. Your ability to rally and inspire people from all around the world to seek betterment is unmatched. I hope you consider joining the initiative as the only way we can truly change our planet for the better, is together. I look forward to hearing about how you guys plan to participate. Thank you for all you do! Love from New York City!
I remember when you guys had like 200k
Alexis Ramirez
Alexis Ramirez:
You guys should visit Colorado Springs and do the incline!
Nate Dng
Nate Dng:
Imagine being off acid and walking through this house 😂
Kayhley Ariell Balico
Kayhley Ariell Balico:
Has anyone started a "No Theory" channel cause imma flip if someone did.
You didn’t have to flex on us like that 😂
Resna Begum
Resna Begum:
Loved everything apart from the toilet
Chase Violet
Chase Violet:
IS THAT grandson AT 17:58??!!
Loup Géant Targaryen
Loup Géant Targaryen:
Obey Bower
Obey Bower:
I couldn’t imagine how productive I would be in a house with my upcoming streaming and content creation career and with people like you guys, the entire vibe is amazing and I f**k with it so heavily, spread positivity and love, I love you guy, crazy ❤️
Alex Jones
Alex Jones:
14:16 i wanna Seek This Comfort
Abdul Rafay
Abdul Rafay:
Ammar, i was already about to cry from the speech by u and then i see a clip of the holy kabba 20:05 and iam in tears now b/c i just recently came from Umrah 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️.
May Allah give you the strength go see his house❤️😭😭❤️❤️
That bathroom really took "Seek Discomfort" to a whole new level